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  1. The three things I'm currently working on are my thighs, ab workouts, and cardio. It's going pretty well, and I'd say I really do simple sit-ups literally every time I get the chance. Meaning when I go to my car, sometimes I'll stick my feet under my tires and do sit-ups. Then when I'm at work on lunch I run a little bit and use maybe a bench or something to do some sit-ups. I try to designate a workout time every two or three days and I do about 60 sit-ups the military way where you make an X with your arms over your chest; rather than putting your hands behind your head and straining your neck. The third workout I mentioned is cardio, simply jogging a little more after maybe three or four times out running. I'm trying to keep exercise gradual rather than destroying myself and hurting the next day. Sure it's good when you're worked out, but we should be able to move the day after working out.
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