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  1. How's it going? Where did you go to highschool? just kidding. But seriously where did you go? My wife and I are in the same boat and in your backyard so, welcome. Becca and I are more than happy to share and take advice and it's nice to have a local on the boards.
  2. 1. What is your favorite word? Entropy 2. What is your least favorite word? Debt 3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Ridiculously loud music, preferably the same song over and over. 4. What turns you off? Agression 5. What is your favorite curse word? Do I really have to name one? like asking a parent a favorite child 6. What sound or noise do you love? Running water in any compacity, rain, waterfalls, surf 7. What sound or noise do you hate? A yelling woman 8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Teaching 9. What profession would you not like to do? Wet Nurse 10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "Man, took you long enough to get here!"
  3. cool B.H just making sure, I picked up my sailor tongue from my mother, it's an art form and our native language at the Amrein house. My blue and gold macaw is worse. My wife loves the Calvin and Hobbes avatar Starting weight training on Wednesday, implementing the phase 1 regiment and solid stretching. I was also thinking about the differences between the major muscles and the minor muscles, is there a way to isolate the minors in one workout then the majors in another. If so, does that still classify the same muscle group? I would speculate that the majors give the mass while the minors give the definition. Maybe not, obviously they have function in performance or they wouldn't be there. I am analytical to the extreme. I'm actually a few weeks ahead of schedule, I usually research things to death before implementing my plans.
  4. Perhaps also need to apologize for the language. I really don't have a filter from brain to mouth, it broke years ago. Sorry
  5. Thanks for the links peoples! great info! Membership to gym is bought and paid for...for the next 2 years! I'm saying hello to my new home away from home 24 hour fitness. And saying goodbye to my old skinny, scrawny self. I have to get some "before" pics atleast on record if not posted on here ASAP. Looking forward mostly to the "runners high" and the healthy feeling I hear about.
  6. Thanks Family for the encouragement and positive feed back. Research is limited and I don't know that I don't know so it's hard to search for good information. What makes sense to me is that I am breaking down my muscles and my body says "Oh shit, this some bitch is doing crap he hasn't done, we need to be ready for the next time" so it builds more muscle or basically heals. So exertion is only half the battle, there is rest and recovery. Lifting doesn't per sey build muscle, the rest does. So I've been neglecting that it seems. I've been workin like a whore on nickle night doing push ups and pull ups when ever I can find time, but I think it may be working against me. Not to mention if my body doesn't have what it needs to build muscle during that process it's not doing it effieceintly as well. So nutrition is also a factor not only what I eat but maybe when I eat. If my body is digesting what I give it when it should be utilizing than I'm fighting. If it's available when it's not needing it than it would store it correct? I could be storing fat even though I am trying to burn it. There has to be some sort of data that says if you eat x food at y time it's available at z moment for maximum process. OR am I overcomplicating things? it just makes sense if i eat a protein source it takes time and digestion for it to become useable for my body. You can't drink a gallon of water then run a marathon thinking that it will run like a car. Just some blathering I guess but I don't want to put in all this effort then not get maximum results I would like to devise a way to eat for nutrition and maximum utilization. Any thoughts?
  7. A boy wanted to learn kung fu so he climbed upthe mountain to seek the teacher. The teacher told him if he wanted to know kung fu fill this container with water slap all the water out and then fill it again.Again and again he does this the more he does the more frustrated he gets the harder he slaps the water out. So for 5 years that is all he ever did. All the time wondering when he would start learning. Till one day the teacher told him to go home he has nothing else to teach him. Very disgruntled he leaves and goes home to his village, everyone there knew he had been training for so long so they were eager to know what he had learned. “ I learned nothing!” the boy would tell them. "You had to have learned something don't be modest show us!" On and On they chant and the boy gets more angry until he screams "I'VE LEARNED NOTHING!!!" then he slaps a brick wall a foot thick and it crumbles to the ground... The essence of water, you can gently glide your fingers through it and it gives no resistance. Slap it with everything you have and not only does it return that energy it doubles the impact. Do it over and over again and it strengthens you.Life gives you containers of water everyday. Tedious things that appear not to be important. If you glide through them you gain nothing. But give it all you have you can gain the strength to burst through the barriers of life.
  8. So I'm consistently adding reps to my pushups, and I guess the 1 pull up and a half now. will have some before pics posted before I get all beefcake
  9. Welcome Russ, you'll find that the site really has such a diverse group that they can meet you where you are and take you to that next step. I am horribly new to training and only a year into veganism, so my knowledge base is very limited. There are thousands that have been there tho to help answer questions and point in the right direction. Great on going Vegan, it's a HUGE step in your health.
  10. Holy Crap balls! 1 pull up, 3 pushups... I guess the whole point is to go til you fail, it only took 5 minutes, that's efficent. I should also look at it as 1 pull up more than I did yesterday and the start thousands more! I honestly tried to do more, I pulled and pulled til my muscles screamed. the push ups burned but my wrists hurt more than anything,
  11. OK, let me preface by saying I joined very recently and I've been Vegan for a year and a month. I'm a(n)(x) smoker, (Put out what plans to be my last 5 minutes ago) Quite literally have never picked up a weight a day in my life and what working out I have done was in performing arts and martial arts with body weight, which I may add I faked and avoided it when no one was looking ie. 1..5..35..50 done! I am very athletic but also very A.D.D and lazy. Why in the hell would someone like me be here you may ask? Well, one very simple and psuedo-childish reason...To stick it to EVERYONE who is always saying how unhealthy veganism is and how they think I have an eating disorder, or my family's favorite "I'm just doing it to please my wife, give it alittle while he'll be back to eating four big macs a day." How I have to GOOGLE Robert Cheeke and other people to show that not every vegan is 90lbs wet with boots on. I maybe lazy when it comes to working out but I am mentally determined and bullheaded as an Rottweiler. So, without further ado my stats height: 6'3" weight: 180 measurments: not a clue I eat almost only whole food, nothing too processed, I'll tip back a Dr. Pepper, don't drink alcohol, no other substance and TOBACCO FREE! reading alot of the posts I am finding I haven't the slightest clue what the hell most are talking about as far as the different exercises, flys and presses and BW and the like Haven't done a single exercise yet so I was maybe just thinking push-ups and pull ups and different movements to work the kinks out. Joining a gym tomorrow but also can't afford a personal trainer so I have to sit there and read the directions. So bear with me, and I can take all the advice I can get. I am obviously not doin this for show, no matter how far this goes I really don't think I could stand there and let people judge my clinched buttocks. So let's hear it people!!! extremely clean slate, mold me!!
  12. Thanks for the well wishes, hoping to get the right attitude, drive and inspiration here!!
  13. What's the secret? Tried cutting back, tried replacing with chew, got addicted to that had pretty good success with cinammon sticks. Went 9 months without a smoke than one day out of the blue let my guard down and went back hard. Don't think I have to quit before I start working out but damn if it wouldn't be hard to get lasting results to continue, it's a major wall in my overall success.
  14. Hi, My name is Paul Amrein and I've been a vegan for just a little over a year now and it was, at first, a fad I was trying to humor my wife. I'm 6'3" and at the time a year ago I was around 250 lbs. I am now in the 180's and love the vegan life style. Doing research online I stumbled onto this site and was actually pretty impressed at a lot of the results I'm seeing from people on here.Even when I was an Omni- I never really worked out. I honestly hardly know anything about it. But I've been inspired from the photos I've seen to do it. My personality has always been the type to research the hell out of something before I even try it. So I'm starting the research phase. In highschool I played basketball and I have some experience in performing and martial arts. Always considered myself a natural athlete but never really tapped the potential. If I'm laying it all on the table I should also tell you I'm a current smoker and chewing tobacco user. I should have some "Before" or "Day 1" pics in the future. I guess I'm really just commiting to the forum to try and get some support when I actually start the workout phase and such. If I sound either strange or uncommited it's not true, just alittle new to it all and once I set my mind to something I usually accomplish my goals. Any advice you could give would be great, whether it's a starting work out plan or a meal plan so I don't die, or even best way to quit smoking, I could use the advice. Thanks Paul
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