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  1. Hello, I live in Madrid. I am wondering where you can find hemp protein. I´ve never seen it Sometime Spain is hard for vegetarian compare to others Europeans countries.
  2. Yeah, people from Madrid always go to Valencia in summer. Madrid´s beach
  3. Hello And welcome from Madrid tooooo Bienvenido, tambien en Madrid...
  4. Nice pics.. and good shape... I was wondering about your name..... Vaisnavi? Haribol
  5. Hello every body... offense74, How are you? thanks for your welcome... Where you from in Northen Europe?... lotus, thanks... yeah I have been in the US, mostly for work... I really like the idea of "An american-european VeganVacation".....
  6. Hello, my Greek friend Yeah I heard that about Greece and and being vegetarian, what to say about being vegan. I would be nice to visit Greece, I havent been there yet And Robert, I hope this site starts to get full of Greeks and Spaniards with such a promotion
  7. Well.. I would like to develope some lean muscle ( I am 66kg, I would like 70 kg of lean muscle).. I think I should bulk a little. That´s my short time goal , and I wanna get it being vegetarian. Of course, staying healthy and in shape. On this site we have example to follow. I am surfing this and other site looking for a good training program; I dont trust so much in my new gym´s trainer... Any advice?
  8. Thanks everyone for your words loveliberate : I found this site surfing the net looking for info about fitness and veganism. Easy . I being checking and on this site I found some other Europeans members, but not from Spain, I think I am the only one. But I am telling all my friends about the site I would recommend you all of you to visit Spain, it nice here, and excepting bullfighting, there are many things to see I checked that link, it´s full of good vegetarian restaurants. Artemisa is the best for me flanders77, gkleinman: As I told it´s hard to be veggan here, but I need to clarify somthing: I meant when you are not at home. Having meal out of home, or going for Tapas, very tipical here. We cosider ourselves "the vegetable patch of Europe". Here you can find states only dedicated to agriculture, and sowing whatever you want. It´s easy to find in whole Europe the markets full of our fruits and vegetables ..... Again thanks all of you for welcoming me (Jessifly ,the Asocial Ape ,markc7 ,RawSteve ,robert .....)
  9. Hello everyone, I am new to this site I am a 34 y.o guy from Spain. I am 170 cms tall, and 66 kg. I have being vegetarian for the last 5 years. Here in Spain this is not a easy task; we are a mediterranean country but there´s always meat in every dish I am very grateful for the work you are doing here helping the vegetarian in this sport. There´s no help in any spanish forums, in fact here they think it´s impossible to do some fitness or develop some mass being vegetarian. I have being traning for a year, but I was moving and I was out of my gym for almost 5 month. Today I am back to my new gym ... And I decided to start from zero. I hope to get some help from you on diet and routines Thanks pals
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