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  1. Italy became happy with defending and killed themselves. I would have liked to see Balotelli stay in, he definitely had a goal in him. Spain looked good but I would still put my money on Germany taking the whole thing. Hopefully Spain wins against Croatia and Italy beats Ireland. I don't see England losing to Sweden but its soccer so anything can happen. France and Ukraine should be interesting though.
  2. That's why I think a draw with France was a good outcome for them. Even though England has some new faces on the field and a new manager I would still think there's enough talented players on the squad to still hold that sharpness you usually get from them. I think in the upcoming match we will see it because nerves always play a factor in the first match of the tournament. I agree though they should have no problem putting Sweden away but Ukraine could definitely cause some problems. I figured France and England would come out of the group but Ukraine definitely has a good shot at the knock out stages as well. Oh and Group A was completely boring and uninspiring today, group of death should make up for it tomorrow though.
  3. Forza Azzurri! If Germany picks it up I think they will take the cup. They were not at their best against Portugal. If they really get at it I don't see a team that can hold them off Italy surprised me, I'm an Italian fan but there was a lot of worry coming into the tournament. They held very well against Spain's attacks and were pretty dangerous on the counters and attacking third. England played well but France outplayed them most of the match. England to me just didn't seem to have that sharp edge they usually have. Plus what was with putting Walcott in at stoppage, with his pace and talent he could have put a thrashing on the lacking French defense. They held on though and got the point so definitely a good outcome for them. Oh and Ukraine is looking pretty good right now at the half, if they keep this up they will win this match(that is if they can get on target).
  4. I need to get some Vega One and some more protein powder but was looking at the protein bars. Would they be a good choice for a quick grab snack or when I'm traveling or are they really just designed for post workout recovery?
  5. This might be what you've heard about: http://vegasport.com/sustain/endurance-gel I've never used the gel but I do use their Electrolyte Hydrator when I do extensive cycling or running.
  6. I've been lurking for about a month now and figured it was about time I just went ahead and made a profile for myself. My name is Britt, I'm 22 and sort of fell into being a vegan quite by accident as weird as it may sound. I was very big into soccer as a child but had began to put on weight as I hit my teens and just couldn't compete anymore. I finally decided enough was enough when I hit 250lbs on the scale so I began doing exactly what came naturally to me, I ran. Eventually I began eating a lot of vegetables and beans and began to pull away from the meat. I never really ate any dairy maybe some yogurt on rare occasion but I never did much with dairy milk and I have never liked cheese. I found myself feeling really good and began running faster and further than I ever had and when I looked at what had changed it was entirely whole foods and vegan so I kept with it. I dropped from 250lbs down to 165 but I needed to build some muscle and that's when I became misinformed. I had never in my life lifted weights so I looked for advice on workouts, form, and nutrition and began eating meat again. I put on muscle mass sure but I also no longer had as much energy as I had which is what partially made me a standout soccer player. I got back to my prior eating habits and almost instantly my energy was back up. I'm excited to be improving on my soccer game as well as finding new hobbies such as cycling, weight lifting, and bodybuilding. I'm even more excited about picking up some tips and learning even more about the vegan diet.
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