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  1. I think if you feel that way, you should definitely allow yourself to try those things while you think about the direction you want to take. Take some pressure off of yourself.
  2. Oh yes, yes I am! I always order the same thing unless they have a vegan special!
  3. Today I worked out at the station so I had to do things a little differently. There are no machines and no kind of rack set-up. Ball Squats - 15x, 12x20, 10x30, 10x40, 10x40, 10x50 Dumbbell SL Deadlift - 15x30, 12x40, 10x50, 10x50, 10x60 Ball Busters - 15x, 15x, 15x, 20x There's an actual name for this exercise but my trainer and I made this one up instead. It's done laying on your back and it works your hamstrings. Sort of like this. Lunges - 15x, 15x10, 12x10, 12x10 Killer! Didn't have a lot of time for cardio so I did four sets of burpees. I need to improve my cardio and I'm trying to keep the exercises in line with HIIT, or do stuff like tire flipping.
  4. Thank you blabbate and SW I have a lot of catching up to do! Thursday, July 5th Bench Press - 12x45, 12x45, 12x45, 12x45 Incline BP - 12X45, 12X45, 12X45, 12X45 Cleans - 8x45, 8x45, 8x45, 8x45 D Handle Lat Pulldown - 15x29, 12x41, 10x48, 8x60 Seated Cable Row - 15x29, 12x41, 10x53, 8x60 (EZ Bar) Military Press - 12x25, 12x25, 12x25, 12x25 Friday July 6th Leg Press - 15x90, 12x140, 10x160, 9x180, 10x180 SL Deadlift - 15x45, 12x55, 10x65, 8x75 Lying Leg Curl - 15x30, 12x35, 10x40, 8x45 Leg Extension - 15x30, 12x37.5, 10x45,8x52.5 Monday, July 9th Bench Press - 15x45, 12x50, 10x55, 8x60 Inc BP - 12X45, 10X50, 8X55, 8X60 Cleans - 10, 8, 12, 10 Ha.. ha... D Handle Lat Pulldown - 15x29, 12x41, 10x53, 8x65 Seated Cable Row - 15x29, 12x41, 10x53, 8x65 Military Press - 15x35, 15x35, 15x35, 15x35
  5. Thank you both!! Tomorrow I will be back lifting weights but today I stuck with cardio. It's been missing from my workouts for a little while. I grabbed a 15lb. rubber bar, went outside by the baseball diamonds, and ran up and down the bleachers. I kinda run their length up and down in a zig zag pattern and then back, which has me completing about 150-200 round trips (bottom step-top-bottom step) by the time I'm done.
  6. It was 103 earlier with over 80% humidity. I think I'm actually getting used to it which will be great when I get back to class this weekend.. wearing gear adds about 10 degrees of heat.
  7. Have you increased the amount of calories you eat daily since working out? How many calories per day are you getting?
  8. http://www.acaloriecounter.com/diet/how-much-protein-per-day/ Many of the people here also share what they eat along with their training logs, so if you need ideas of what to eat when, check them out. A protein shake is great after you workout, before a meal.
  9. - Post Punk Kitchen blog - seitan is my motor - Vegan Dad (not a lot of new posts but many of his recipes are classic stand-bys) - Your Vegan Mom - Oh She Glows
  10. A local restaurant here with a lot of vegan options makes a delicious burger out of chickpeas, rice, and spices served on a whole wheat bun with a lemon-tahini dressing. Yum. I also love anything I can dip into a sauce, felafel, pizza, and any cold vegan dessert, like ice cream or vegan froyo.
  11. How is your leg feeling lately Cown?
  12. It is SO COOL to me that you're involved with roller derby. I went to a local game once and fell in love but I have no free time right now.
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law, IronSmith, and will join you in sending some good thoughts his and his daughter's way - I know how tough it is to watch your big strong dad get sick.
  14. I forgot my notebook with my trainer today, so Monday I will have to update for yesterday and today's workout.
  15. A fat ass. Really as pleased as I am with solid thighs and rounder shoulders, for me it's more about feeling strong and accomplished than looking a certain way.
  16. Hi!! Delicious looking food on your blog.
  17. I hope you start posting again! When I was lurking you were (and still are!) very inspirational to me.
  18. Five months later, and I've gained 18lbs. and my body fat is up (which is good for me!) to 21.5%. I took some measurements last week so I'd have another way to track my progress. Shoulders - 38" Bicep - 11" Forearm - 9.5" Chest - 35" Waist - 27" Hips - 37" Thigh - 22" Calves - 13.5" Late lower body workout tonight. Perfect Squat - 15x, 12x20, 10x30, 8x40 SL Deadlift - 15x45, 12x55, 10x65, 8x75 Lying Leg Curl - 15x30, 12x35, 10x40, 8x45 Leg extension - 15x30, 15x30, 15x30 Leg Press - 15x90, 12x110, 10x130, 10x150 Calf raises - 15x115, 12x135, 10x135, 10x135, 10x135 When I'm working out at my (small and poorly-equipped) station my workouts involve all free weights and have less variety, so when I'm at the gym with my trainer I kinda like using the machines. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v12/mondaysdone/143133.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v12/mondaysdone/143551.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v12/mondaysdone/143213.jpg
  19. I've been vegetarian/vegan for nearly 10 years, but I was never really one for exercise before this year. Now that I have the goal of becoming a firefighter, I have been strength training for five months and plan to keep it and being generally active as part of my lifestyle. I'm 5'4" and 22 years old. Here's where I started out: - 110 lbs. - 19.7% body fat http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v12/mondaysdone/Photo12101347.jpg My first logged workouts, working mainly on machines: January 26th, 2012 Chest Press - 15x10, 15x10, 15x10 Lat Pulldown - 15x24, 15x24, 15x24 Seated Cable Row - 15x24, 15x24, 15x24 Military Press - 15x12, 15x12, 15x12 Bicep Curl - 12x7.5, 12x7.5, 12x7.5 Tri pressdowns - 12x24, 12x24, 12x24 Pull-ups - 8, 8 January 27th, 2012 Leg Press - 12x, 12x, 12x Ball Squats - 30x, 30x, 30x Straightleg deadlift - 15x15, 15x15, 15x15 Calf raises - 15x95, 15x95, 15x95, 15x95 There's been a lot of progress since then (although I won't be writing up the months in between!) and I'm almost halfway through fire school. When I'm done, I'd like to become an ACE Peer Certified trainer.
  20. Hello! I've been lurking this forum for a month or so now and following some of your training logs, and finally decided to join and start my own. I'm a recruit at a volunteer fire station and I'm currently attending fire school. I was vegetarian for 5 years and have since been vegan for 4, but I only really started exercising this year. I took a break from college and had the goal to finish out the year as a firefighter, so in January I joined a gym and not long after started working out with a personal trainer (who thankfully works with my poor ass for nothing but the laughs). I'll see you over at my training log.
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