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  1. I know for sure we have about two bboys on this forum Ekendra being one of them. I think you can see him in roberts interviews at the animal rights conference on the front page. Thanks for the compliments rain. I was recovering from a set of squats and a song came on the radio and i wasnt paying attention so crystal saw me dancing and asked to film me. I wish i was any good at planing chain moves, i feel like i repeat the same three moves when ever a video is rolling.
  2. i was hoping you would post. this isnt my best either, but it is far better than the webcam experience before. I need someone to film me when im at a club there is much more foot work ect. andywho cheers
  3. http://www.getsmile.com/emoticons/heroes-smileys-64589/soldier.gif achem. speaking of which yours has not been updated since august....hmmm suspicious.
  4. lol since srgt crystal is calling me out ill update. Wednesday I did a new type of workout. I am going to be trading on and off weeks in order to max out the life of my workout plan. This week was the introduction to the 3-4rep,3 sets at 85 percent max weight. I am not going to lie, i dont really feel sore or that i had an amazing workout so im unsure how long this is going to last. Bench press: 3x3-115-120lbs front cable pulldown 3setsx4reps 80lbs upper chest machine: 3x4 125lbs shoulder press: 3x4 80lbs single arm bent over rows 3x4 45-50lbs (last set 50 lbs)
  5. i think johan has one of the most envious bodies on here. for me specifically that is the type i had envisioned for myself when i was 275lbs. im working towards it.
  6. yeah I do. There was a really interesting one on design in the modern world as related to design in the natural world. very cool.
  7. Here is a video someone took of me when i was recovering from my squat set: This is what i look like when i dont have to dance for a webcam. lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mZ1wgicRZc
  8. I love the song. I call that 8 bit electro. Which is definitely my tastes in music. thanks for putting it together proper like. Whens the next time you want to work out? Perhaps i can come to your gym next week? Preview my future refuge away from home.
  9. hahahahah!!!! that is awesome had forgotten about that.
  10. Awesome looking forward to working out with you. We will use crystals gym instead of mine though you may not fit into it with all the muscle you gained recently.
  11. I learned the clean and the hanging cling as well as a few other things. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/vegancrystal/10Nov08workout/P1000744.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/vegancrystal/10Nov08workout/P1000751.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/vegancrystal/10Nov08workout/P1000755.jpg muscles! yup i have them http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/vegancrystal/10Nov08workout/P1000767.jpg my legs and back are probably my best assets http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/vegancrystal/10Nov08workout/P1000772.jpg side arm and a picture of my vegan friend crystal the powerlifter extraordinaire. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/vegancrystal/10Nov08workout/P1000782.jpg last but not least: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/vegancrystal/10Nov08workout/P1000779.jpg P.s. we ate lots of food! and then some. Lol last time me and crystal got together we tag teamed a vegan food fundraiser and basically bought all the food and ate it. everyone was staring mouth agape at our food intake. Totally worth it. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/vegancrystal/10Nov08workout/P1000784.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/vegancrystal/10Nov08workout/P1000785.jpg
  12. Note to self: No one wins the death lunge race 2008...no one. *groans* lol. Alright so updated blog. Hopefully I am going to keep this workout log fairly updated as i am gaining a good amount of strength. Lets see before i describe today i am going to go over some things. I think as of 5 weeks i have gained around 3 lbs of muscle 2 lbs of fat or something to that effect. Which is great. I definetly feel more bulky in the back and chest. I noticed today that doing squats was easier because i have gained some trap muscles for the bar to content with. I am now consistantly doing 12 reps at 3 sets of my 6 rep max of 5 weeks ago. So yeah im doing well. Alright now for the training blog. Today was my introduction into power style lifting or at least i think its called that. Crystal and I meet up for our first joint workout, and let me tell you she is a task master. She showed me how to do a power clean and a hanging clean. Something that will help me immensly in my workouts. I found just ask she described that i didnt feel work out for the compound movements but i am sure i will be feeling the DOMS tomorrow. So of course what do two insane hardcore people do on there first workout meeting Squats day, because if you dont squat your not working out. We did forward squats and regular squats. I find that forward squats are more difficult to keep proper posture. After this and some warming up learning the clean movement we did the ultimate lunge race of death. She did 30lb dumbbells and i did 25lb dumbbells. We were lunging until failure and i definitely collapse after the finish line. While Crystal is the clear winner of this race, i realized in hindsight that no one wins in the squat race. lol. We finished off with some single leg dumbbell raises for the calf and then the quad machine to just add another movement for the day. I have never used the machine on one leg at a time but it makes much more sense to do this. I cant wait to workout with crystal again because i learned so much and it was nice having someone who is a patient teacher as well as competitive. I have some form issues to work on but having seen them in person it is more more clear as to what i should be doing in comparison to what i am currently doing. One thing is for sure i am going to incorporate light weight cleans into my warm up for my other days workouts so that i can gain familiarly with the movement. Next workout with crystal is going to be at the university gym so i can see what my small gym is missing besides leg room. After working out we chowed down on some vegan dinner food. I was stuffed and walking funny by the time i dropped her off. More to come later.....
  13. One thing to also consider is that we get our notion of heroic proportions from these. And these proportions are apparently larger than reality. The modern incarnation would be Superheroes. There was alot of physical movement during these times and if you were a builder while also not being a slave chances are that you gained a substantial amount of muscle. Now it is not hard to abstract from this and create images of people or beings of larger muscular proportion.
  14. i scoped out a shit load of pictures of that dude on flickr and he has the same body through out it so im thinking that is legit.
  15. Hey Crystal, Thank you for stopping by my thread. I agree i think i could gain massive quads. Right now im going for a bit of muscle and to get my endurance up. I have been doing this routine for three weeks as of today and the results are phenomenal. I was using a 6 rep max routine before so switching to three sets of 12 has been a pain but a good one. I am almost back up to the amount of weight i was using for the 6 rep on 12 reps for 3 sets which to me is amazing. I would love to be as an end goal 185lbs at ten percent bodyfat. Right now i am shooting for 175lbs and 12-16 percent body fat. I am currently 171 and 20 percent or so. I have about two more months of this bulking phase and then im going to cut to see what i have gained. I am also thinking about after next week doing a 1 week cutting phase then two weeks bulk one week cutting, as my body gains fat very quickly. Not sure yet. I do know that all my clothes do not fit me so i do have a bit more fat than before on me. You are absolutely right about the 4th day. I realized at three days i always felt like i didnt do enough and at 4 days i felt it was too much work so i threw in a purely abs day to make sure i was moving and getting some sort of exercise. I would love to go bouldering. I have never bouldered outdoors only rock climbed. Let me know when you would like to go and I am down! Phil
  16. Hey crystal I am not sure how long you have been in slc but welcome. I was working at a Boulder gym for an hour a week in trade for a membership and had a blast. Unfortunately due to lack of time i had to quit. I have only gone climbing outside once and loved it although i found my endurance lacking. Anywho my point was to say hello and say how awesome it is to meet another person from this board. Let me know if ever you would like to go hiking.
  17. Frou Frou Coheed and Cambria dubstep (various artists)
  18. I would say dont increase in one week from 2000 to 3500. It seems the people i associate with the best physiques increased 300-500 calories per week until they were at there proper level. This also will help you understand what your body is gaining at each level fat or muscle. I have a decently high body fat and i started my bulking phase anyways so i feel your pain. My clothes feel tight and i think i look attrocious i am thinking about eating a cutting diet for a few weeks to loose weight. My only concern is that i also do not have much muscle so i worry by eating 2000 a day will really be enough to gain anything. Although i guess the point of a cutting diet is loose fat not gain muscle. my bmr says i need 1860 kcal to maintain my weight but when i use the calculators to factor in weight lifting per week it jumps to over 3200 a day. This is a lot for me as i am currently eating anywhere from 2100-2800 calories a day and feel like i am gaining a substantial amount of fat. Ho hum.
  19. I find it hard to get a massage. I was severely overweight most of my life and i have not become comfortable with the exposure of my body. So it is hard for me to get into a massage. I have several friends who are massage therapists and wish i could utilize this resource.
  20. I think about most things from a psychological perspective. What i see and hear is that your family is confused and uncomfortanle with your choice because it is making them confront theirs. No amount of reading materials and videos are going to help them until they can get over their gut reactionary feelings. It is a duel world we live in, often times when speaking to meat eaters i hear them say i know its wrong but i cant give up______. most people confronted with the choice of change or continue on a path will continue on that path, if only because it familiar. Also i have a feeling that this vegan transition has also changed your perspective on how you are treated. I believe they are being harder on you now because you are reacting more to what they are saying to you. Anyone new to any lifestyle is going to try to indentify with that lifestyle and usurp or try on a label. aka veganism, because we are proud of ourselves for making this switch as well as nervous or uncertain of how this effects our world around us we become deeply involved for a time. This is the nature of all labels or identification. You family is most likely fearful as you are that because you have chose this lifestyle you are going to be different are going to react different and potentially pull away, so they over compensate for this unconscious fear by expressing worry. Because if they can define you journey to something they can understand, i.e. a fringe diet then they can quantify how to deal with the change. Worry is easy exceptance however is not. As far as advice goes i would say bring back your smile and playfulness that seems to define your family. It is easier to deal with them as well as helping them see what you have chosen as a spiritual/ethical/lifestyle choice if you utilize the same tactics as you did before. When anyone irregardless of what they chose strays from the pack the packs response is to assess and then develop a way in which to bring them back. It is not necessary for you to prove yourself to them but i understand family dynamics being what they are that sometimes because of the desire to be excepted and valued for your knowledge and being it becomes a similar drive to reconcile. Be you, be the wonderful person you are and were, before and after veganism. Although it is new and something in the forefront of your mind it is not the only thing that defines you, however to your family it has become the only thing that they are willing to define you as, because veganism is an unknown quantity. What i guess i am trying to say is the old adage lead by example is most apt. Within my own family while they did not understand specifically why i chose to do it they were already familiar with my antiestablishmentarian views. It was easy for them to accept my change because i constantly invited change and chaos and I am known for my divergent views within my family, but strangely i am also respected for it. This is not meant to be a comparison but more so an extrapolation. If you can learn to relate once more how you use to, you can use that affiliation as a means of reintegration into the family dynamic and through that you may be able to allow people whether passively or actively to start to understand and digest what and why you have chosen. Good luck, and remember you always have support even when you feel you dont. The mere action of your families worry proves at the very least there interest and continuing concern for you however unhealthy their tactics are.
  21. Truth be told this is a good thing. The ruling was overturned which sets a precedent on how labeling activists is both biased and unconstitutional. This helps the animal rights movement immensely.
  22. From what i hear Canada is facing a similar neo conservative election. this is from my friend aj in canada. she says the following:
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