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  1. Reading the other posts about the fitness challange made me want to participate but i could see no current challange going on. I am extremely competitive and would love the chance to have that as the driving force for getting into better shape. I think i just need that extra ompf to get in better shape. Anyone have anythoughts on a 2008 challenge?
  2. I have never been one for big muscles unless you count the respect i have for the dedication it takes to get there. Because my frame is smaller i tend to like more small to medium built well defined dudes. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/73/211793579_865811ede8.jpg He is on the smaller end of what i like. I have a picture from an advertisment from puma with a guy who has my ideal proportions ill see if i can find it online. here is another one: http://www.stormmodels.com/images_models/1102/Patrick_Kuan_18.jpg
  3. when i started my body weight workout i could only do roughly 4-5 without stopping now i can do 12-15 depending on the day. Although i have laxed in my training because i did not get the nutrition part down correctly. I think to get more calories easier i ate more fats and i gained weight and that made me stop rather quickly.
  4. Thanks everyone for the great replies. I look forward to eating some delicous treats soon!
  5. I recently inherited a food dehydrator. I have no idea how to really use it of any recipes for it. Any ideas? I know it will be dead usefull at the end of summer next year because i can dry a lot of fruit for the winter months. I have a new blender as well. I know these are the two legs of the holy trinity of raw food items. Any help would be appreciated
  6. I have to put in my two cents here. I use to be severly over weight at the 285 lb range. Through anorexia nervosa i lost a decent amount of weight and latter in life when i was already 185 lbs i restricted my coloric intake to less thana thousand calories a day quite often in the 700-800 calorie area. I dropped to 146lbs. I did this by caloric counting and journeling. Be cautious and know why you are tring to loose the weight try to identify the emotional reasonings for it. For me it was more than just the idealized weight form. I saw it as an escape at first then as a transental way of dealing with the intense pain in my life. (this was after the first boyfriend i had ever had physically abused me when i tried to break up with him) It seemed that as each lb dropped i was able to deal with one more thing in my life that i had stored as a negative. Because of my slowed down metabilism i was for once able to act singularly instead of rapidly and without focus as i had been all my life(i have adhd) I worked 3 different jobs as well as walked 6 miles a day. Luckily, I found myself at the end of it when i started eating alot again more healthy emotively for having done it. My body was however ravaged and muscle depletion is a problem for me now as i struggle with basic weight training. But i wanted to say that if you have an eating disorder be cautious of this approach.
  7. my main calories come from id say nut sources the peanutbutter i eat most mornings and mixed nuts. the rest are generally low calorie fruits and vegtables.
  8. oatmeal bananna peanut butter brown rice mixed nuts
  9. I tend to eat too much vegan chinese food when im happy or stressed or bored. This includes the dreaded non egg egg roll. On occasion i will eat a vegan cookie a day which isnt good but then i realize its not so much a sweets issue as it is a fats issue my diet is generally low in fat. so that helps to be aware of not only what your eating but why you are eating it.
  10. i have been living here for almost two years now. I just started a bodyweight excersize program today and have been doing pilaties off and on. Have you lived here all your life? if you want you can email me at phillipebatgmail.com
  11. I live in salt lake city. Im a novice when it comes to working out so i would love to meet up with other vegans who work out from this area. Also i actually dont have any vegan friends which is odd because im a friendly guy
  12. I wish i knew whom was from SLC it would make starting to work out that much easier.
  13. THere are quite a few more militant groups here like the primate liberation front which i have been in a few demonstrations with. THeyare actually under fire from the comunity for their protest tactics consisting of using a loudspeaker in front of known animal rights violators houses warning the neighborhood about who is living there and what they have done.
  14. Hello im new to getting in shape with the assistance of weights but i have been a vegan for over 4 years. I have bought a home gym and thought i should utilize it more. I know im more motivated by a group of peers so here i am. I am simply amazed at the size and shapes of the vegans on this site. I had not know that it was possible to gain the bulk of a meateater. Or at least i didnt want to admit this to myself because i can be slightly lazy. I look forward to participating in this site. Since i do not have any vegan friends i thought this would be a great duel start.
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