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  1. Hello Thank you for all the great tips, sorry if I came back after a long blackout. A pic of me after hmmm... 1 year 1/2 of "serious" practice whose 1year in split routine (found on the website and modified by myself). (pic taken in early June). http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/222411Sanstitre4.png You could see my very little left wrist. Chest, stomach and legs are not very good at the moment, I hide them.
  2. Welcome fellow countryman!
  3. Hi Bleuz, Welcome (tardily..). I hope, as me, you came back.
  4. I have this: http://www.fitnessboutique.fr/musculation/banc/FITNESS-DOCTOR-Titan-Bench/prod-FIT_SA_160B.html It was 90€ lower when I bough it last year. To look elsewhere if it's in promo.. Good value for money I think (especially at 159€). Easy to assemble. Basic finishes even so. Low delivery cost, only 7.95€
  5. I buy my sunwarrior protein and organic food bar here: http://www.forceultranature.com/index.cfm Dunno if they deliver outside France. For superfoods you have (French shops also I'm sorry ). Look out, prices vary a lot. http://www.marketveg.com/ http://www.keimling.fr/ http://fr.iswari.net/PRODUITS.aspx http://www.sol-semilla.fr/55-superaliments Otherwise vegan protein deliver worldwide. http://www.veganproteins.com/proteins-more-shop/
  6. Hi, I came back after a long absence to working my English. Nah.. I'm kidding I was just demotivated when autumn arrived. I'm depressive in this long period.. I restart my workout today and my diet has evolved since last summer. Indeed I'm eating mostly raw (around 80% last week). A little annoyed because my family found me too skinny, so I ate a lot this last 2 mouth to silence them but I earned that fat especially on my stomach (increase to 57 to 61 kg and 14% fat) I have quite of margin (I'm 170cm), but that was stupid because If I look skinny it's just because I have very thin bones (I shown my kid wrists..) but Only way for me to look big without grass it's to gain muscle. 61kg for 170cm with 14% fat. Dirt genetic .. Hear that I'm skinny with that paunch.. So, well I came back because with the return of the sunny days I found a good motivation (I'm an anxious person), and I don't want to look the skinny vegan cliche nevermore! My workout is as fallows ; I'm restarting with minimal loads (in metric measurement, sorry.. ) because I'm a hibernating skeletor - Bench press : 4x12 @ 14kg (weight of the bar not including however ) - Pull-up: 4x8 (make me nauseous ..) - Developed vertical (not sure with my translation) with dumbbells: 4x12 @ 4kg each - Squat : 4x12 @ 20kg - Multiple abdominal exercises : -- Transverse work : 3x12x10seconds -- Crunch legs straight : 3x12 -- Crunch : 3x12 -- Dumbbell lateral flexion : 3x12 @ 7gks Today 20minutes before training I ate some fresh mixed fruits (2 apples and 2 kiwi), an handle of hemp seeds, and half a litre of water. I drank about one litre of water during my workouts. After my workouts I took 40cl of almond milk with 2cups of chocolate sunwarrior protein. 3 quarters of an hour later I took my dinner: 100gr of red romaine lettuce, around 10 spinach leaf, 1 avocado, some yeast malted, chia seeds, lemon juice, a good piece of Essene bread, and some raw cookies as dessert. Well, now I except criticism because I do it all the feelings (just helped for the workouts with 2 programs I adapted). I dunno for example If it's good to eat my bigger fat source (avocado) for dinner. Last year I also lost motivation because I did not saw a body transformation after 4 months of training. But I made big mistakes: I ate not enough, I don't really increased the loads, and I made to many weeks off.. Autumn finished me. Damns it's late, I have to sleep. I came back tomorrow to continue all that. Thanks Dylan. It's a carrot tongue. http://vg-zone.net/2009/11/14/daring-kitchen-sushi-caterpillar/ Salut voisin. Pareil plus proche de Barcelone que de Paris. Je vais jeter un oeil à ton topic.
  7. I'm asking to myself, it's not easy to evaluate. Some years before to be vegan, in 2003, I reach 75kg (175lbs) because I ate too much and fat at my work for the lunch. Which was really too much for my size and bones. And it was only fat, except calves (thank you hiking ). Fat on bones, I never want to see that again.
  8. Thank you, that help me a lot. Last interrogation is if 2000kcal is enough, fallowing weeks will said me.
  9. Hello, thank you for your welcome and answer. I'm not really determined to get all that proteins, I would just take enough without too much carbs and fat intake. It's really difficult to know precisely enough their needs. With 1 gram/pound, whether 116 grams of proteins, how many carbs and fat I had to take? I must keep my 2000kcal and thus raise my carbs/fat intake or I need to decrease my total caloric needs? There are a realist calculator somewhere? I really lack of reliable tools. I found this in French but it's totally crazy, it advise me to take 196 grams of protein and as many in carbs... http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2012/25/1340056586-MUSCULATIONAKELYS-Calculateurdebesoinquotidienencalorie.png I can use sunwarrior raw protein if needed. A pic of me taken tonight. http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2012/25/1340060034-Photo017.jpg
  10. Hello I will try to introduce myself with my poor english. My name's Thomas and I'm 35. I became vegan 3 years ago and started bodybuilding last winter. My body (frame) is very thin :170cm for 58 kilograms (5.58ft for 127.87 lbs). I'm training myself at home 3 days per week with a bench, pull-up bar and a pair of dumbbell. I know just about how to work, but I have some weakness with my food plan, I can't found how exactly I need in carbs, lipids and proteins, and I found hard to have full of proteins without fill my meal with tons of carbs, soy products and wheat gluten products, especially in thinking to EAA. I loved to see a food plan for my little body, I do 3x80mins per week bodybuiding and others days between 1-2 hours of cycling (around 12mph). Beside sport, I'm seated all the day. I found frequently this distribution for the day: 30% proteins - 30% lipids - 40% carbs. If I need 2000kcal it must make me 150grams of proteins, 200 of carbs, and 67 of lipids. But I can't reach the requested proteins amounts without explode the carbs amount (cereals and leguminous hav really too much carbs). With the nuts and seeds it's the lipids I explode. Last choice: soy, especially tofu, but I already eat a lot and I saw very often soy harms muscle development, but its seems controversial. What is your point of view with this food? Well, I need a bit of help, and it's the only place where I can found it, in France people don't like veganism, especially in bodybuidling world, we're still in prehistory. I have a little body and I'm sedentary outside sport, people with them prejudices can think I'm thin because I don't have enough proteins because I don't eat meat, but it's just my genetic.
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