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  1. Head on over to the cold cuts website and then go to lifter clothing my good sir. the whole line is pretty much lifting shirts for hardcore and punk listeners
  2. Um im not really sure how much muscle i put on haha and thanks!
  3. Thank's guys, looking at that old pic makes me cringe. Now that its warm again (thank you mother nature!!!) i can start jogging out side again which hopefully will start cutting that fat off
  4. Need to focus on cardio more... buuut im benching 225 now instead of 100, squatting 250 instead 150 and leg pressing 1000 instead of 200 pounds. One year ago almost a year later
  5. I have heard that after so long into your routine in a day the exercises just arent as effective so thats why I was wondering if I should make my routine shorter. I havent made it shorter before and I think I will change it up some just to change things up. The gym has been getting blah lately doing the same things over and over. It would be nice to change things up a little. You kind sirs have been very helpful, thank
  6. WAIT! so are you trying to tell me that I cant lose 7 pounds a day by eating ice cream like the commercials? =[ damn, i give up! I have such a hard time with my diet. Alot of soy meat and brown rice. Its just so hard to eat healthier when i dont want to spend a day cooking
  7. Alright guys, so I really started working out and sticking to it at the start of june. I weighed 250 pounds. Now I weigh in at 230 pounds here in September, which im proud of. The only thing is that I feel like im not seeing the kind of definition that I want to be seeing. I work at wal mart unfortunately but actually they are very relaxed with the scheduling so I want to hear from you guys. I always see that people split theyr work out into diffrent sections of the body in diffrent days. I on the onther hand work out mondays, wednesdays and fridays. My schedule looks like this: Dumbell Curls, Wrist Curls, Dumbel Tricep Extensions, Tricep Dips, Dumbell Press, Upright Rows, Bench, Decline Bench, Dumbell Pullover, Lat Pull Down, Rows, Dumbell Rows, Shrugs, Squats, Leg Presses, Calf Raises, Leg Raises, and Side Bends. I do all these and then run for maybe a mile or two every mon, wed, fri. Now I want to hear what you guys think. I want all ideas that you guys can throw at me. Change my schedule?
  8. MikeK


    haha that is one of the residents at the watkins glen farm sanctuary actually. I dont remember his name though. and yeah you guys will totally have to let me know whats going on over there
  9. MikeK


    Um I think its like 400 miles or something like that. And I have been meaning to, being such a vegan friendly place. I just had a friend move there not to long ago who always rubs it in my face about how nice it is there
  10. Alright, thank's alot man
  11. I have just finished reading John Joseph's Meat is for pussies and he recommends wheatgrass a few times so I checked it out. Some of the websites I was on made it sound like this stuff will turn you into superman or that humans can stop looking for the cure to cancer because of this stuff. Im just wondering if anyone on here has any experiece with it? Is it worth trying out?
  12. Holy crap! first time doing squats today. I cant believe i have been leaving them out of my routine! My legs are burning and I love it. I thought doing my incline leg presses at 300 pounds so far would be enough but obviously not
  13. MikeK


    My name is Mike, im 20 and have been vegetarian for 3 years and vegan for a year and a few months. I'm 5 foot 11 and weight 240 pounds. Always exercised on and off but recently have buckled down, plan on sticking with it to better represent vegans. Right now Im at running three miles in half an hour and then about an hour and a half of weight training every other day. Currently re-reading Robert Cheeke's Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness.
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