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  1. Thanks for the advice. I am going to start doing that.
  2. My daughter is doing the Keto diet( not vegan) and has lost 8 lbs. in one week. I know it is terrible to do long term. Is is possible to do the diet being a vegan? Anyone try it?
  3. I loved to change up my workouts, keeps me from getting bored. I was so sad the Packers lost. That is our team. We also like the Seahawks and then they lost as well.
  4. Looks like a good training plan. Good to have you back.
  5. I sometimes suffere anxiety and depression, but I think it is directly related to my thyroid levels( hashimotos) I have been sleeping much better the past few nights. I got to bed late last night and slept until almost 11 am this morning. I must have been really tired. I never ever sleep that late, but it felt good. So because of that my meals have been off today. I am excited, in a week or two, I will be working with my old trainer. I think I need the structure and the help. She does meal plans and workout plans. I like her because she does heavier lifting, which is what I like. And her workouts are challenging. I am going to start with 4 weeks and see how I do. When I was with her before, I didn't know I had hashimotos and was not knowing what was going on with my body. Now I know and she has worked with others with thyroid issues, so that is good. Workout: B: 1 c. cooked oatmeal with 1 scoop protein powder, 1 c. raspberries L: bowl of homemade minestrone soup, 2 rice cakes with almond butter and protein shake D: avacado pasta made with mung bean and edamme pasta, salad( avacado pasta is so yummy- Oh She Glows blog) S: pumpkin oatmeal or oatmeal with chocolate protein powder
  6. Looks like a good workout. I couldn't handle that type of traffic. It would drive me crazy. My mom lives in Oregon and used to have to commute into Portand, which was supposed to take her 40 min. It would sometimes take her 1 1/2 hrs. just to get to work. I am glad she is retired now.
  7. I had such a bad night sleep last night. I woke up to go to the bathroom and couldn't shut my brain off. I finally fell asleep around 6 am and slept until 10 am. I am hoping to get a good night sleep tonight. I am so glad it is Friday. It has been a crazy week. Workout: chest/tricep/abs 1. bench press- 4x10 ( last set was 5 reps)-( 10,15,20,25 lbs. added to bar) 2. incline db bench press- 4x10 ( last two sets were 8 reps)- (15,25,30,30 lbs.) 3. pushups- 3x10 reps 4. skull crushers with ez bar- 4x15,12,10,8 ( 30,40,50,50 lbs.) 5. tricep dips on assisted machine- 4x10 ( 50,50,40, 40 lbs.) 6. single arm reverse grip tricep extensions with handle- 4x10 on each ( 30-40 lbs.) 7. roman chair straight leg- 5x20 8. decline abs- 3x15 reps Food: B: 1 c. cooked oatmeal with raspberries and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder L: leftover homemade broccoli soup with 1/2 c. chickpeas, rice cake S: green smoothie D: veggie burger, roasted cauliflower S: almond flour cacao nib cookies
  8. I love lifting weights and have been doing 10-12 reps, trying to go heavier on the weights. I would like to build more muscle and also lose this last 15 lbs. around my stomach area. I am not as concerned about weight as measurement around my stomach. I was thinking of lifting heavier and doing less reps also because my testostorne was a little low. Would that stall my weight loss to do heavier weights? I can't do a lot of cardio as it wears out my body. I am dealing with hashimotos. Lifting weights doesn't seem to bother me. What are your thoughts?
  9. Yesterdays eating was horrible. It ended up being such a crazy day. Between trying to go grocery shopping, helping kids with school, workout, and taking boys to different basketball practices, I just wasn't prepared for food. I had the breakfast, a green smoothie for lunch( at noon), then by the time I ate again it was 6pm and I had to pick up and take kids to practices, so I had some handfuls of lentil chips, a green juice and a no cow bar. Then at 8 pm I had a rice cake with almond butter. Then I got home and was still hungry so at 9:30 pm I had pumpkin pie oatmeal and 3 pieces of gluten free toast. Needless to say, today I am less busy so I will eat better today. My workout today was a Body combat class. The lady there ran a weight loss challenge from November to Jan. 13 th. She measured and weighed me. I lost 2 lbs. and 1/2 an inch on my stomach. Not really the number I wanted, but then she reminded me that most people gain 5-10 lbs. during the holidays, so the fact that I lost weight is good. I am going to enter the next weight loss challenge. It starts Febuary and goes until April. I am really determined now more than ever to get to my goal by the end of April. I plan on finishing this workout plan that I am on. I usually do the same workout for 4 weeks and then switch. I have been thinking lately that maybe I should be doing heavier lifts, since my testorone is lower than it should be. But then I wonder if I would still be able to lose the rest of this weight. I need to do some research. Food: B: 1 c. cooked oatmeal with pumpkin, 2 tbsp. hemp seed, pumpkin pie spice, stevia L; homemade broccoli soup with 1/2 c. chickpeas S: green smoothie D: cauliflower rice with black beans, green beans S: oatmeal with protein powder
  10. I didn't sleep good last night and am dragging today. This is the second night in a row that I haven't slept good. I just want to sleep. I used some magnesium spray, but it didn't seem to help. When I don't sleep good I get tempted to eat stuff I shouldn't. I just need to stay on track, because I know I feel better when I eat better. I am so so sore from yesterdays leg and glute workout. I haven't been sore for quite a while. Good to mix it up. I was sore from Monday's workout as well. I have a feeling I will be sore from todays workout as well. Workout: back/bicep/HIIT 1. pullovers on bench- 4x15 ( 15,20,25,25 lbs.) 2. chin ups- 4xamrap( I was supposed to do 10 reps, but only completed 3-4 each set- but glad I am able to do them) 3. close grip seated row-4x15,12,10,8 (70,80,90,100 lbs.- 100 is the highest weight I have done on this) superset with stab. ball back extensions- 4x20 4. preacher curls-4x12- slow release on 8 count( started out at 30 lbs., but dropped to 25- these were stinking tough) 5. straight arm rope pulldowns- 4x12 ( 50,60,70 70 lbs.) 6. alt. db bicep curls- 4x10 each arm( 10,15,20,25 lbs.) 7. db bicep curls amrap-20 lbs. did 12 reps( my biceps were shot) 15 min. HIIT on rower, 5 min. walking uphill on treadmill Food: B: 1 c. cooked oatmeal with 1 c raspberries and vanilla protein powder L: green smoothie- spinach, vanilla protien powder, 1/4 c. cashews, cinnamon, nutmeg, ice S: don't know for sure D: planning on soup and quinoa side or caulifower rice with black beans and green beans S: pumpkin pie oatmeal
  11. I had the same probelm. I didn't sleep good at all yesterday. I am still dragging today.
  12. Here is the sight with the info. for the mung bean and edamme pasta. http://www.explore-asian.com/products/edamame-and-organic-mung-bean-fettuccine-6-pack.html#.VpWlE7YrLcs The split squats I just put one leg on a bench and step away from it and then lunge down with the other leg. It is kind of like a stationary lunge except the other leg is elevated on a bench. It is really tough. Right now all I can handle is 10 lbs. db in each hand, hopefully I can move up next week. Have to try the pasta. I bought mine at our local health food store, but I thought I saw a sight for it on Walmart as well.
  13. I love your story and congrats on becoming a PT. I am a PT as well and have been certified for over 2 yrs. I am not currently training as I am trying to get my health back in order. I was diagnosed with hashimotos( autoimmune thyroid disorder) in July. I want to get back to it after I lose this weight ( I gained weight on account of hashimotos) and after I start feeling 100%. I would love see your meal plan.
  14. That mung bean and edamme fetticine is so yummy and filling and has 25 grams of protein. I added some cooked peas to it. The leg workout I did today was tough. It didn't look tough on paper, but I wil for sure be sore tomorrow. Workout: 1. 25 jump squats 2. single leg barbell lunges- 12 on each side( 40 lb. bar) superset with seated hamstring curl- 15 reps- 100 lbs. 3. cable kickbacks-15 on each leg( 50 lbs.) 4. lying hamstring curl- 10-12 reps( 55-60 lbs.) 5. calf raises on leg press machine-( 100 lbs.) 20 toes out 20 toes forward 20 toes in 20 toes forward 6. single leg back extension- 3x20 7. bulgarian split squat- 3x12 each leg( 10 lbs.) 8. step ups- 4x10 each leg first set with 10 lbs. db Food: B: 1 c. cooked oatmeal with 1 c. raspberries, vanilla protein powder L; leftover mung bean and edamme fetticine afredo with 1 c. peas S: green smoothie D: cauliflower rice with black beans, green beans S: pumpkin pie oatmeal
  15. My son and I went to see a lady that we have been to before, but she does bioscans( I think that is the name). I had her test my son last time for food sensitivies and she was right on. She tested him again and found that he still had the same food sensitivies. I had her test me today too. I had her test my thyroid and my other hormones. My thyroid was off and so was my adrenals, which explained my being tired so much especially with cardio. My progesterone was a little off, but not but and my testostorone was off a little too. She said I could help that my lifting weights, which I have been doing, but makes me think I need to go heavier and less reps. I had her test my food sensitivies and I have problems with dairy, gluten, corn, and peanuts. Soy is questionable, but not horrible. I knew most of those, but wasn't sure on peanuts. I have been thinking I have a problem with them, now I know for sure. It was good find out. Workout: shoulders/abs/HIIT 1. plate curl to oh shoulder press- 4x10 ( 25 lbs.) 2. seated lateral raise- 4x12( 15 lbs.) 3. db front raises lower slow for 4 counts( these were tough)- 5x10 ( 8 lbs.) 4. arnold press- 5x10 superset with seated delt raise- 5x10 (10-15 lbs.) 5. cable upright row- 4x10 ( 40 lbs.) 6. ab wheel- 4x10 7. roman chair obliques- 4x8 each side 8. ab crunches- 4x25 finished with 20 min. HIIt training on the elliptical Food: B: 1 c. cooked oatmeal with 1 c. raspberries, protein powder L: leftover creamy white bean soup with a few rice cracker, 1 slice of gluten free bread with pb( before I officially found out I can't have pb) S: green smoothie, handful of lentil chips D: cauliflower fetticine alfredo with mung bean pasta, salad S: pumpkin pie oamteal or oatmeal with choc. protein powder
  16. I went vegan when I had my almost 2 yr. old daughter who kept having ear infections and the doctors threatened to put tubes in her ears. I did some research and found a connection with dairy. We decided to go off of all dairy. As soon as we did, she healed up and never had an ear infection again. So that is when I became vegan. I think it is great that you eat a healthy vegan diet and that you just listen to your body. I think you will be fine building muscle, besides that it is a much better way to live life.
  17. I want to try and post on the weekends, maybe it will keep me more accountable. Yesterday I didn't post. I did get my workout in. My youngest son had a basketball game at 8 am and then my 2 older sons had a game at 10 am. Luckily the games our at our local rec. center so I just did a cardio workout on the elliptical in between their games. I am afraid it will be that way the next few weeks on Saturdays. Food yesterday wasn't perfect, because I just wasn't prepared with food for lunch. I did good at breakfast, then lunch I had some leftover fried rice and some rice crackers with peanut butter. Then I snacked on some yummy blondies that were posted on Jacked On the Beanstalk blog. The blondies had chickpeas, almond butter, pure maple syrup and protein powder. They were so yummy. Today is a rest day Food: ( Sundays are usually really weird for me) B: 1 c. oatmeal with raspberries and protein powder L: homemade creamy cannelli bean soup with a few rice crackers, a few ruffles potato chips S: green smoothie D: don't know yet
  18. Glad you are on board. I want to get to that point that I can go off of my hashimotos medicine. I do know what it is like to feel like crap with hashimotos. I have had to change some things around and really work on my diet. I would be glad to support you. I did work with two great Vegan Trainers for a while. I wasn't losing weight, but then I got diagnosed with hashimotos, which explained why I wasn't losing anything. So now I am just trying to do my own thing. I have been following Six Weeks to Sexy Abs by Ella Magers( she is vegan) and I love it so far. I have had to change a few things to fit my food needs for my body, but for the most part I am using her book. I usually get my workouts from Strong Magazine or Muscle and Fitness Hers and I love the workouts. I do better when I don't do too much cardio.
  19. Squats are awesome! I had to cut out peanut butter because for me I am totally addicted to it. As a teenager I used to eat it by the spoonful ( and I mean big spoonful) and say I was trying to lose weight. Of course that is back in the day when I was also eating otter pops and drinking diet coke( yikes!). That is great with slimming down. I too also have a problem with the weekends. I let myself have a cheat meal on Friday night, but then it usually turns into not being so good the rest of the weekend.
  20. Thanks esqinchi, I think I do better with higher weights and less reps and feel better physically. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Thanks Vegan Amazon, it is good to have another vegan with hashimotos. It is really not good when I eat processed foods. I have been following Six Weeks To Sexy Abs by Ella Magers and I really like the recipes. I have modified it a little in the fact, I don't my best when I eat too much fruit or dates. But I love the recipes. It is just pure whole foods and great ways to make veggies. I did lose 1.5 lbs. so far this week, which is better than nothing at all. I was down more than that before Christmas and then I gained 3 lbs. So now my weight is 164.5. Another plus side is that my husband made his weight loss goal this week. He lost 2 1/2 lbs. I think that is awesome. Workout today: legs 1. squats with ez bar- 3x30( 30,40 lbs.) 2. glute kickbacks on machine - 4x15 ( 55-75 lbs.) 3. lying hamstring curl- 4x15 ( 55 lbs.) 4. leg extension- 4x15 ( 115-130 lbs.) superset with walking lunges- 20 total 5. leg press- 4x15- 150-160 lbs. 6. seated calf raise- 4x20 ( 55 lbs.) 7. step ups- 5x15 each leg Food: B; 1 c. cooked oatmeal with protein powder and raspberries L: homemade chili with a few rice crackers S: green smoothie D: homemade pizza with veggies, salad with beans S: going to try Jacked on the Beanstalk recipe for chickpea blondies sounds really good
  21. I am hoping you figure it all out. I know I am really trying to focus on my health as well and trying to figure out what is best for my body. I think it is great you are taking that time to figure out what is going on and getting healthy.
  22. I realized since I am dealing with hashimotos, there are certain workout that kill my body. Ever since I have done those circuits I have been totally exhausted. The high intensity and the amount of cardio is just not good for me. They have been wiping me out. So I am changing up my workouts. I also noticed that I gained weight instead of losing weight. I also know I need to try to go off of soy for a while and see how I feel. It is funny how food really affects me as well. Today I did some supersets and I didn't feel wiped out after my workout. I felt like I got a good workout, but I don't feel dead. I will see how I feel later today as well. Workout: back/abs Superset: 4 sets 1. pullups-( daughter holding my feet)-5- 6 reps 2. seated row- 10 reps- (70-80 lbs.) Superset: 4 sets 1. lat pulldowns-15 reps( 70-80 lbs.) 2. straight arm lat pulldowns- 12 reps( 30-40 lbs.) Superset: 4 sets 1. delt cable flies- 12 reps- 20 lbs. 2. single arm db rows- 20 reps( 15 lbs.) Abs: 4 sets roman chair- 20 reps standing oblique crunch-20 reps each side( 25 lbs. plate) superman lower back- 15 reps Food: preworkout: half banana B: blueberry protein smoothie L: leftover broccoli soup with 1/2 c. chickpeas S: cooked quinoa and rice cake with almond butter D: 2 bean chili and salad S: pumpkin pie oatmeal with hemp seed
  23. I love pistachios. Thanks for the suggestions. When I was working with one of my trainers, one of my snacks was a gluten free english muffin with almond butter or peanut butter and jelly. That was one of my favorite snacks. I think I may try that again. My daughter came and worked out with me again today. That is 3 days in a row. She is doing so good. My husband is doing good and is surprised he is not hungry and not going through bad sugar cravings. I have been good about providing good healthy alternatives for him. Workout: circuits Circuit A: 4 sets 1. db bench press-15-20 reps(20,25,30,30 lbs.) 2. pushups- 10 reps 3. stab. ball crunches- 15 reps 4. burpess- 10 reps. circuit B: 4 sets 1. incline db bench press- 15 reps( 15,20,20,20,lbs.) 2. single leg v-ups- 20 on each leg 3. kb swings- 15 reps 4. mtns. climbers- 30 on each side Circuit C; 4 sets 1. ez bar shoulder press- 12 reps( 40 lbs.) 2. tricep dips on bench- 12 reps 3. cable woodchoppers- 12 each side( 40 lbs.) 4. db front raises- 15 reps ( 10 lbs.) 5. bike sprint- 60 sec. Food: preworkout: 1/2 banana B: orange protein smoothie( yum) L: spaghetti squash with black bean " meat" balls and marinara sauce, salad S: gluten free english muffin with almond butter and a little jelly D: homemade broccoli soup, quinoa salad S: oatmeal with protein powder
  24. I ate pretty good yesterday, but for some reason in the afternoon, I was starving. I ate my apple and protein shake and was still hungry, so hungry I was starting to get a headache, so I had some pumpkin oatmeal and I felt much better. I am really enjoying the food in " Six Weeks to Sexy Abs". This morning I made a blueberry protein smoothie that was amazing! My husband has to lose 2 1/2 lbs. this week for his challenge, so hopefully this feeding him, will help him lose the weight he needs. I think it will, because he is used to going to the store and buying junk food or going to Mcdonalds to get some food. I have been trying to provide some good alternatives to his sweets that he is used to eating. Last night I made an apple crisp with protein powder in the crisp part. I am struggling with what to eat for a snack in the afternoon. Too much fruit bothers me and I need something filling. Workout: 10 min. HIIt training on stair stepper, then 30 min. steady state on stair stepper Food: B; blueberry protein smoothie L: leftover zuchinni/veggies with 1/2 c. edamme with homemade asian sauce S: maybe I will make some quinoa D: spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and homemade black bean "meat" balls, salad S: oatmeal with protein powder
  25. My husband wants me to help him lose weight, by feeding him the right foods, that way he is not tempted. I am okay knowing what to feed him on the meals, but I know he needs more calories than I do. I need ideas on snacks that I can feed my husband.
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