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  1. Yeah, I've got a pair of the Vibrams as well, and I LOVE them. Not the KSO, but another model. I have tried running in them, and my feet are so used to the padded up and over-supported "running shoes" that I got a nice case of plantar fasciitis after running in the Vibrams for about 1/2 a mile. So I'm having to really ease into them by just walking in them and getting the muscles and tendons my feet used to them. I can usually go all day in them now, but I haven't tried running in them again. I don't want to risk the planter fasciitis again and then have to set aside running for a few weeks. So I continue to feed my feet's addiction to the padded running shoes for a while longer................ (Doesn't "feet's addiction" sound weird???)
  2. Thanks for the direction and advice so far, guys! And the good joke - go with the flow - I did laugh out loud at that! Thanks for the article and the videos. That was actually really enlightening. Every time I read something that appears to be non-biased on diet, I am impressed with how much better a vegan diet is than even a veggie diet, and how it blows away the standard US diet. YAY! I had never considered the psyllium husks. I'll give that a try. And as for the water, fiber and vitamins, I never thought of that either. Dave
  3. Any of you guys have vegan tennis shoes (which is what we'd call them. aka trainers, gym shoes, running shoes, let me know which other terms I'm forgetting)? If so, what brands do you like and where's the best place to find them? I actually want to use them mainly for running, but also for general gym time. I did a search for this and couldn't find anything, but I'm wondering if it's because someone called "tennis shoes" something else that I forgot. I'm back in the eastern LA area (San Dimas area) after just having graduated from The Rolf Institute (anyone need a session?) and leaving the Denver/Boulder area to come back to LA for more unbelievable heat and to stay with family for a little while. There's this really funky vegan store in Rancho Cucamonga that has all of these new and varied products, and they had these shoes called Earth, which are apparently vegan. I have read mostly good reviews, some bad about the soles falling off of the shoes pretty quickly, and being unemployed for 3 years now doesn't give me much room for just trying out brands that might not be worth it. They are apparently also like the old earth shoes of the 70s (if you guys are old enough to remember that craze) where the heal of the shoe is lower than the part under the ball of the foot, and, being the new rolfer that I am, I am not sure that it's really the best idea for the body, although other health professionals might feel differently.
  4. Hi everyone. Not sure how to present this topic, but, yes, it's about poop. I won't get too detailed, but you might want to not go on if you gross out easily. Since I went vegan about 5 months ago, my poop is really rarely solid anymore. I don't know if it's because I'm eating a lot of raw/green and fruit smoothies/rarely eat from a package anymore. I do eat cooked foods - brown rice, black beans, tofu, etc., but most of my fruits and veggies are raw. I drink about 1 - 1 1/2 gallons of water a day. I also add protein powder to my smoothies, which has never given me a problem before. And that's the thing - I feel great, and I'm not really too worried about it, I guess. It's not watery or anything. It just doesn't hold together in formed pieces. Anyone else go through this? Sorry if the topic is inappropriate! I just figured that we all do it................
  5. Yeah. Just my opinion, but the more I'm paying attention to politics, the more I am skeptical when it looks too good to be true in my mind. Somehow things seem to end up favoring the guys who have a hand in the money-making portion of the equation.........
  6. What is T-Rex? I only moved here last year, so I'm not familiar with that. I will also be escaping Colorado in August, heading back to So. Cal., and then we'll see where life takes me from there........ That restaurant looks awesome! I'm going to have to try that. Thanks! I haven't ventured out and eaten out since starting to eat vegan as I haven't worked in a long time, but that one I might have to loosen the purse strings on!
  7. Thanks very much for the replies. They gave me a lot of food for thought. I guess the answer that I needed now is that I don't have to make any decisions right this second, and that the right answers will come to me at some point. But I'm still open to more opinions.....
  8. I ran into the bill proposed by Sen. Feinstein a while back, and it looks good on the outside, but apparently there's some small print that apparently not only removes our rights as voters, but isn't necessarily the best for the hens. However, I'm only going off the website of the organization that is against the bill - I haven't read the proposed bill myself. Here's their website: http://stoptherotteneggbill.org/site/c.8qKNJWMwFbLUG/b.7865469/k.3BC1/Humane_Farming_Association_enriched_cages_battery_cages_United_Egg_Producers.htm
  9. Hi all. I've been a vegan (lifestyle and food) for 41 days now. Lots of new stuff going on in my head and feeling a little lost. Anyway, I have two questions for everyone. One: I have not bought any leather/wool/animal derived or tested-on products in the past 41 days, and I am using up all of my old bathroom products and replacing them with cruelty-free products, or simply making my own. However, I still have a few wool sweaters and a lot of leather dress shoes. I do look at them differently now, but I don't see the point in throwing them out. That seems like even more of a waste than keeping them at this point. Maybe I'm justifying keeping them because they were the one thing that I "treated myself to" in terms of not being so frugal, but now I see them and see that added death element, and now I don't really know what I think. Wearing them seems pretty hypocritical now as well. Same thing with my leather car seats. I'd never buy leather seats again, but I can't feasibly get rid of my car at this point. Any one else have thoughts on this? Two: I'm starting to get kind of bothered, on a daily basis, at the intentional blindness that people have to their own contribution to animal cruelty. I was a veggie for like 18 years and it never bothered me, but now when people are eating burgers and cheese and all the rest of it, and then talk about what big animal lovers they are, I just want to shake them and wake them up. Another example is a friend who was talking about how she feels so much peace being at one with the universe as she was scooping up spoonfuls of yogurt. I don't like being preachy, and I don't have a lot of room to talk because it might have been me 42 days ago eating the cheese or the yogurt. I just don't really know what to do with this. Anyone else go through this?
  10. I'm lovin' it.........that I feel like I've been given the key to the kingdom when I discovered veganism in my own life. It's a shame that it's been given such a radical and extreme image, when "frankenfoods" are the norm. Hopefully more people will start to find out what real, non-packaged, non-processed, cruelty free food is about. As for me and that map, I've lost 13 pounds in 40 days with minimal effort (some daily walking and some light lifting), and a much lighter heart. The scariest part of that map is how much change there is in only one year.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I really wasn't trying to bemoan my job and dog situations (although I do still miss my dog a lot......). Life is really good, and has only gotten so much better since I made the vegan switch. The weight doesn't come off as easily when you're in your 40's, but I am determined! 13 pounds so far.............. I don't know of any new Native American restaurants in Denver. I know there is one restaurant, but it's very meat/chicken/bison based, from what I understand.
  12. Hi. I'm Dave from Denver. 47 yo, 6', currently 209 lbs. Veggie for 18 years, vegan for 35 days and loving it! I was not a healthy veggie. I ate tons of cheese, and most of what I made came from a package. I saw my weight continue to go up until I lost 50 pounds and gained a sizeable amount of muscle before a cruise I went on 6 years ago. I fell off that wagon soon after the cruise was over. 2 1/2 years ago, I was laid off of a job that I loved. I handled it well for the first year, but then I started to eat junk to quell the anger and pain that I was feeling from not being able to get an interview after 22 years in the same industry (I'm still out of work). Soon after that, my dog of 10 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I lost her 6 weeks later. I completely lost it and stuffed my face with whatever I could get my hands on, which was a lot of ice cream, french fries and chips. I got up to 228 lbs. I didn't feel in any control of what I ate after that point until now. I think I was a sugar and salt addict. I have gone vegan for the animals. However, I have been blessed with the added benefit of being able to say no to foods that I know are not good for me. Most of what I eat now is raw, and rarely do I eat anything from a package. I am ready to get healthy, and I'm ready to get my body back in the shape that it was in before the cruise. I guess my big challenge here will be losing weight while getting enough protein to put the muscle back on. It was easy before with tons of cottage cheese, but now I'll have to experiment around with whole foods and protein powder. I'll try to post some pictures once I take some. It's really a great support to have a group like this around, especially since there's so much bad talk about eating vegan out there.
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