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  1. Hey Robert! Is that offer still on? Thats a great deal! I haven't been on in a while and i just saw i use vega and i love it! it's so filling,unlike some others. i usually get it at my local co- op, but i'm almost out and due for more. i'm interested! i'm going to check out the site now.
  2. pamela - i just saw your pics!!! i haven't been on in a while. you look fantastic!!! great job!! were you a vegan before losing wieght? what is your diet like now?
  3. hi there! welcome! i dumped the animal protien all at once. that was personally the easiest thing for me. the thought of going back makes me sick. i found dr.fuhrman's eat to live very inspiring. have you thought about getting back on his plan just to get back on track? i really like his recipes b/c they are so easy and they taste great! the thrive diet and student's go vegan cookbook have some great recipes in them too. i'm not a student, but i like the book b/c the recipes are simpe and inexpensive. always a bonus! good luck w/ everthing!
  4. thanks! great input! after further investigating i found out that the chef at the rest. we went to will specially prepare meals also according to diet/preferance. i guess sometimes it also takes some planning ahead as for yesterdays gathering, i ate before hand and focused on the socializing. it worked out nicely
  5. I just had my first expereince of eating out at an upscale rest. for our anniversary since i made the transition to a vegan lifestyle. it seems that unless a rest. is specificly vegan, there are very little choices on the menu. the "vegitarian feast" was the only thing close to vegan as the main coarse and part of it was fried. just because i'm not eating animals doesn't mean i want something fried or a big plate of pasta. any pointers on this one? i have eaten out at other rest. but they were specificly vegan/vegitarian. those rest. are not always options due to location. also... any pointers on social gatherings? we are going to a company function tomorrow w/ hundrends of people.
  6. hi elizabeth! i am new to this myself, but i saw your post and had a thought.... underactive thyroid? i have an underactive thyroid myself, although i do not take medications b/c they don't work. i chose to "treat" it naturally myself. this was a big part of the reason i initially started to consider a vegan lifestyle. so glad i did! do you have any other symptoms... cold, dry skin, lack of energy, unexplained weight gain, irritability, weak nails, hair loss is a big one. one other thing. blood test will often not reveal this. it often comes back "normal". your best bet would be to find a natural doc who can explore your situation. it could also be an adreanal gland deficiancy. just a thought. another issue is diet. what are you eating. lack of nutrients can cause hair loss. its important to eat the proper things. good luck. let us know how it works out for you.
  7. i did see some other things about his book on here, it has been helpful. i looked at the website you suggested, i wanted to check it out some more. it looks great! thanks again for the link! i want to explore this further!
  8. costa rica health and fitness.... i'm very interested. when is it? i tried getting on the website but it was down at the moment. sounds like a great get away!!!
  9. hey thanks! wow... all the great info is almost overwhelming.... i'll take it though! veganitalinana : great story!! you answered something i was wondering about.... eating too many nuts and seeds. i'm going to check out that link! you were reading my mind! i read brendon braizer's "thrive diet". i have been following a lot of his recipes, which does consisit of a lot of nuts, seeds, legumes. are you familiar w/ his book? i found it very inspiring, but i was wondering if it consisted of too many nuts and seeds for me. i think i read somewhere on here that someone else thought the same thing. shesfit: i love hearing from veterans too! there is so much great info here. the feedback has been phenomenal! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! this is so great! i'm going to check out that link, and the book too. 7 lbs... wow. i always said i liked to read, so i guess this will suite me well.
  10. thanks again for all the warm welcomes!!! it is so great to be here!! lotus: the east end co-op!!!! i love that place. i go there on mad (memeber appreiciation day) and do all my shopping. i love their breakfast they have there. WONDERFUL vegan pancakes!! i'm just starting to find new places to go.. there are a lot of great indian rest. around and there are some new vegitarian/ vegan rest. pooping up. there is actually a new one on the south side and around the co -op. i cna't even think of the names right now... sorry i obviously haven't tried them out yet. i'm one of those who grew up around here and never left. i grew up right outside of sewickely, went to geneva college (beaver falls) for undergrad and grad and bought a house in hopewell. i just wish we lived a little closer to the city, but we're not too far.. maybe 30 min. do you still have family here? w/ 5 i would say its difficulty to make it back. it sure has chnaged! i think for the better.
  11. trying to look fat.... there are some not so fat free recipes on there too so don't let the name decieve you. hope you like it!
  12. it is great to be here! it looks like we came on at about the same time. Have you been to any of brendon's seminars? from what i have seen, it looks like he does some in your area. i'm in pittsburgh and it doesn't look like he's going to be around here any time soon. i'll keep my fingers crossed . i would love to meet him one day. i would say that he is 90% responsible for my chnage! his book made it so easy!! competting again.... ah yes... well, that's a loaded question. never say never. i absolutely LOVED it! i was hooked. i planned on taking a year off to get married, settle into a house and all of that. things change though. i have had some health problems that i'm dealing w/ ever since i competed and i was also in a car accident last sept, and STILL recovering. once i get through this ( and i will) we will see.do you have a show picked out yet that you want to compete in? it is truely a personal growth experience. you will learn things about yourself that you never knew. best of luck to you!
  13. welcome!!! i read brendons book too. awsome!!!! that book made the transition for me so much easier. best of luck to you in your figure competion! i competed in figure in 2004, i wasn't a vegan at the time though. let us know how it goes!!!
  14. i absolutely love food! has anyone checked out fatfreevegan.com ? i really like this website. new recipe every week.
  15. thanks again everyone! i will keep an eye out for brendon's seminar's. i really enjoyed his books! i drink tons of water. i'm always in the bathroom. i think a big part of my problem is maybe not drinking so much while i eat and the soaking... i have also added diegestive enzymes again. i got away from those for a while. i have a tendency to inhale my food as well. i just love food! i know that isn't good and that can contribute to bloating as well. thanks agian for all the input! it's greatly appreciated!!!
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