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  1. I called the BFL office to ask them if they had a vegetarian substitute, but they didn't have any and its the same as before - based on portion size. VegiePrincess. the idea about increasing the cardio from 20 min to 2X20 min sessions is great - something I have been thinking about because from all this eating, I am starting to gain weight for the first time in my life... perhaps good in the beginning as it may help me bulk up. Thanks for your suggestions guys !! If you have any more insights or actual meal plans, they would be very useful.
  2. Hello Everyone, Has anyone here done the Body for life program on vegetarian diet ? I am doing it at the moment, but nutrition wise, I am doing my own vegetarian style one... I feel that I am not making enough progress as I don't seem to have a handle on the diet part of it. Any thoughts on this aspect ? Thanks
  3. Generally asanas are to be avoided right after eating.. with the exception of Bhojana-asana or Vajra-Asanas....its best to do light walking after eating. For those who have problems with digestion, the following asanas are very helpful... Just upon waking: Utks'epa Mudra (Wake up posture) - After bath etc. and before breakfast: (Morning) 1) Mayur-Asana (Peacock Posture) - 3- 4 times a day - hold for 30 seconds each time 2) Pada-hastasana (Hand to toe Posture) - 8 sets. hold for 8 seconds each 3) Utkata Vajrasana (Difficult Lightening posture) - 3 - 4 times. Hold for 30 seconds each time Also: Kapal Bhati Pranayama AND Bahya Pranayama help greatly in digestion too (tone up digestive and sexual-urinary organs) . (Evening) - With constipation 1) Agnisara Mudra (8 times each time hold for 8 seconds) 2) Diirgha Pranama (Long salutation) 8 x 8 sec 3) Yogasana (Yoga Posture) 8 X 8 sec 4) Bhujaungasana (Snake posture) 8 X 8 sec each If possible, in the morning, also do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) at least 11 times. Its best to get instruction on asanas from a good Yoga teacher rather than doing them yourself as many things have to be kept in mind or they may even be harmful.
  4. Another way of fasting is based on the movement of moon. This is based on thousands of years old technique. Yogis have fasted this way for thousands of years. I personally have been fasting like this for over 20 years and I think if I had to give up all my health related things and keep just one, I would keep fasting. The benefits of fasting are numerous. The fasting is done on the 11th day (Ekadashi) and 15th (full moon or new moon day) day of the lunar cycle. Typically there are 2 lunar cycles each month, so I fast about 4 times a month. On the day of fast, ideally the whole day I wouldn't eat or drink (yes, without ANY type of food or drinks). All day and all night I fast. Next morning, I break fast with warm water with little bit of lemon/lime juice with some salt and honey. This lemon water tastes soooooo good after 24 hours of fasting, I can't even describe it. I drink about 2-3 large glasses of lemon water for about 1-2 hours slowly. This is VERY good for cleansing the system. Excess acid causes diarrhea type condition and the digestive track is cleansed thoroughly. Half and hour later, eat 1 ripe bananna which restores the PH balance. About half an hour later, I have a light breakfast. Those who can't fast this way can also fast with liquids. Everything else is the same except that you can have water, milk, clear soups or fruit juices all day as much as you like. This fast is also very effective. If you need the dates for fasting for 2007, PM me.
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    >You all should do an Ottawa Forum dine out! Good idea... At the least we should get together for a tea/coffee.... If anyone is interested, let me know.
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    >Welcome abc! Where in Canada are ya? It is great to have a Naturopath here! Thanks ! I'm from Ottawa
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    >Two questions remain unanswered: Where are you from and how do you look like? Maybe you can add an avatar and some info in your profile. Born to Indian parents, I live in Canada currently. I'm about 5'11" tall and weigh about 70 Kg. I will add an avatar asap.
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    About me ---------- 37 year old - male. Have been practicing Yoga and following Yogic lifestyle for over 20 years. Have taught Yoga to many people and have given classes in the local universities. I have been a vegetarian for ever. During University days, when I started living away from home, I ate some meat for about a year of so but quickly got over it. As per Yogic diet, considering the animals are treated with respect and love and not as commodities, milk has been very well praised for its nutritive value and is included in the Yogic diet - but I understand that that is not the case these days. Animals are treated badly. I am also a Homeopath and run a developing clinic. I am fairly fit and look much younger - having practiced Yogic lifestyle for so long. I have also been a marathon runner and a triathlete for some years. Now I am getting into building some muscles. --------------------
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    I'm new to this site. Just started a Body for life challenge (12 week body building program). Based on that, I was told that I need 170 grams of protein, 160 g carbs and 36 g fats on a daily basis. I have been having a lot of trouble getting up to those numbers on vegetarian diet. Also, because my eating habits have been such that I ate very little for many years. I would like some advise on how I can meet this challenge on Vegetarian diet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Abc
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