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  1. i like garafalo. she made me crack up in mystery men.
  2. next if it just wasn't manufactured by one of the largest animal experimenters in history. thanks Philip Morris for tasty vegan treats. FU
  3. If the method was harmless for getting the cells to culture and no animals were harmed in it, i would give it a try. I started being a vegan because of factory farming and to remove that from the equation would remove a lot of issues for me. It is a spiritual ethos to not eat meat at this point, but if someone made me a meal with this meat in it i would give it the ol college try.
  4. I used unhealthy means to loose weight before becoming a vegan. So perhaps it has some merit. With the amount of vegetarians in the world as well as the amount of eating disorders there is bound to be some overlap.
  5. And found out the 175 mile fundraiser was supporting animal experimentation. I had to drop out. While i still and training as if i was riding i am a bit bummed right now as i had wanted to feel like part of that group dynamic and sense of accomplishment. Also not really thinking about it i posted a donation request for this ride to the local bike listserv and when i went to retract it i said, im sorry i cant do this for a group of animal torturers and got flamed for it. Oh well thats the way the cookie crumbles.
  6. the running shoes i have are http://www.mooshoes.com/invoice_variant.cgi?rm=edit&product_id=199475 http://www.mooshoes.com/product_images/filevvO2E.jpg.full.jpg they seem to work fine but im not an expert runner. I was using new balance but they seem to break apart to easily and also its produced outside of america, which always makes me cringe when its an american company.
  7. ahh i see, i thought it was a N.O booster.
  8. First of all i want to mention that while american spirits do not test on animals they were bought by major tobacco corp Philip Morris USA. So while the subbrand does not actively test it is still filling the coifers of major players in animal abuse. Bottom line is if you buy them you are funding abuse. But alternatively the same can be said about buying any craft products since they are owned by big tobacco. I abstain from both. Now down to the nitty gritty rollie tobacco is a decent alternative, often times they are independent and do not test on animals. top, bali shag are two i know are independents and since bali is a uk product the government mandates that no animal testing is allowed on this type of product. A better alternative to roll tobacco is purchasing a hooka, the amount of carcinogenic materials inhaled are lessened and there are a few brands that are vegan, whom use molasses instead of honey as a filler. Pharmacologically the nicotine molocule attaches to your dendrites in your brain and are active up to 14 days after quitting making this one of the few drugs in the world that is physically addicting, the other being heroin. Stoping smoking can indeed mess with your ability to recall information since it is a dopamanergic agent, and dopamine is responsible for memory retention and recall. The other thing is that nicotine effects all neuro transmitters. Without nicotine the dendrites are slugish to response to synaptic requests for information or for briging informational divides. But these effects are limited. When i quit i use the extra manic energy to start a workout program and i usually end up loosing weight . I generally smoke for up to two months out of the year. when i go visit my family and quit when i come home. I think smoking rollie tobacco helps this because its so foul and time consuming that i prefer not to smoke in general. any who any addiction is a life long process good luck all, i find having the knowledge and tools to make that decision always works best for me. Also being an animal rights activist i cannot smoke what i deem to be a wrong done to the animals for something that is not a requirement of my survival. This helped me quit smoking normal cigarettes and just occasionally indulge in the hooka every once in a while.
  9. As a vegan i have many cookbooks in which he can peruse. I appreciate your opinion, ill open up a give me your opinion thread next so people can tell me what they think of raw foodism.
  10. duders i agree no one should be sick from a bite for that long. Go back and see a dr, or another dr.
  11. Hello all. So my new boyfriend is a meat eater, but he expressed interest in trying a raw diet, so i thought i would get him a book about raw foods. The thing is that i think he would be most comfortable with a book that goes over not only delicious recipes (he is a foodie) but also science and philosophy behind it, although it is not a request i think it might be easiest for him to understand this kind of transition if it mentions non vegan raw food experiences as well. He eats vegan with me often but i feel someone should come to their own conclusions about things before they walk that path. Would anyone have any suggestions for books that might fit some of these requests? Thank you for your help i am way out of my league when it comes to raw food diets that is not sprouts and carrots.
  12. I use the gemma pea protein from trueprotein.com its pretty good and cheap direct link to the product http://www.trueprotein.com/Product_Details.aspx?cid=22&pid=6816
  13. looking good chris. Im with you on the watching what i eat every day. I cant go above around 2500 calories without packing on weight.
  14. Word im down. I heard kettle bells are an awesome workout. Ill private message you my number. Let me know if you feel up to doing anything.
  15. Wow you have made amazing progress. Great job man.
  16. I am not a big fan of the Obamas pro war stances nor his less than explanatory plans for homeland security. He plans to increase military spending by something like 20 percent.
  17. i was a virgin until i was 25. I had good hair pretty good gutter punk style. then i found out i liked men and i kinda fell into it Its all about rationalizing what is internalized externally its all a frame of mind. I am not the most sexual person but i also do like to connect to people physically as well, it was getting over the fear of physicality and what that means that was the hard part.
  18. Very cool, Welcome. I fooled around with bouldering this year (i volunteered one day a week at a gym for a free membership) but ended up only going once or twice a week to actually rock climb. This summer will be my introduction season to outdoor climbing and bouldering so these pictures were inspiring. Thanks for sharing them! Also you can totally tell you lost weight, congratulations!
  19. That is awesome guys ways better than my idea of gaining weight up to 250-lbs to join biggest looser. You folks look amazing as always cant wait to see what your looking like competition week.
  20. im not to worried about the stomache but i meant more so the chest. I am curious as to see if you have before or after photos of the light treatments. I did not know anything worked for this. i know that collogen helps build elasticity in the skin but this should not effect stretch marks to my knowledge
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