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  1. Thats Harley... You can talk to him on Doug Grahams message board. I have talked to him a couple times through the board and email. He is extremely helpful and an amazing athlete!!! Cheers
  2. I'm just throwing this out there for good measure. You also have to think what her lifestyle was like before raw. Also what kind of a raw foodist was she? I have seen some - what I call junk raw fooders. Not every raw foodists diet is equal!!! None the less there is always room for disease in this day and age.
  3. Since I also have an ipod touch and thought no way am I running with an arm band. I bought myself an ipod 2nd gen shuffle!!! They are pretty cheap now if you find them on sale. I got mine for $55 and ordered a shieldzone full body shield for both my ipods. I noticed the price difference between a good touch armband and on sale shuffle was $15!!! So I got the shuffle (clip&Go)... Cheers
  4. That thing is ugly!!! Potter buy a new one
  5. Well, Yes I do have full access to Watermelons year round But it is more of a hit and miss getting a good one during the winter... I have downed more than one large watermelon in a day
  6. there is no excuse - Getter-Done or you ain't havin FUN Speaking of which - sleep time and then strength training tomorrow!!!
  7. Watch out on what's going on there with the shoulder press. I had the same thing happen to me and it was because of over training. I kept going at it and wrecked both of my shoulders. I say give the shoulder press a break for a week and see how that goes. Just for a note since we are talking about shoulder press. Stop at a 90º angle - parallel to the floor. I was doing arnold presses and killing my rotator cuffs in the process. Same goes for bench press - if you have bad shoulders (or want to avoid them). Cheers
  8. I can relate to falling - although I was not jogging at the time. I wiped out real bad on some ice the other day and boy did I fall hard. What I always like to do is after training for months. Take a week off and let your body rest and take it easy. I know you deserve it with all the long runs you are putting in. So if your feeling like your body needs a rest - might be a good idea. Cheers, Steve
  9. Well, Yesterday I came home to a big surprise in my back porch. I had a little baby Mink visit me and I have to say he was damn cute. I believe he is living under my porch and I hope his parents are still alive. He/She was very interested in me. he came up not even a foot away and stood up to look at me. I had to keep my 2 dogs at bay - but they are 4 pounds each and could not hurt a fly. I am worried about if he is warm enough and hoping he has parents. There are some big raccoons and possums near by. I am getting ahold of a lady who runs an animal rehabilitation farm near by for info. My cousin has taken ducklings and birds there (She is always eager to help). I have never seen a Mink before and they are known for living around water. I am 20 mins from the lake and I know why he is here. This pisses me off more than anything... They put in a new freeway and wrecked an entire forest and creek to do it. We have been seeing increases of beavers, deer, and now minks coming down into the inner city to find new homes. I will never use this express unless I am not driving. I am going to try and get a picture of my little mink friend today. I am fine with him living under the porch if he has parents with him. I just hope they don't try to get in and share the house They are predators and my bird would not be happy!!!! Steve
  10. I hear ya on the lack of watermelons during the winter... I could just eat watermelons every day all day 24/7. Time to move
  11. Happy Birthday - Have a good one...
  12. Robert is a down to earth great guy... He also gave me a free t-shirt and I will never forget this good deed. I am also back lurking the message boards
  13. As a musician of many years and being involved in recordings - that was Hilarious.... I gotta send this to some friends hahahaha!!! Steve
  14. Alright, It's been a while and I am all settled from moving - just need the perfect job. My shoulders are pretty much healed and I have had no problems for a little while now. I owe it to serratus dumbbell punches, shoulder shrugs and rows. I found that the small amount of rotator cuff exercises were actually furthering my injuries. Having a well balanced working body needs to come before heavy lifting. I am going back to my high energy diet as I call it. Lots of fruit and veggies and cut out the crap. I have to do this because I am suffering from poor energy and have been getting sick a lot. I know what this body wants and I had to suffer it once again to prove it to myself. This is it for me and my old self and time for a new beginning like I planned all along. I am hoping to post pictures in the future and show you how well I do. I am giving myself 6 months for a decent body overhaul. Cheers, Steve
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