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  1. All i've found is this list from Vegan Strength: http://www.veganstrength.org/articles/vegan-strength-supplements/ I rely on that list and on what i've found on this topic. I'm pretty sure that BCAA created with Ajinomoto and Kyowa method are vegan, because they should use only plant based sources....but i'm not 100% sure..
  2. Guy, sorry for bumping this up but i've started a brand new topic about a similar question and noone answered, so maybe you will. Can we consider vegan all the BCAAs created with Ajinomoto and Kyowa method? I think yes but i'm not sure..
  3. Damn! I've missed your reply! Thank you! I'm going to read the other thread!
  4. Hello everydoby, it's my first post here and i'm really happy to be part of your community! I'm from Italy, in Europe, and me and a couple of vegan pals are having some difficulties to find supplements that are 100% vegan. We mainly buy from a UK website named MyProtein (http://www.myprotein.com/), that has enough vegan stuff but doesn't have vegan BCAA tablets anymore. So, we discovered that BCAA created with Kyowa method, likewise Ajinomoto, seems to be always vegan. And Kyowa BCAA are really easy to find here in Italy. That's my question: do you know if Kyowa BCAA can be considered always 100% vegan? I don't know if you've got them too in USA, but that's their BCAA page: http://www.kyowahakko-bio.co.jp/english/products/aminoacids.html Can you help me? Thank you in advance!
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