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  1. Hi anyone from Uk on here? I'm struggling to find a UK store that sells protein powder and supplements for vegans. I know there myvega and various others but I really dislike waiting for it to come in the mail. I ordered stuff from america recently and it takes around 3 weeks to get here and then I get charged stupid amounts for postage and on top of that I get over seas charge
  2. Hi, I found this great new running workout routine which I have been doing for a few weeks now and think it's great. I brought some weighted gloves 1kg on each hand. I'm not a huge fan of treadmills I like running outside in the air seeing surroundings... My fave place to run is the woods... It's great also because it's bumpy and different hills. I like running when it's wet and muddy... even better if it's raining, something about getting dirty I like lol. Ok here's the plan I use. 5 minutes of running. 5 minutes running while punching. 5 minutes running punching under arms. 5 minutes pulling the sack over the shoulder. 5 minutes of lunges while punching under arms again. Then finish of with 5 minutes running. You can really feel the gloves after awhile, To make it harder I engage the muscles In my arms to get the best results. The gloves are really good for doing squats and star jumps. I'm going to get some ankle weights next. You can get the gloves on ebay cheap... I got mine for about £15.
  3. Thank you so much for replying, The list of different things you wrote in your post are affordable. Thank you so much for that I really am grateful. How do I get to see your profile, I'm new to the board. From the little picture I see of you holy cow your in great shape! Better than Chyna lol.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the board. I've been vegan for the past couple of years, Ive recently got into body building I have such a passion for working out now I really enjoy it and want to carry on. The only problem I'm having is with my diet, I really mean it's been a huge problem for me and I'm getting stressed about it alot b/c I just can't find a plan. I type into google searching many websites and it's just so much info trying to take in and I can't find anywhere what I'm looking for. I'll find different meals to make and prepare but it's costing me such a fortune to do that I don't earn enough money right now. I end up spending all my money on 3 days of eating and then I'm eating 2 meals aday because I ran out of money. I would be so grateful if somebody could reply with a meal plan and shopping list or if someone could show me a link. I'm willing to pay a little money for just a shopping list of what to get and what meals I should make. I hope to hear from someone I would be so grateful. Stu
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