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  1. im still working out, just to lazy to post up info, will do shortly though.
  2. Monday 5x5 on all exercises Dips @ Bodyweight Bent Over Rows @ 70lbs EZ-Bar Curls @ 35lbsx3, 30lbsx2 Shrugs @ 81lbs ( 5,5,5,5,15 ) I need more weight =\ Leg Lifts + Bicycle Kicks Also, I'm fasting for the day. Maybe for longer, not sure yet.
  3. Wednesday: 4x8 on all exercises Push-ups @ Bodyweight Dumbbell Rows @ 35lbs Military Press @ 30 lbs Tricep Extensions @ 20lbs Dumbbell Side Bends @ 35lbs Also some body weight lunges Friday: 4x8 on all exercises Dips @ Bodyweight Bent Over Rows @ 50lbs Lateral Raises @ 10lbs Planks @ Bodyweight Hammercurls @ 30lbs For legs I carried my girlfriend around on my back while walking around in flip-flops around the beach haha. ( I threw in a couple squats with her while she was up there lol )
  4. Starting a new thread because I am no longer on a juice fast. I will be doing this all from home, that is why I am am repeating many of the same workouts, and also why I can't do much for legs besides body weight and some plates. Feel free to critique my plan, and give me motivation haha I will update with pictures eventually. Starting Information: Age:20 Weight: ~ 172 lbs Height: ~ 5'8.5 - 5'9 Workout Routine: [ First week is 4x8, then the following week will be 5x5, then 3x12 ] Mon: Dips, Bent Over Rows, Leg Lifts, EZ-Curls, Shrugs, Squat ( Variation ) Wed: Push-ups, Dumbbell Rows, Military Press, Tricep Extensions, Dumbbell Side Bends, Lunges Fri: Dips, Bent Over Rows, Lateral Raises, Planks, Hammer Curls, Lunges Cardio Routine: Ideally I will be doing HIIT on my off days, as long as my recovery process is not effected to much by it. Might throw some light jogging in on random days aswell. Nutrition Plan: High Carb Low Fat. No oils, very low to no added salt. Rice, rice, rice, rice, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruits and veggies... more rice. Goal: Reach single digit body fat percentage for the first time in my life ( except when I blew past it as a child lol )
  5. There is science for a lot of things out there and all these scientists and their followers claim to have it right. Paleo, Zone, 811, Atkins, Raw Food, South Beach etc. etc. etc. - and we can't know who's right. It really is kind of amusing but it gets plain annoying when the followers of one of these or another diet get opinionated and zealous about their diet and trying to defend their chosen diet with everything they have. Someone is posting a link to a study that seems to support Paleo, then someone replies with a link to a study that seems to support 811 and it's always the same merry-go-round. I have nothing against anyone who eats paleo / primal / vegetarian etc. its there choice... However... Paleo / Primal is proven to cause health problems... huge health problems. So we can just throw all that junk out. So now were left with vegan. So were discussing which diet is best... High fat, Carb, or Protein or a mix. Dr.McDougall promotes high carb low fat. There is much evidence and science out there to show this is overall the best lifestyle eating plan out there. Now I'm talking TRUE evidence and science, not speculation, biased studies, bro-science etc. History proves it, modern science proves it although modern man tends to hide it.
  6. Yeah. Well what I think HorseSense is saying is the science is there. Our bodys run off carbs, and it does best with high carbs low fat. Whether we "feel" it or not is relative. Because like you said, you don't feel right with all the fruit in you. So many factors can go into this... You are right though, he does say make the meal based around a starch, and have unlimited amounts of fruits, veggies, nuts etc etc. P.S. Legumes are starches.
  7. Wednesday Workout 4x8 on all excercises Push-ups DB Rows : 35 lbs Military Press : 30 lbs Tricep Extensions : 20 lbs DB Side Bends : 35 lbs I'm weak right now... but I'm also cutting weight, and doing these workouts in a fasted state. Now I'm off to go get some grub, cheers. Edit: Being its the 4th of July, I'm not even going to mention what I ate. Although I am lucky my church are Adventists and we follow a vegan diet, so the party I went to wasn't to bad. Definitely some junk vegan food that I indulged in lol.
  8. I did 4 today...I was just stretching real fast lol. 70,404 total
  9. How many times should we be working out abs out in week ? Do they need just as much time as the rest of the body to recover ?
  10. Today I ate... 1 cup of steamed white rice + half a large onion, cabbage, garlic and carrots heated + steamed in some water on the stove. 3/4 lb of pasta + 1 can of diced tomato and 3/4 a can of black olives. No oill + no added sodium. Oddly enough, I feel so so so so much better eating more simple. High Carbs + low fat, no oil and low sodium, has me full of energy all throughout the day and I am very clear minded.... I'm losing weight + seeing more definition in my body due to getting the sodium out.
  11. Yeah that's the one I'm doing. 16 hours fasting, 8 hour eating window. Have you done I.F. before ?
  12. Okay, so I dropped the fast and picked up something new. Here is my new plan. Intermittent fasting + high carb low fat diet. ( cooked ) I will not be using any oils or added sodium, and the main parts of my meals will be starches. Saturdays will be my cheat days because we have a large potluck after church and I would hate to miss out . This has to be something I can continue to do, so the cheat day should help. Intermittent fasting from 8pm to 12pm the following day, or 9pm to 1pm the following day. Before I break the fast I will do cardio and lifting, followed by a meal that is ~ 60% the calories I need for the day, then a meal or two later on in the day before 8 or 9.
  13. Good advice on the ketchup. Tomato sauce is a good idea, it goes well with everything... just like KETCHUP lol. So ill try that out. I'm going to continue with starch based meals and see how it works out. I know i feel great... Also I am trying to cut out all oils and fake butters and all that, which is a lot easier then i thought. I tend to be using heaps more veggie broth though.
  14. For anyone who knows about Dr.McDougall and his diet, what are your opinions ? I have been eating high amounts of starch lately ( ex: potatoes + rice ) along side of veggies and fruit. I have been having tons of energy and i feel great, clearer mind actually. Also, I have not gained a pound, I would say I'm losing weight while being satisfied after every meal.
  15. So... I know HIIT can be used with any type of cardio. My question is, what type of HIIT worked / works best for you ? Jogging then sprinting ? Jump roping slow then fast ? I'm going to be starting some HIIT tonight and I need some ideas.
  16. Ill speak from my experience while on my raw juice fast. My first fast lasted 21 days, I then took a 1.5 - 2 week break + gained a little food / water weight and then went back on for 14 days. In that time I lost 33 pounds. If I didn't take a break and gain a bit of weight back, I would have lost plenty more. For me it was mentally rough, for others it is easier. I did have some wonderful days though. Weight loss... You can expect to lose a nice amount of weight the first 2 days. I lost about 3-5 pounds my first day, meanwhile my brother lost 6-7 pounds overnight on his first day. The second day you should lose a decent amount of weight also. After that; expect to lose 1lb a day on average. Some days it could be 1/2 a pound others it could be 1 1/2 pounds a day. I would suspect you only need to fast 4-7 days to lose 5-10 pounds. Tips... 1. Drink plenty of water ( very important, it gets everything moving inside and flushed out. ) 2. Only weigh yourself in the morning after you have used the bathroom ( your weight will vary many times throughout the day due to all the water. ) 3. Have 1 fruit / veggie smoothie a day ( this stops your digestive system from shutting down and allows you to come off the fast fairly easy. This will not slow down your weight loss) 4. With a short fast of 4-7 days, I would advise you take at least 1 day, ideally 2-3 days transitioning from juices to whole food. Continue juicing, but add in a small salad the first day and a banana or something. Second day add in another salad and some more fruit, some cooked soup also. Just don't eat anything that is hard to digest. You will be suffering from crazy bloating if you skip this step haha. 5. When getting up from sleeping or sitting down or w.e get up SLOWLY, you may get light headed and there is danger of feinting. Juice fast vs Water fast.... For me, some days I wouldn't drink any juice, just because I felt content with water. During the end of my 21 day fast, I had mostly all water. Be careful if you decide to water fast. I ended up passing out, bouncing off the framing of my bed and smacking against the floor. That is when I decided to come off the fast lol. Listen to your body. Goodluck with it, let us know how it goes.
  17. Yeah, like i said i just had potato's tonight. And even if my favorite food was in front of me right now i wouldn't eat it. I'm simply... satisfied. Also the water weight is surely there, but i don't mind it i know it will pass, its strange how much a little water in the body can change your body shape. Do you still eat plenty of starches ? I have been researching Dr.Mcdougall ( if that's his name ) and he says our diet should be starch based.
  18. Woah, thanks for all that information. There is definitely some good stuff in there i will surely try. Your method makes sense. I'm going to give the massaging / relaxing / walking a go when i notice bad food trying to seduce me haha. Also replacing the bad food with a healthy food that i like makes a lot of sense also... Thanks for taking the time to reply As for dinner, i boiled some potato's, mashed um, and poured some gravy on. So i did good.. haha. One of my biggest problems is ketchup.... I use it on almost everything. I know a little ketchup is not to to bad, but I use a inhumane amount. Also, because i love ketchup, i tend to make things that go well with ketchup, which usually is fried junk... darn ketchup.
  19. Okay, so I am not obese, or overweight even, but I do have some fat to lose. I know what I need to do, but.... I cave in to eating things I shouldn't. I eat vegan, but sometimes I cave in and eat crap vegan. Any tips or things that you guys do to fight off the urge or craving ? I try to think of my end-goal, that hardly works lol. Thanks for any tips you can give me.
  20. Carbohydrates from fruit, rice, potatoes, healthy ( no unneeded junk in it ) single grain bread ( ideally wheat ) will not make you fat. Carbs from REFINED foods like cakes and pies and all that junk will surely stack on the pounds.
  21. Oh wow, this is probably going to be the best deal... hopefully its not to big for my room I'm going to have to take some measurements. Thanks a ton for this.
  22. Hey, soo... I don't have a home gym but I do have a bench, bar's, dumbbells and free weights in my bedroom. Recently while I was on a sort of vacation; my girlfriend redid my entire room. I would like to keep the floor in good shape, so I was wondering is there any type of (budget) flooring that I can stick in the corner of my bedroom to keep my weights and possibly even my bench on. Any ideas ?
  23. Thank you, and thanks for showing me that link. With juicing I am getting all the nutrients I need for the day, it is just pre-digested for me. ( Assuming I drink as much juice as I should ) Also, after coming off the fast I changed my diet + lifestyle drastically; so I don't think the yo-yo thing will be happening. And for the other problems that the website talks about, I have nothing to say against them lol, if they are true then I suppose I am taking a risk. Tons of people are being cured of diseases, toxins, and losing weight from juicing. I can see starving yourself being a problem, but that's not whats going on here. I will be looking into this more though, so thank you.
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