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  1. Little update ^^ I've been experimenting with food patterns a little, it's not really working out for me haha xD .. I don't follow any schedule anymore at this point, but I'm going to make a nice new schedule next week .. Lately I've been trying to fool around with breakfast ideas, because the oatmeal that I ate, I just got tired of that, I really didn't like eating it and I'm never able to finish it =( .. So lately I've been blending fruits with oat, tried banana and oranges yesterday but it didn't really work out for me, so this morning I simply ate two bananas. After that I had a 30 minute walk or such, could have been 20 minutes, unsure. Then I had two slices of bread with some herb tartex ('ll try and find a link to some info about tartex soon, cus i dunno if people outside europe know what it is), a sliced carrot and some lettuce on it, and not to long ago I had some peanutbutter sandwiches with some raisins I'm trying to add a lot more fruit and veggies! I've been kinda slacking on peanutbutter sandwiches lately tho, and I realised that and I was like zomggg O_O need more peanutbutter! .. since I wanna gain weight, peanutbutter is a great option! Also, I've been having pain in my sides lately.. not sure why.. it's always in the morning, when I wake up, it kinda goes away after my second meal so I think it might simply be from hunger.. but I'm also kinda paranoid that I'm missing something important in my diet.. but it's probably just me being paranoid! ^^'' ..
  2. Some people here eat about 10 or 15 pieces of fruit every day I think. I personally eat around 3 bananas, 1 apple and some strawberries and grapes every day lately and in my personal opinion, you can probably eat up to 20 pieces of fruit every day, but that's just my opinion!! I think there are fruitarians (did I spell that right?) who eat way more then that.. and if I'm not mistaken.. Robert Cheeke himself eats 5 bananas for breakfast? nomnomnom! .. I love bananas and now I want some! I'm really no expert, just sharing my opinion here, hope that's clear enough .. I'm sure someone else will be able to give you a proper answer on the calorie and losing weight part, I don't really know much about that yet .. good luck <3 .. and I hope I didn't just say something completely untrue, but I'm 99% sure you're fine with the amount of fruit, unless it feels wrong ofcourse! follow your heart right? =D
  3. I joined too! .. zal misschien niet zo actief zijn :3 maar wie weet
  4. Remember; this is supposed to be fun! you gotta enjoy the lifestyle of being a vegan athlete/bodybuilder/sportsperson/whatever it shouldnt be something youre forced to do! if you get me :3 I kinda agree with Justin, even tho I have soy burgers and other soy products but most of my diet is slowly becoming more and more veggies and fruit. the website Justin links seems to be pretty handy maybe you could make use of that the best advice I can give on food is to try and get some more fresh food, try and skip on the cococola too, just drink some extra water instead I still sin a little by drinking lemonade a few times a day, maybe thats a option to switch with cocacola? are you by any chance dutch? since you're using kilograms and such ^^ Hope you will feel better soon! Just wanna quote Justin on this one to end my post with; Because I totally agree on this. There are wonders you can do with tempeh by the way! think that's just plain stuff, not processed, nothing, it's also something that you have to use almost right away after you buy it because it goes bad quickly, to me that's usually a sign that it's something fresh and not manipulated =P .. but I'm not a expert obviously! good luck! <3
  5. don't give up <3 a nice option might be to simply take a break, focus on regular fitness for a little while and indeed post what youre eating, allow others to give you advice and tips and other help im not sure what causes you to feel weak, i have it too, but i have it because of insecurity and depression and stuff, not cus of my diet. if its your diet, maybe you can eat more fruit? that always helps me to feel more energized and stuff there are a lot of people here who can probably give you awesome advice and help so dont be afraid to ask for it
  6. I became a vegetarian when I was around 13 or 14 years old, started eating meat again around 16 or 17 or such, when I was 19 or 20 I became a vegetarian again, for a short while, then I ate meat again because I wanted to become stronger and I didn't really look for any alternatives, in all honesty I was just plain ignorant and perhaps stupid .. I became a vegetarian again about a year ago or such and a vegan a month, almost 2 months ago. But the only thing I still ate was cheese and sometimes some milk-chocolate. I've had a lot of back and forth swings, most of the time it was because I'm easily persuaded, influenced, etc. Though that is less nowadays ^^ .. I'm 23 years old now, by the way. Also, I'd like to add to the jungle man, Tarzan, (aren't you supposed to be eating fruits all day long, you're tarzan, you live in the jungle, with monkeys and apes, they eat fruit and leaves, perhaps some insects now and then yes?) I personally became a vegan because I want to minimalize the suffering in the world. I know that it's far to complicated to completely eradicate all the suffering in the world today, though hopefully in the future, and being a vegan is one of the best ways to aid in that cause; to make the suffering in this world less. Eating meat equals contributing to the suffering in my personal opinion. I could care less if my diet and or lifestyle would cause me to die a few years before most omnivores would, or that I would get to little of this or to little of that and therefor be in risk of this and that.. I'm a vegan because I want to help in making the world a little bit better and eventually, hopefully, a LOT better. Also, apart from a few uneducated vegans, I'm pretty sure most vegans are extremely healthy and that's good enough for me .. I don't know the science stuff behind it, just sharing my opinions. I DO feel a LOT better physically since I became a vegan though. my body feels better, that counts for a lot to me sorry for possibly feeding a heated discussion!
  7. Thanks Fallen_Horse your comment is very much appreciated ^^ .. Though I'll let things run its course for now, things seem to slowly become better and better for me and I feel as if the chance of falling back down in old patterns is a lot lower then it used to be still haven't smoked, it's really awesome to be rid of that, though I'm still scared of starting again xD I quit before, lasted 3 months and then I started again sadly, that wasn't very long ago actually. anyhow thanks again! I might order that book at some point, though not now, already buying three other books ^^'' .. So it'll be on my wishlist for now =D
  8. alrighty, today has been a good day for me it's nice to have good days ^^ I woke up around 8 in the morning like usual, had my oatmeal, almost finished it all this time! only left like.. 2 spoons.. it got all cold and yuck.. should have just finished it all I suppose, next time I probably will! It really varies, some days I can finish it all, some days I can't even finish half of it. Really depends on my mood, sometimes I feel way to down for it. Had two walks today, so that's really good, it's just very very hard for me to be outside, I feel bad when I go outside and I'm just extremely insecure. But I go out there anyway, especially because right now I'm spending two weeks at my boyfriends mothers house. She's quite a stress factor for me, a very bossy, pushy and controlling woman, but I try to ignore her wild behaviour and I luckily don't have to deal with her every minute. Was thinking of putting together some sort of food/training schedule, a good one, because my other one, I didn't even look at it anymore since like.. a few weeks now! I still eat almost every hour, or at least every two hours, eat a lot of sandwiches. Still trying to vary, trying to eat more veggies and more fruit, though fruit is limited because it's quite expensive Also doing my best to read a lot of things, there's so much information out there! it's very overwhelming and often confusing. Anyhow, felt like sharing! They say sharing helps, it sure helps me to deal with things like depression, feeling nervous and insecure, my paranoia, fears, etc etc!
  9. thanks Dylan you're very helpful and I really appreciate it! I'm going to order Roberts book at least, found it at bol.com where I always order my stuff, was kinda suprised to see it there most of the time I can't find a lot of foreign books on something that isn't mainstream. But i think the site has expanded a lot in the last few years so i guess im not that suprised .. gonna see if i have enough money to also buy one of Brendan Braziers books, was thinking of getting ''thrive'' because it seems to be a nice easy book for beginners and such also saw the video, looks fun! and I read the 12 days stuff but it was kinda confusing to me, so I'll try and read it later when im more relaxed right now I'm pretty stressed.. having a bad day again I guess.. been having a lot of bad days lately.. also because I get angry and sad really fast.. especially when it comes to my physique or things involving animal cruelty or meat stuff.. like.. i got pretty angry the other day because at my parents place, they have a regular store, much like any other store, only there was no vegan mock-meat anymore, they sometimes have this 1 kind of mock-meat, think its just from soy, and it's really tasty, but this time they didn't have it.. so i got angry cus they always have 20 different kinds of dirty meat in plenty but never a vegan replacer for meat.. we use that soy stuff (we just call them vega-bits ) in a couple of our dishes to make it a bit nicer then just a big pile of veggies xD .. anyhow thanks again .. ill order the books today, or at least Robert's book and then it should be delivered to me within 5 or 7 days according to the website ^_^ I also read some of the people's bio like this one; http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bio_richard for example theyre all very inspiring to me ^^ and hopefully at some point I can be a inspiration to people too! now imma go for a little walk.. got a tummyache from stress.. i think.. so far, my day today looks like this; got out of bed around 8:00 this morning, we (me and my boyfriend) made some oatmeal, I only ate half of my oatmeal.. I never manage to eat a lot in the morning.. and I got pretty stressed over it today too, which added up to the stress I already had =( .. after that I worked out a little, just some stretching, a quick five push-ups, fooled around with some tiny weights while punching air and stretched a bit more, then I had two sandwiches with banana and rasped coconut and a mug of green tea which I just finished. It's 10:50 now and im going for a walk, hopefully I will feel better after EDIT; It's 12:10 now and after the walk i feel a lot better. we did the dishes and im eating 4 sandwiches with 'tartex' and lettuce now. it's super tasty and oh so simple.. I have corn bread btw, its awesome in taste <3 I feel a bit more positive now and me and my boyfriend talked a bit about the physical progress that im making etc. we also found out my right arm (bicep) has grown 0.5 centimeters around (width? dunno the word) (didnt flex, just .. kept my arm loose) in 4 weeks or such, so thats pretty good my biceps also look a bit better when i flex them anyway, maybe thats just because i actually work out enough now, i never really did that before ofcourse anyhow just felt like sharing o.o feel kinda awkward now xD oh well! oh and I have like these uuh.. veggie snacks? theyre like.. baked cookie-ish things.. it's seen a lot with chinese food.. only these are healthy and without those little sea bugs/animals (really forgot the name.. tiny.. creatures?).. I have no idea what this is, should look at the package more next time, but they're very healthy apparantly and just a nice healthy snack, my boyfriend assured me anyway. oh! aand.. more updates.. last night we had red rice for dinner.. it wasnt very special, just tasted like brown rice to me, maybe my boyfriends mom didn't cook it right .. anyhow think thats all for today!
  10. Recipe time! this has prolly already been done before by someone here, but i just did some stuff and it turned out great =D it's real simple; 12 strawberries 1 banana 3 spoons of oatmeal 1 spoon of rasped coconut 300ml ricemilk (we got one with extra calcium, vitamin D2 and B12) got some pics too! this is what it looks like when you start or at least, it did for me! here are all the things in the blender the entire blended milkshakething was exactly enough to fill 2 nice cups
  11. hai guys! ^_^ .. im dutch too =D ik zou graag iemand op skype ofzo willen hebben als dat kan of mag ofzo :3 want heb best wel problemen met voedingsinfo enzo af en toe.. heb het daar ook al over in m'n journal ding hier; viewtopic.php?f=24&t=28665 .. ik post daar maar gewoon alle dingetjes die ik denk dat ze handig zijn voor anderen om te weten zodat ik hopelijk beetje hulp kan krijgne. ik ben een nervous typetje en weet nooit precies wat alles inhoud en waar ik precies mee bezig ben xD ben altijd bang dat ik alles fout aan het doen ben! en zo raak ik ook heel vaak in de war.. dus het zou best handig zijn als ik iemand had die me af en toe wat tips enzo kan geven vooral voor voedsel enzo want die engelse namen heb ik al vaak geprobeerd te vinden maar meestal kom ik er niet echt ver mee heb trouwens de video van Gary Yourofsky gezien, heb em ook op m'n computer staan, met dutch subs, in case i ever wanna show someone ^^'' .. maar die kijk ik liever geen tweede keer =/ .. vind het echt vreselijk om dat ene bepaalde stuk in de video te zien T_T je snapt wel welk stuk ik bedoel als je em gezien hebt. Als veganist hoef je dat eigenlijk niet echt te zien, we weten al hoe het in elkaar zit.. hoef je jezelf niet te martelen door dat te kijken, daar schieten we niks mee op volgens mij :3.. maargoed, ik praat weer te veel =P not even sure if it's allowed to talk in another language on the forums! .. but since everyone was doing it, i figured why not ^^'' .. peace&love!
  12. I've been looking at a lot of things on the forums but sadly I don't understand most of it =( .. Lots of terms and names that I don't understand and I have a hard time finding them on google, like some kind of vegetables I look up on google but I have no idea what they are, then when I try latin names I get in a lot of vegetable-family-groups on wikipedia and it just gets so confusing =P .. Also, in dutch, the names are different, not all of them luckily! but a lot still are.. like.. flaxseed, I only just found out today what that is in dutch xD I have been experimenting with food tho, and I also have a blender now. Gonna make a bunch of nice things to drink, well i hope theyre nice! gonna blend veggies and fruit and such, maybe mix things with milk (not cowmilk obviously) make a nice veggie/fruit milkshake! I could throw in a lot of coconut to make it even tastier. oh thats another thing, im using more coconut too! still prolly not VERY much but like.. maybe 25% more then before? so yeah.. if someone could point out whats good or bad about my current diet, that would be great, I'm reading things every day but I'm very very slow with this, also because I don't spend hours reading of course, tho lately it's been really hot here so i don't do much, so reading works out then =P .. tho it hurts my eyes to read xD .. oh well! like I said, if someone could comment on my diet that would be great :3 I have been eating a bit more lately, mostly at dinner and sometimes I grab extra sandwiches and such lately too. if there is a dutch person around who could give me tips on food and such, that would be awesome, it's probably easier if I get some help from a dutch person because of all the names and such like I said ^_^ and again, im a person who really depends a lot on reasuring comments, i always feel the need for that for some reason ^^'' probably because I'm so insecure! PS: I QUIT SMOKING WOO! .. awesome right? :3 .. it's been around a week now ^^ feeling pretty good, though still often get the 'want to smoke!' feeling which isn't very nice of course :3
  13. I figured I could post a journal here, maybe someone will pop up and help me a bit.. Today is my 4th week of my new vegan lifestyle, and the 4th week of eating a lot more then I used to eat. Today I looked at my weight, finding out it's 2.1 kilograms more! 2.1 kilograms in 2 weeks.. O_O i was pretty amazed .. my boyfriend also checked his own weight to make sure the thing wasn't broken or something, but it was fine, his weight was still normal so it's no error. In total, it means I gained 2.5 kilograms in this first month / 4 weeks hope that's not unhealthy tho =/ I'm eating yoghurt right now, just soy yoghurt with banana, various nuts, some coconut-stuff, some raisins, well actually just finished it a minute ago, but in 30 minutes or such I'm going to lift some weights I think, just some regular bicep training I suppose? *clueless* .. I have no idea if I'm doing it right, even though I've (tried to) read so many things =P .. think I'm doing okay tho, saw a couple of videos once I think.. can't find them anymore.. anyhow here's my food schedule; viewtopic.php?f=6&t=28618 .. I'm still hoping someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong and right and what can be improved and .. everything really .. I'm a very nervous person and I'm always trying to find reassuring things or advice or tips etc etc .. my apologies if I'm extremely annoying with all of this .. just dunno what else to do honestly ^_^'' .. but.. 2.5 kilograms in 4 weeks is hopefully a good sign, Ï really hope it's not unhealthy, I'll just make sure to keep eating like this, I feel my appetite is growing too so sometimes i eat more then I usually do, and ill make sure to keep working out a bit every day and I'm slowly starting with lifting weights ever 2/3 days. What I do with lifting weights btw is.. I sit on my chair, my legs spread, I hold one hand on my knee, the other hand is holding the weight, it's just a bit above the ground and my elbow is kinda against my inner-knee or such, then I slowly lift the weight towards me, usually untill I can touch my chin, then slowly down again, I pay attention to my breathing when I do this too. it's hard to explain.. I'm sure this excersize has a name but I wouldn't know what it is.. wikipedia is also pretty confusing with these things, so I can't find anything there, and then there's a lot of bodybuilding things with all kinds of terms and words that I never heard before, plus the fact that I'm dutch I guess, it's all very confusing and overwhelming for me =P
  14. yep, thats what knäckebröd is :3 .. I'm guessing they don't have it much in the US or something so not everyone will know it =P didnt think of it before ^_^'' .. here in the netherlands it's quite common really :3 tho most people eat the unhealthier kind =/
  15. thanks for the warm welcome Dylan =D this forum seems awesome ^^ .. I just posted my food schedule here; viewtopic.php?f=6&t=28618 .. its kinda sloppy I think and yeah.. it's my first time doing all this so I have no idea if it's any good ^^''
  16. Hi guys! I'm new here and I've recently become a vegan after being a vegetarian for a while, though I've switched between being a vegetarian and a meat-eater quite some times in the past. Here's my introduction post: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28607 I would like to post my daily food schedule and would love to hear comments and/or advice because, to be very honest, I have no clue what I'm doing! Well, maybe it's not that bad, but I'm not exactly experienced with all of this. The timing of the meals can be a bit different in practice because I'm a very slow eater so if my schedule says I eat at 10:00 then I'm usually done eating around 10:30 and so if I had another meal planned at 11:00 it would jump to 11:30 and thus it's never really very accurate.. I try to avoid this by preparing my meals before the time I planned to eat them and start eating a little bit before the time as well, but I'm still getting used to all of it! I started around 2 or 3 weeks ago and my goal is to become bigger, simply bigger. I don't necessarily want to gain big muscles and all that, I'm happy with getting some fat too. Right now I'm 190 centimetres and I weight around 68.5 kilograms, I look way to skinny in my opinion and I'm very insecure about myself because of it. So I want to become bigger and I really don't mind having more fat then all of the dry bodybuilders =) .. I also focus mostly on the muscles in my arms for now. And so, here is my daily food schedule that I've been on for about 2 or 3 weeks, already gained half a kilogram in 2 weeks so at least it's working a little =D .. I hope to gradually eat more once I get used to it. Mind you that this new diet is already twice as much as what I ate before, I think, not sure at all really. Also me and my boyfriend have a vitamin B12 pill of 1000microgram every day, usually after dinner. Breakfast I usually stand up around 7:30 and have breakfast between 8:00 and 8:30, I always eat oatmeal with water and put all kinds of tasty goodie things in it! ^^ I also drink a glass of lemonade in the morning (one that is actually okay-ish, as in, it's not a huge load of sugar and sweeteners, just concentrated fruit extract (75% fruit, sugar and high fructose corn syrup (had to look it up!)). Oatmeal - 9 spoons Hazelnuts - 7 Almonds - 4 Cashew Nuts - 12 Raisins&Currants - 2 spoons Sesame Seeds - 1 spoon Sunflower Seeds - 1 spoon Pumpkin Seeds - 1 spoon Chia Seeds - 1 tea spoon Nutritional Yeast - 1 spoon After breakfast my boyfriend always repeats a certain Buddhist text (when he's here at least, when he's not around I just read it myself) and I listen to that while doing some stretching and light work-out (usually in the form of dancing or martial-arts style moves). Meal 2 At 10:00 I try to have my second meal, usually simply a bunch of sandwiches or knäckebröd 2 or 3 Whole Wheat Bread with peanut butter or nutpaste (mostly hazulnut and almonds) or cashewnutpaste. Sometimes knäckebröd with home-made bean-paste or hummus. Sometimes I skip meal 2 when not hungry or when I forget or simply loose track of time or such. Lunch For lunch, at 12:00 I simply eat 2 sandwiches with either peanut butter, nutpaste or cashewnutpaste. Or I eat knäckebröd with home-made bean-paste or hummus. When I forget meal 2, or when I wasn't hungry, I usually have yoghurt (meal 4) for lunch and then I often eat 4 sandwiches around 14:00 instead. Meal 4 Around 14:00 I usually have my 4th meal, most of the time it's yoghurt. This is the meal before my workout. Soy Yoghurt - 100-150 grams (unsure) Banana - 1 Coconut* - 2 tea spoons Hazelnuts - 6 Almonds - 3 Cashew Nuts - 12 Raisins&Currants - 1 spoon Sesame Seeds - 1 tea spoon Sunflower Seeds - 1 tea spoon Pumpkin Seeds - 1 tea spoon Chia Seeds - 1 tea spoon Goji berries - 1 tea spoon I use this coconut stuff, which is just plain crushed coconut.. not sure how else to describe it! My work out is around 15:30 because I don't want to work out right after my meal and I don't really eat that fast so I'm usually done around 14:30 with my 4th meal (the yoghurt). Work Out My work out is usually very simple, every day I do a bit of stretching and some cardio, I like to dance a little or do some martial-arts style moves and such. I don't go outside so I can't go running or go to a gym and such. I plan to have special days for strength training, on those days I will lift weights and do push-ups, still need to see how much of that I will do, but there will be 3 days between those days. A typical work out for me is stretching, doing some random exercises by dancing or trying out some martial-arts moves (punching, kicking, etc), a few push-ups (usually 10 or 20 in total) and I have these little weights that I often use -while- dancing, martial-art-stuff or just lifting them, they're really not heavy at all but then again, I'm not very strong yet! Meal 5 This is my meal after my work out, it's usually just 1 apple and maybe a sandwich if I'm hungry with peanutbutter, or a knäckebrod with bean-paste or hummus again. Dinner Dinner is between 17:00 and 17:30, depends on my parents, though me and my boyfriend have a complete meal of our own because my parents aren't anywhere near vegans, sadly =( Our typical dinner is brown rice, 300 grams stir fried veggies (usually carrot, paprika, tomato, leek, garlic and sometimes broccoli or collyflower). Often we use a peanutsauce simply made of peanutbutter with sambal, ketjap and garlic. We use mock-meat (tofu, tempeh, veggie burger, etc) in our dinner. We stir fry it in olive oil or corn oil*. We try to vary using pasta, potatoes and different kinds of vegetables and/or beans. Sometimes I toss in some seeds (sunflower and/or pumpkin seeds) and some olive oil (cold, extra-virgin). we use corn oil, but I'm not sure what kind of oil.. I read on wikipedia that its not even healthy O_o but the kind that we use is called 'mais kiem olie' in dutch, if I google it, I only find a lot of articles on how healthy it is.. can't find any articles on that it's unhealthy.. not so sure about all the omega fatty stuff either, don't know anything about that stuff yet.. though according to my boyfriend I don't have to worry to much, but maybe you guys could elaborate on that if possible =) Meal 7 My 7th meal is around 19:30 or 20:00, it's usually yoghurt, so it's the same as meal 4. Meal 8 Around 21:30 or 22:00 I often just have 2 sandwiches, but even more often we just eat some chips while we watch a movie ^_^'' .. the chips we eat, incidentally, are the same as my parents have always bought and they happen to be completely vegan! And they're very tasty too <3 And then around 23:00, 23:30 or 0:00 we usually go to bed and have sweet dreams and all that. I'm still getting used to my meals and the timing so it's always a bit annoying for me to really follow the schedule because I'm totally not used to paying attention to that =P .. but I try my best to at least have my meals around the same times so that there is some regulation in my diet, cus I read somewhere that is better for you or whatever, I honestly have no idea if it is, but I'm sure that once I get used to it that then it will be the easiest way to eat at particular times =) hope this all made sense and such! Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try and answer them as best as I can! I'm pretty sure this has been a big confusing post, it sure looks like that to me xD .. hope I didn't forget anything either .. bear with me cus it's my first time doing something like this ^_^
  17. Hai everyone! I'm Lani, it's not my real name but kinda like a second name to me ^^ .. I'm 23 years old, I'm a boy, have a great awesome boyfriend and live at my parents place at the moment. I've only been a vegan for about 3 weeks now, before that I was a vegetarian because I still ate cheese, before that I switched a lot between being a vegetarian and eating meat. Me and my boyfriend are both vegans, he has been a vegan longer then me, though I was a vegetarian before he was so that makes up for it a little right ^_^ .. We're both slightly buddhist, but not very traditional, we go our own way, but we strongly believe in love, care, compassion, kindness, etc.. We try our best to live peaceful and caring lives, for all living beings, big and small! I'm a big kid myself, sweet and sensitive, often playful and just plain goofy and silly, I like a lot of 'cute things'.. like my many plushies on my bed, or my fun posters and my colorful clothes! .. oh and puppies and kittens <3 .. and pretty much all animals that dont creep me out <3 And soon I hope to physically be 'big' for real! .. My goal is to gain weight, because I'm skinny. Right now I'm 190 centimetres tall and I weight around 68.5 kilograms. I'm pretty sure I'm on the edge of being underweight! I really don't feel comfortable with my body because of this and I hope to look and feel big and strong eventually! Most bodybuilders and people who fitness want to be dry with very pronounced muscles, but I really wouldn't mind gaining some fat too, I don't think I have a lot of 'bad fat' in my diet and I work out every day, even if it's sometimes just a little bit. I just really wanna become bigger and the sooner the better, as long as I don't gain weight in a unhealthy way. Personally I was thinking that if I gain 2 kilograms a month, then that would be a good thing. Not sure how much I can gain a month without it being unhealthy. So far, on my new vegan diet, I gained 0.5 kilograms in 2 weeks, so I was already happy with seeing that! But I would love if it got more, but since I only just started, I'm sure my body needs to get used to it before it can really gain some proper weight I would like to add that I'm a smoker, sadly =( .. I really hope to quit soon, but I have quite a stressfull life. I've been in a depression for a very long time, I'm quite convinced it goes all the way back into my childhood O_o .. But lately things have been going better for me, the vegan lifestyle helps and of course, my boyfriend really helps with this too. It also helps that I'm a very optimistic and bouncy joyjoy person ^_^ I'm keeping track of what I eat today, trying to be as exact as possible, and I will post my food schedule later today or tomorrow so that hopefully I can get some advice and/or some comments on how good or bad my diet is, if there are things that need to change, if I get enough of certain food or if I need to eat less of certain food, etc etc =) Let's see.. what else can I say about myself.. Well, I'm dutch, lived in Gelderland for a while, beautiful place, I lived in a city called Nijmegen, though not in the city itself but in a nice quiet neigborhood. I went to school there but had to quit because of my personal issues, along with depression I had a lot of other things going on sadly =/ And I love music <3 BAM! subject change ^_^ .. I really like viking/folk metal like Ensiferum, Turisas, Finntroll, Thyrfing, etc and some black metal, mostly Darkthrone and Immortal, I used to listen to a loooot of black metal but it's not really my thing anymore, to much dark stuff really =P .. I'm also a big fan of J-Pop/Rock and visual kei .. bands like SuG, the KIDDIE, LM.C, D, Hyde, etc etc ^_^ .. happy bouncy music <3 I also just like a lot of other music, if it feels right, I can easily listen to hiphop, dance, rock, everything really =) I also like to draw, usually manga/anime stuff, I'm not really good at it or anything but it's a fun little hobby to keep me busy ^_^ .. I also try to learn japanese, hiragana at the moment, still at the first basics! I also really like germanic/norse mythology and culture and such, I have a Mjölnir pendant that I wear almost all the time (hammer of thor), its a simple but very nice necklace. I also wear a tibetian endless knot pendant all the time, because it stands for eternal love and friendship, wisdom and compassion, harmony in the universe and a few other things, so it really suits me =) .. those two symbols together mean a lot for me, because I want to be big, strong, courageous and a protector, while also being compassionate, caring and loving and mindful of the / for the entire universe. Aaand.. I think that about does it ^_^ wouldn't know what else to tell! I feel like I wrote a book for you guys! but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! I'm a pretty open book, or try to be open anyway, and I try not to hide my true self from anyone =) Peace & Love, Lani!
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