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  1. Tunies (health food store) is giving out two free Vega products per customer tomorrow, August 10, 2012! Details: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Tunie-s---Freebie-Friday.html?soid=1103683652611&aid=qTVrhkZqPtw Tunies is in my new town so I'll definitely be going!
  2. We had a discussion privately but just so everyone knows...if you're looking for vegan ink in the DC area, go see Shawn at Tattoo Paradise in Wheaton, MD. He uses all vegan ink.
  3. Please feel free to use the quote. Amazing band with great lyrics. I hear ya on Sticky Fingers. I used them for my wedding cake several years ago. I don't know raw places in DC but I did recently see one/some listed in VegDC and/or HappyCow. Java Green (19th & K) has raw options.
  4. Also, be sure to check out: http://www.vegdc.com Sunflower in Vienna Lotus Vegetarian in Chantilly Dama (Ethiopian) in Arlington Java Green in DC (19th & K) Meskerem (Ethiopian) in DC (Adams Morgan) Tons of places in the DC area.
  5. Hey there Alex. I'm from NOVA originally myself (living in Florida now). Whereabouts are you from? I grew up in Fairfax/Chantilly.
  6. Thanks man. You're living in Austin now? Speaking of moving around...haha.
  7. I have a bad habit of moving around a lot: DC native, Southwestern Virginia, Seattle, Australia, Atlantic Canada, Tampa Bay FL, South FL. South Florida is the most liberal part of the state and there are a lot of vegan offerings. Hoping to meet others interested in fitness. Still working on getting into good shape. Mini Forklift: Exactly. That's what I'm going for.
  8. I'm a little late but hi there. You in Orlando? I have a good friend in Winter Park so I go for visits occasionally.
  9. I move around a lot. I'm now living in South Florida (Broward County). Just hit the big 3-0. I'm an old man now. Any other vegans around here?
  10. Wow, that was an inspiring video. Thanks for sharing. Now that I live in a (sub) tropical climate, I'm finding I'm eating a lot more raw than I was before.
  11. I haven't been on the forums in ages. I've since moved (I feel like I move all the time) from NE Canada to Tampa Bay, FL (St Petersburg). Is anyone else in the area?
  12. I meant to add: I'm a DC native, so feel free to ask me anything.
  13. If you want to eat within the city limits, definitely go to Java Green at 19th & K (NW). If you're expanding your radius to outside the city, you have to go to Sunflower in Vienna, VA (one of my favorite restaurants on the planet)!
  14. Welcome. I live in Australia years ago (Queensland) and absolutely loved it!
  15. Wow, a vegan striaghtedger from Charlottetown. Amazing. I've met one other here. Not much of that here. Good decision on moving.
  16. http://www.theguardian.pe.ca/Sports/2010-09-23/article-1789812/Charlottetown-powerlifter-heading-to-world-championships/1 I had no idea we had one on this island.
  17. Thanks for the info XveganX. And, whereabouts are you from? I've lived many places so I'm not sure to where you're referring...PEI?
  18. Definitely cut out the animal products and replace with vegan sources. Tofu would be a much better option.
  19. I second that idea...we need a thread on avoiding injuries! I'm still confused as to the "ideal" bench position so as to avoid injury and build muscle/definition in the chest.
  20. Thanks for the response Ryan. I'm not sure what I did. On the bench, my arms were positioned just wider than shoulder width. The usual position is to go quite wide, correct? I usually do about shoulder width but went a little wider yesterday.
  21. I hurt my shoulder in the gym today. I completed the bench (flat) and was on my second set on seated triceps extension when I felt pain in my shoulder. I called it quits and went to my massage therapist. He thinks I strained it and doesn't think it's anything serious. He couldn't feel any tears or anything. I'm not sure what I did exactly. I've been lifting for three months with no injuries until now. I moved up slightly on the bench (about 5 lbs) and was doing the same weight as last week on the triceps extension. It hurts when I move my shoulder. Not a ton but there is a sharp pain. Have any of you ever done this? How long does it take to heal? Also, what do you recommend I do in the future to prevent this kind of injury? As I said, I was working on chest and triceps today. I'm hoping for a speed recovery, as I hate being even the slightest inactive.
  22. The sugar is from the dates. Its a great bar. I second that. Organic Food Bar is great. No added sugar. Fruit sugar only. The ingredients in Clif Bars are horrible (e.g. soy protein isolate). I'd steer clear.
  23. I have the same vegan shirt. Love it!
  24. I currently have two tattoos. Here's my newest: http://www.veganedge.com/web_img/tattoo_small.jpg It's a modified version of the DC flag (I'm originally from Washington, DC). So, it's like a three-in-one: Vegan, straightedge, DC! I've been toying with getting the Earth Crisis logo with "Forever True" next to it as my next tattoo.
  25. My wife and I buy all organic (okay, probably 98%). When we go out to eat we obviously make an exception.
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