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  1. i can kind of understand the appeal of this but it is definitly not for me.this may sound like a hippy talking but i like to have my cycle,my mood changes and the natural elements of pain and vulnerability i have at that time..it makes me feel closer to nature in a crazy world. also, my periods stopped for ages when i had an eating disorder and again when i had abotched up operation, i kinda assosciate them with my wellness! i would also be scared it isnt completely safe until it has been around longer. i can totally understand why some women would appreciate it though, especially busy ones!
  2. I am a straight (give or takea few drunken nights ) female...but being objective...i would love love love !! to look liek that! i think it is attractive.i can understand why men often do not though its a bit unusual..in the same way a woman with a shaved head iosnt attractive to some men..but i am guessin a woman whom had a body like that would be oozin self esteem/confidence and that is attractive in itself.
  3. Thanyou all for being so welcoming!lol gorilla.
  4. most meat smells do make me feel sick...but its so much worseif i can see the meat aswell...sometimes..when things as veggymeggy said smell f herbs and things like that i m not so grossed out...but ive always felt sick atthe thought of so much death around me when im around meat in a takeawy for example or a barbque with my family (my family are all omnis, and totally opposed to changing.
  5. hello...I am Jen..i met robert on another forum and he invited me along...i was a little hesitant as i am not a body builder,just a wannabe who is veeeery intereseted and likes building muscle up...i love showin off my strength and telling people its vegan strength!Lol. I have been vegetarian since i was 11 and vegan for couple of years.i would love to lose the body fat and become a fitness or muscle model someday but at the moment its a bit of a pipe dream!at the moment i am concentrating on losing fat and gettin fitter...im likin the changes so far..but i work 6 days a week a lot as i am returnin to university in september. nice to meet you all, hopefully you ll all inspire me to get good at it!!!!:) xxx jennifer xxx
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