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  1. Hey there crew! I'm training hard 6 days a week and I feel that supplements are a big help but I want to make sure I'm taking what I need (I'm still new to all of this and still learning) So far in the morning I make sure to consume -Spirulina Tablets -Chlorella Tablets -a Wholefood vitamin -vegan glucosamine and then I use all (Sport) VEGA products. Before my workouts I use the Pre-workout energizer with a scoop of vegan creatine and during my workouts the Acai Berry electrolyte. After my workout I'll take the Vega Recovery and a scoop of creatine and when I get home the (Vega) vanilla protein powder (25g a scoop) with soy milk (11g of protein a cup) Any pro out here recommend anything else? Appreciate the advice -Cris xoxo
  2. My diet factors into this. I have a severe sweet tooth I have always had trouble kicking and I haven't had any vegan sweets in about 2 weeks and without meaning to, I've gone raw. I feel energized and healthy all the time. I pig out on plums, juice every morning (spinach, carrots, kale, apples, arugula, kiwis, pineapples, oranges, etc) and mix it with chlorella and spirulina powder. I have ziploc bags of pecans,peanuts, walnuts, etc. lots of creative salads, ripe bananas, and so on. My only hope now is to keep holding on to this willpower of not eating sweets lol!!
  3. I'm still lifting great. I lift the heaviest weight I can on the 1st set till failure, 2nd set I get a lighter weight also until failure, and then a even lighter weight on the 3rd set until it burns. When I'm done with it all I head straight to the pool. Everything is melting off lol. And the pool is an indoor pool so its not cold at all, usually around room temperature to warm.
  4. 20 min is exactly what I have been doing and it looks like the fat is just melting off. totally nuts what a few days of this can do to you. Thanks!!
  5. Answered my own questions by doing it.... holy shit! awesomeness! swimming 4 days a week 5 days lifting. Crazy changes
  6. Hey guys, I wonder if anyone could help me out here with an answer since I'm new to this going vegan and bodybuilding. I have been lifting weights and building muscle but I need to lose the fat too and I thought maybe incorporating cardio after lifting would do the trick in getting faster results. I cannot STAND the bike or the treadmill. So how about swimming after lifting? Good idea? Bad Idea? I keep seeing wacky information about it on the internet from unreliable sources. -Rookie
  7. Hey Russ!!! Keep us posted on what your doc says and his reaction to the results lol! KEEP IT UP!!
  8. Hi Sue from Sydney!!!! -Cris
  9. Hey everyone! My name is Cris and I'm a leasing agent here in Washington D.C. I'm originally from Seville, Spain and have been here since 2000. I turned Vegan a few months after watching some eye opening documentaries like (Forks over Knives) (Earthlings) (Food Inc) and reading all sorts of books about how veganism can save your health, animals, and the enviroment. I had never been vegetarian or even believed in it before this. I was "the enemy" lol I ate Chick Fil A, Burger King, junk food, quick fixes, and had almost destroyed my body in just my early twenties. I have never been over weight but eating like this had made me unhealthy and "skinny fat". After the first few days of juicing and eating just fruits and veggies I had more energy than I've ever had, felt amazing, well you've heard it before I'm sure. I could feel my body healing itself. I have recently discovered weight lifting and have seen my body change (slowly but surely) in these past couple months. I have a long way to go and hopefully next year I will be (physically) where I want to be. I'll prob put up some transformation pictures when this happens. This is an amazing forum and I'm so glad it exists, that there are a lot of people out there like me that follow this lifestyle. Its hard sometimes for me because my closest friends and family simply don't understand and choose not to. Thats my own awful karma for being the same way not to long ago. Anyway, glad to be here and can't wait to see what tips you all have to offer. Recipe wise, fitness wise. See you around!!!
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