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  1. Your right Jmf, I need not concern myself with the scale. The adrenal supplement I am taking is not vegan and I have to swallow it quick or it makes me gag, but it is similar to the one my doctor put me on back in June. I had pretty bad adrenal fatigue. It is called Raw Adrenal by Natural Sources. I get kind of worried that I am heading down that path again of adrenal fatigue. I had it pretty bad back in June, so I reduced my stress, did meditation everyday( even if only 10 min.) , took my adrenal supplement and then I reduced my exercise. some days I would just walk. Then I ended up hurting my ankle in July, which caused me to be off of it for almost 2 weeks, even though it was rough, that was probably the best thing for my adrenals. I have a hard time when I sign up for a challenge. I like to complete it, but this burpee challenge is really killing me off. I am really worn out today. Workout: just did my own thing today legs 1. glute kickbacks- 4x15( 60-70lb.s) 2. hamstring curl-4x15( 100 lbs.) 3. leg press machine- 4x15 ( 160-165 lbs.) superset with 20 walking lunges 4. leg extension- 4x15 ( 100-115 lbs.) 100 star Jump burpees( took me 20 min.) those are tough Food:( been hard to eat good while taking care of grandkids today) B: 4 c. lemon water, 1 c. cooked oatmeal with pumpkin and hemp seed S: green smoothie L: brown rice tortilla with refried beans, a few ruffles potato chips S: green smoothie D: I think I am making fried rice( don't know for sure) S: maybe fruit and protein shake
  2. Feeling a little run down today. I am taking an adrenal supplement that will hopefully get my energy back up. I am excited though, I weighed in and I am down to 164 lbs. I haven't done measurements yet. It doesn't look like much of a weight loss, but to see the scale go down at all it great for me. Back/bicep/abs 1. pullups- 4x6 ( my son held my feet) 2. narrow grip pulldown-4x12 ( 70-90 lbs.) 3. seated row- 4x24 ( 50 lbs.) 1. bar bicep curl- 4x6 ( 50 lbs.) 2. reverse bicep curl- 4x12 ( 30 lbs.) 3. hammer curls- 4x24 ( 10 lbs.) roman char- 5x20 superman-4x15 crunches- 4x25 Food: B: 4 c. lemon water, 1 c. cooked oatmeal with pumpkin and hemp seed S; green smoothie L: green beans with brown rice, refried beans and cheezy sauce S: green smoothie D: don't know for sure S: grapefruit, maybe leftover quinoa
  3. Better to get a workout in, than not. I like working out in the mornings better.
  4. I have had a busy couple of days and I am sure it will get worse, since my daughter's wedding is on Friday. But I will get my workouts in, they really help me mentally as well as physically. I have been feeling better today than I have felt in a while. I don't know if it is the supplements I have been taking the past couple of days or the fact that I totally rested yesterday and dialed back my workout a little today. I think my adrenals may have been a little off the past couple of weeks. My food hasn't been the best, but it hasn't been horrible either. Chest/tricep 1. incline chest press- 4x10 ( 25-30 lbs.) 2. pushups- 4x10 3. incline chest press- 4xAMRAP( same weight) 1. tricep chest press- 4x10( 40-50 lbs.) 2. OH tricep extension- 4x10( 30-35 lbs.) 3. tricep chest press-4xAMRAP( same weight) 50 star jump burpees( those were really tough, since my body felt worn, I felt I should only do 50- my goal for this week is 300) Food: B: 4 c. lemon water, pumpkin quinoa S: green smoothie S: green smoothie, 2 rice cakes S: green juice, some raw almonds, a few veggie chips D: 1/2 c. brown rice, 1/2 c. refried beans with cheezy sauce, olives and guacamole, a few rice crackers S: 1 c. cooked oatmeal with 2 tbsp. hemp seed, pumpkin
  5. Yes, I am having a really hard time without my morning oatmeal. That is my all time favorite breakfast. I had a real hard time with last nights eating, but still did good. I ended up eating a few veggie chips, but ended up eating some leftover chickpea and rice soup. My daughters and I were out shopping for a while getting my dress for her wedding , shoes and jewerly. I had a hard time finding a dress. I got a little depressed that I wasn't how I wanted to look for her wedding. I did find something that looks good. I don't like grandma like dresses. I want to look a little sexy. I did find a dress that I want when I get down to my goal though. Gives me motivation. I had a great workout. I did Body Combat class today which kicked my butt. I am thinking for Christmas I want to get a punching bag that I can hang in my garage. I love doing kickboxing type stuff. Food: B: banana ( I don't like something heavy before body combat) S: protein shake L: leftover chickpea and rice soup S: green smoothie D: big salad with roasted chickpeas, homemade sweet potato fries S: green smoothie
  6. Last night I made a really good dessert. It was a chocolate chia pudding sweetened with dates. Sexy Fit vegan came up with it. So I had that instead of my protein shake and apple. Another night of not sleeping good. I don't know why for sure. I don't feel like my workout was 100%, but it was still good. Legs: 1. stationary lunges-4x10( 15-20 lbs.) 2. squats- 4x10 3. stationary lunges- 4x AMRAP( 15-20 lbs.) 1. single leg deadlift- 4x15 each leg( 15 lbs.) 2. calf raises- 4x 20 ( 20 lbs.) 1. leg press machine- 4x15( 145-165 lbs.) 1. lying hamstring curl- 4x10( 55-65 lbs.) 2. inner thigh machine-4x10( 80-90 lb.s) 3. lying hamstring curl- 4x AMRAP( 55-65 lbs Finished off with 100 breaststroke burpees( man those are killer on the chest, shoulders and back) Food: B: 4 c. lemon water, 1 c. cooked quinoa with 1/2 banana, stevia and a few walnuts L: 1/2 c. cooked quinoa with 1 c. black beans, salsa and guacamole, spring mix salad S: green smoothie S: green smoothie D:veggies with hummus, baked sweet potato with coconut cream S:leftover chocolate chia pudding
  7. Thanks, Eiji. For some reason I had a hard time sleeping. It really sucked, because lately I have been sleeping so good. I still had a good workout though. Workout: 1. pullups( had my son hold my legs)- 4x6 2. narrow grip pulldowns- 4x12( 89-90 lb.s) 3. seated row-4x24 ( 50 lbs., I did do 12 at 60 lbs.) 1. barbell bicep curl- 4x6 ( 50 lbs., I did 2 reps at 60 lbs.) 2. reverse bicep curl- 4x 12 ( 20-30 lbs.) 3. hammer curls- 4x24 ( 10 lbs.) Abs roman chair- 5x20 superman-4x15 crunches on machine- 4x25 Along with doing the burpee challenge, the lady that is running it is doing nutritional challenges. Last week it was no sugar only stuff sweetened with dates, stevia or fruit. I did good with that one. This week we are keeping the no sugar challenge and adding in no eating of refined grains, even oatmeal is out. I did have oatmeal this morning, but that was before I saw the challenge. This one will be tough for me, but I want to do it. B: 4 c. lemon water, oatmeal with pumpkin, hemp seed and stevia S: green smoothie L; leftover chickpea and rice soup,salad S: green smoothie D: quinoa with black beans,veggies salsa and guacamole S: protein shake, apple
  8. I felt like I did great this weekend. I really ate good and didn't blow it. Our church had a potluck Friday night and I drank a green smoothie about an hour before, so when I was at the potluck I wasn't really hungry,which helped a lot. I ended up eating salad and my homemade fetticine alfredo( vegan of course). I also made an amazing apple crisp sweetened with dates. It was so good. I am ready to keep this up. It is going to be crazy this week and next week with my daughters wedding coming up on the 20th, but I am going to keep up on my workouts and healthy eating. workout: chest/tricep 1. db chest press- 4x10 ( 30-35 lbs.) 2. pushups- 4x10 3. db chest press- 4x AMRAP( 30-35 lbs.) 1. tricep chest press- 4x10 ( 40-50 lbs.) 2. OH tricep extension- 4x 10( 30-35 lbs.) 3. tricep chest press- 4x AMRAP( 40-50 lbs.) Then finished off with 100 breastroke burpees( new variation for this weeks 300 burpee challenge). I think my back, shoulders and chest will be sore tomorrow. Food: B: 4 c. lemon water, 1 c. cooked oatmeal with pumpkin, hemp seeds and stevia L: leftover chickpea and rice soup S: green smoothie S: green smoothie D: black bean burger, carrot pineapple salad, green beans S: apple, protein shake
  9. That is awesome and a great plan to move forward!
  10. Thanks for that information. I read through it. I don't know if I could workout not really eating anything. I like the idea of swtiching up my macros.I know one trainer I worked with had me doing high carb/protein days 4 days a week and low carb/ high protein and fat 2 days a week. I only did it for a couple of weeks, but it seemed doable. I really only have one rest day a week which is on Sundays. On Saturdays I do a cardio or a yoga class, but it is less intense than the rest of the week. So I don't know if I should count that as 2 rest days or just one. I know I need to do something different. Tonight we have a potluck at our church. It is a lot of fun, but I always bring my own food. Tonight I was planning on making a vegan fetticine alfredo. For dessert I need something with no sugar. I am doing a no sugar challenge this week. The only sugars I can have are dates, stevia and fruit. So I need to look for something to take for snack. I might make chia pudding. I ususally sweeten it with stevia or I might look at making a pumpkin chia pudding. Workout: shoulders/abs 1. shoulder press- 4x6 ( 40 lbs.- next week I will try heavier) 2. arnold press- 4x12 ( 10-15 lbs.) 3. lateral raises- 4x24 ( 5-10 lbs.) 1. y-incline shoulder raise- 4x10( 10 lbs.- up from last week) 2. alternating diagnol front raise- 4x10 ( 10 lbs.) 1. incline shoulder t raise 4x10- ( 15-20 lbs.) 2. incline side laying front raise 4x10 ( 5-10 lbs.) abs: decline abs- 4x12 cable woodchop-4x12 each side finished off with 100 burpees- I know completed 300 burpees this week! Food: B: 4 c. lemon water, 1 c. cooked oatmeal with pumpkin, 2 tbsp. chia seeds, stevia S: banana( before workout) L: brown rice tortilla with hummus, lettuce and tomato, protein shake S: green smoothie D: fetticine alfredo( vegan), kale salad S: chia pudding
  11. I have really been struggling with being tired and not feeling all that great in the afternoon. I think it may be my hashimotos acting up. It is driving me crazy. I want to have energy. I am going to lay off of soy again for a while and see if that helps. I did my Body combat class today. I love that class. The lady who runs it is doing a weight loss ( based on body fat) competition to run until January 1st. I think that is a good idea. Maybe it will give me a little motivation. I know I am not perfect, but I don't understand what I am doing wrong and why I am not losing weight. It is very frustrating. Food: B: 4 c. lemon water, banana( I don't like to eat heavy before body combat) Post workout: protein shake L; homemade hummus on brown rice tortilla with lettuce and tomatoes, veggie chips S: green smoothie S: green smoothie D: refried beans with leftover cheeze sauce and green beans, quinoa or sweet potato S: oatmeal with pumpkin and hemp seeds
  12. Another crazy day today and tomorrow is even worse, I have school with kids, working out and going to help my daugther move into her new place, which is an 1 1/2 hr. away. So I am going to try to eat good, even though I will be moving stuff. Today was not perfect for eating, but not too bad. Workout: legs 1. stationary lunges 4x10 on each leg( 15 lbs.) 2. jump squats- 4x10 3. stationary lunges- 4xAMAP (15 lbs.) 1. single leg deadlifts 4x10 each leg( 15 lbs.) 2. calf raises 4x20 ( 15 lbs.) 1. lying hamstring curl- 4x10 (55-65 lbs.) 2. inner/outer thigh machine- 4x10 each( 70-80 lbs.) 3. lying hamstring curl- 4xAMRAP( 55-65 lbs.) finished off workout with 100 burpees. I broke them up into sets of 10. It took me a little less than 20 min. Food: B: 4 c. lemon water, 1 c. oatmeal with hemp seed and pumpkin L: 1/2 c. brown rice, 1/2 c. refried beans with cheeze sauce, spring mix salad S: green smoothie, 2 rice cakes S: green smoothie D: brown rice tortilla with hummus, lettuce and tomato, 1 1/2 serving of veggie chips S: 1/2 sweet potato with coconut cream, 1 rice cake with a little almond butter
  13. You can do this. I can't imagine the frustation you must feel with your shoulders.
  14. Looks like a good workout. Stick with it.
  15. That is so true, HIT Rob, I never thought of it that way. It is good to switch it up. Thanks.
  16. I saw some guys in the gym doing that type of workout today. It did look tough. I think I will do some of that in my workouts after my daughters wedding. Right now is too crazy. I have heard that about type o blood as well. I have type o blood. I don't really buy into that. I ate meat for a while and felt terrible.
  17. I have legs tomorrow as well. Peanut butter is my all time favorite food, but for right now I am giving it up. Looks like a good workout.
  18. I am glad to be taking a break from burpees today. I am glad I decided to do 100 on Monday, wednesday and friday. It gives me a little break in between. I made the mistake of doing biceps today before back. Not a good idea. Someone was on the pullup bar, so I told my son we would start with bicep. I know better. I know to work the bigger muscle group first. So my pullups were not good today. I ended up using the assissted machine. Workout: trisets 1. bar bicep curl- 4x6( 50 lbs.) 2. reverse bar bicep curl- 4x12( 20-30 lbs.) 3. db hammer curls- 4x24( 10 lbs.) 1. pullups- 4x6( first set- son holding my knees, other sets 50-60 lbs. on asssisted machine) 2. close grip pulldowns- 4x12( 70-80 lbs.) 3. seated cable row- 4x24( 50 lbs.) Abs: 1. roman chair-5x20 2. superman-5x15 3. crunches- 4x25 Food: B; 4 c. lemon water, protein pancakes L: 1/2 c. brown rice, 1/2 c. refried beans with homemade cheeze sauce and salsa, spring mix salad S: green smoothie S: roasted chickpeas, 1/2 sweet potato with cinnamon D: don't know yet( some protein, carb and veggie S: green smoothie
  19. just a quick post tonight. I am really really tired. I had a busy day with kids doing online school, working out and helping my oldest daughter load up her u-haul for moving. I am ready to just sit back and relax. Did my chest and tricep workout: triset 1. db incline chest press-4x10(20-25 lbs.) 2. plyo pushups-4x10 3. db incline chest press 4x AMRAP( 20-25 lbs.) 1. tricep chest press- 4x10( 40-50 lbs.) 2. OH tricep extension- 4x10 ( 30-35 lbs.) 2. tricep chest press 4x AMRAP( 40-50 lbs.) I did my 100 burpees today, but I broke them up. 10 rounds 10 burpees 10 walking lunges 10 mtn. climbers each side 5 single leg deadlifts on each leg Now just 200 more burpees for this week. My goal as part of a burpee challenge is 300 this week. Food: B: 4 c. lemon water, homemade protein pancakes L: homemade veggie soup, 1/2 c. brown rice, 1/2 c. cooked tofu S: green smoothie S: helped my daughter move she ordered pizza- I had one slice of gluten free pizza with no cheese just veggies( at dominoes they are small) S: green smoothie D: 1/2 c. brown rice, 1/2 c. refried beans covered with homemade cheeze sauce( Plant Powered Families), spring mix salad S: was starving for some reason- 1 c. cooked oatmeal with raspberries and 1 scoop sun warrior vanilla protein powder
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