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  1. first off THANKYOU for the suport. Right now i believe ill follow lani's advice and take a break to concentrate on general fitness... o don't want this to become an obsetion although it sort of is (i guess you know what i mean) my days change alot cause i work strange hours in my pub....this is what i ate today. 12pm pasta (tomato, pesto...whatever is vegan) 3pm gym 6pm work start with a soymilk and fruit shake (bananas, strawberry) 8pm 2veggie burgers (or seitan) with salad 12am bread peanut butter jam 5am (before bed) a soyicream Plenty of crisps,vegan cakes, veggie sandwiches. cocacola and anything vegan that passes in fornt of me while i work. Before it was all hamburgers, pasta and chocolate bars...it sucked but i was stronger. Fatter but stronger...without having to THINK before eating. training: Monday- chest, bicepts. tuesday- back, tricepts wednesday- mtb (depends on my mood) thursday-shoulders, legs- friday or saturday (depends on my job and my kids) should be traps, abbs (haha) and a few light excercise for the rest. sometimes on sunday i go mtb again. I no longer di rugby or kickboxing. i'm not a verygood or strong bodybuilder. I go to the local gym and lift nowhere near what you guys do (nobody does here). (sorry about using kilograms)i used to lift 130 and now i'm lucky to lift 100kg (bench) i've gone from being 108km to 96 (quite stable now) i tried three months of soy suppliment but it didn't help and also felt like cheating...or worse it made me feel obsessed. Thanks for any advice
  2. I know this is a positive website and all but i also believe that people can't expect everything to always be perfect. Anyway i love being vegan and will be vegan for the rest of my life but as far as body building goes i'm too frustrated to keep it up. in eight months of veganism i've been getting weaker day by day and it's driven me crazy. 5years of training down the drain. The last two weeks have been even more depressing and the heat has slowed me down even more so i've even stepped down my training...i'd rather spend time on other sports/hobbies then train badly... so here i am my fisrt day away from the gym....feeling guilty. Maybe sooner or later i'll start again from scratch....we'll see Sorry for the negativity
  3. hey fratello cosa ti mangi qui in italia??? Io sto un sacco meglio da quando sono vegano ma sicuramente a livello sportivo le prestazioni sono scese non poco. Nei supermercati si trovano tofu e seitan senza problemi. Gli hamburger della soyasun sono ottimi (quelli della valsoia fanno schifo e hanno l'uovo) ma per il resto devo svenarmi in erboristeria. Abituato come ero prima al cibo spazzatura in sei mesi ho perso tipo 18kg. Prendo delle proteine di soia che mi fa arrivare un amico che vende stronzate da palestra...non avevo mai preso proteine prima di diventare vegano quindi non so quanto valgono. Sicuramente il mio corpo si sta ancora adattando alla nuova dieta. Il grasso perduto ovviamente mi toglie anche un po di forza in spinta ma siccome sto un sacco meglio porterò pazienza. ci si vede in giro magari
  4. hey gibry di dove sei??? Io vivo a salsomaggiore.
  5. Hi im JC from italy and i've been vegan for 6months!!! i'll try to simplify this. -I've been doing loads of sport in the last ten years to make up for being lazy from (form 17 to 27 i did very little) -I've alway ate loads of junk food. -been in the gym for five years (i started to help me with my rugby but kind of got hooked although its tough to admit) -always been big (105\110 kg) fat yes but a good muscle base (alway been considered tough both in the gym and on the rugby pitch) -gave up rugby and kick boxing (very unwillingly) due to important leg problems. -still do gym and a little mtb -went vegan SIX MONTHS AGO -first month i lost a little weight and strength -stablised. -started take soy protein (never taken any suppliments in my life before...kind of feels like cheating) -stayed stable but never gain back any strength -lately i've started loosing again. -i now way 96kg. I feel MUCH BETTER but....i am weaker. -i work out 4 times a week plus maybe one day of mountain biking -my personal train at the gym tried to help me out but believes i am missing at least milk protein -i don't care and will never change back to not being vegan but i also have to admit to myslef that i kind of liked being BIG and strong. ...i do suppose my body looks better and i do know i am still adapting but the weakness does anger me and make me want to quit the gym. FOrgive my bad english which is rather rusty. Hi from italy
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