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  1. Sounds like you have awesome genetics my friend. I didn't workout this summer at all, I've already lost 20lbs. Most of it muscle mass.
  2. ljk11 - i wrote cod, but i actually meant alaska pollock.. language barrier problems there. it's really cheap. gkleinman - true, about the mercury and all that. i'll keep it in mind. (although my goal is to go vegan, so.. hopefully wont have to worry about that soon enough) but enough about fish.. i won't turn into a discussion about that, zack. don't worry. and no, actually i very seldom get colds.. like maybe once a year at most. never had an ear infection in my life. but i'm not lactose intolerant, I think being Scandinavian has something to do with it. Most people here drink milk more or less every day from birth all the way to the grave. about protein needs. like i said, Dante is a big spokesperson for high protein intake, and actually wants his clients to use about 2g protein/lbs. I don't do that, but i still keep it higher than i did before. And I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like my recovery is better now. and when it comes to protein powder, I've heard about a new vegetable protein powder coming out within a month or 2.. don't know what it will contain, still under wraps. but it's supposed to be about as cheap as whey used to be. because of the fact that milk prices has soured recently, and is gonna keep rising, more and more people will probably turn to vegan alternatives for protein powder. I heard there's a powder out there that uses a mix of hemp, rice and some other vegatable protein source.. dunno the price though, but if it's not too expensive I might use that. thanks again for the replies. cheers.
  3. If you mean the US, i'm not. I'm European. Thanks all for the welcome.
  4. i'll keep it short, cause i gotta go eat.. but thought i'd write an intro while i still remember it. i'm 23 years old, been working out for 6-7 years, mostly bodybuilding training but also some running. right at this moment i'm not a vegan, but the more i learn about the factory farms and how the animals are treated i just feel that it would be best if i stopped eating meat and dairy products. i'll take it one step at a time though, hope to get some good advice here. =)
  5. i'll check your programs out robert, thanks. learning about a vegan diet is a lot like learning about nutrition all over again for me. so i'll give it some time before i convert, but i appreciate all the help.
  6. Ok.. I will listen to your arguments, and if you give me good reasons for your opinions, i might reconsider. I might've come of as arrogant at first, but I'm not. First, why are my sources for protein "the worst kind"? What makes it bad? anyway, i'm unemployed right now and i don't have much choice but to eat the cheapest possible foods available. about the protein and carbs.. I have been following Dante's advice, and he is a big spokesperson for high protein, medium/low carbs (depends on the person, how carb sensitive he is), and medium/semi-high fat. (no he didn't design my meal schedule, i'm not paying him.. just reading his work) The diet i posted isn't a bulk btw.. but if I wanted to bulk i'd up the carbs maybe 50-100g at most and increase my fats more. a bit more carbs on training days. and my strength is going up even on this diet so it can't be that bad. the longer i go on a diet, the lower the amount of carbs i'll be using. so i really need to be able to keep my protein up without going overboard on the carbs. on a standard "meat eating" diet, i'd cut out the milk/cottage cheese and sweeteners first, then switch from rice and such to vegetables more and more, but still keeping the protein high with fish and meat.
  7. Hi, I'm new to the board, and currently not a vegan. BUT, I really want to be. I have been struggling with this now for some time, going back and forth. I of course won't "demand" that any of you help me, that's up to you. But I would really appreciate it, and it would make taking the step a lot easier for me. Now, I know most of you here seem to be of the opinion you don't need a lot of protein, so before I start I just want to say that I don't want you to question why I want a certain amount of protein. I don't care what your opinion is on it, I just want help setting up a vegan nutritional program suited for my needs. And I need a lot of protein, no matter what you think. And that's my biggest concern going vegan. Where do I get that much protein without going overboard with the carbs at the same time? I'll specify my needs below, and also write my current, non vegan, nutritional program. Here goes: - At least 300g of protein everyday, and of course the protein has to be "complete" (all aminos) for every meal. - No more than 250g of carbs. (a little more on training days) - It can't be too expensive. Right now for example, I buy fish for ~$6 for 2.2lbs, and 33lbs of whey protein for ~$185. My current schedule (i'll use european measurements, cause that's what i'm used to): Breakfast: 2dl oatmeal, 45g whey protein, 3dl milk, 1g vitamin c after workout: 45g whey, 1dl dextrose, 5g creatine Meal #1: 400g cod, 2dl rice Meal #2: 1 can of beans, 10 salmon "meatballs" Meal #3: 500g cottage cheese, 1 cheese sandwhich (lots of cheese) Meal #4: 250g cottage cheese, 3 tbl spoons olive oil, a carrot + some vegetables Meal #5: 2 scoops of caseine protein
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