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  1. Are you saying, that your dogs are raw vegans? How do they fair? are they healthy?
  2. I'm at the same stage of transition too. I make raw efforts for some days (10 being the longest in a raw), then go back to some cooked, then again raw. I definately find it more expensive to constantly buy fruits, but if the fruits are in season and not from far away they're quite cheap. I like shopping small quantities every day or every other day so that i don't have to spend alot of money and then, at the end of the week, have some fruits or vegetables uneaten... I think small quantities is the key, for me at least...
  3. where can we find Dr. Campbel's complete interview online? Is it possible? If not, can anyone who has the magazine with the interview, post it here? thanks
  4. what are these lamps you mention? and what is S.A.D. ?
  5. yeah, i agree. my doctor also told me that soy is an allergen and i should not eat it all the time
  6. Sure! you can go to http://vegan.thisblueplanet.net/forum/index.php
  7. Hey, that's great! So, in which part of Greece do you live.. Are you familiar with the Greek vegan forum?
  9. Yes, but then, if you are already a VEGAN, it means that it's not only about food. Lots of stuff that we buy arent vegan. We don't know always. If you are a true, absolute VEGAN, good for you. I'm gonna have you as a role model (concerning vegan lifestyle), and strive to be like you one day when i work with myself a bit more to build a stronger character. This is not a purity contest. Veganism is my ideal. I'll always strive to be there. But so far i should better say that i just don't eat meat and dairy.
  10. A friend of mine wanted to hire a personal coach. She told me that she wanted the coach to be a guy and a hot one too! So, she found one and made a relationship with him, plus her progress in training is remarkable now!
  11. When schools are closed, being a teacher means that you have June, July and August free for vacations and in my country, during these months, you get paid too! So, yeah, it's definately a good job if you like working with children.
  12. detox will be for you if you do what you said about fasting and veggie-eating. IMO that's the best way to go for it
  13. I don't know what soy cheese brands exist in the States but i would listen to veganpotter suggestions I'm glad that you can see eggs as what they really are and that you've decided to try a vegan diet
  14. Smoke filled environment is definitely oxidizing and bad for health
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