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  1. If you want b vitamins you have to buy enriched Nutritional yeast. Redstar vegetarian formula is the best and most common. It is what most health food stores stock in there bulk section. the label should say on the bulk container if not just ask a clerk to go in the back and check the box. It is best to keep it refridgerated.
  2. what up, I am Fogatron. Born and raised in Portland OR I became vegan in 2001 after getin done with a short stint in usmc. I was veg for a while and just thought it was the next step so me and a buddy went for it and have no regrets. I feel I have a stronger connection now with all animals and think of everybeing the same as I would my own cat or dog. I always had digestive problems and severe migraines growing up and not once did the doctors suggest not consuming dairy. After going vegan I have been very healthy. I ride a cyclocross bike which is perfect for P town. I have not yet raced cross but look foward to it. I like push ups and crunches. I love doing push ups and dips on benches and stuff outside or at the park. Fruit is my favorite food. I am a Professional beatboxer. I have done shows all over the globe and perform frequently in the rose city. My dream is to one day orbit the earth in some type of vessel and or live in a zero gravity enviorment. Peace myspace.com/fogatron
  3. Its gonna be alot of fun. all the bridges that have grates get covered so its real bike/human friendly
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