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  1. Wow your progress and determination is great...love the outdoor gym
  2. Decbolton, I had a rotator cuff injury about year and half ago from a collision on snow...anyway it is now fully recovered and I have no problems at all with the heavy (for me ) weights... ..what's wrong with your shoulder I am progressing so slowly at the 30kg bench press, that I decided to start an extra few sets at heavier weight...this morning I managed 1 x3, 1 x2, 1x2 at 34kg (there's no way as I had hoped that I could have lifted 40kg)...I do find when I want to move up a weight that doing a few almost at 1RPM makes the lighter weight progress quicker...so I shall see how it goes...I am pleased with what I have achieved though Does anyone have a rule of thumb idea as to when I am likely to start looking bigger (when my arms are hanging down by my side) I am stronger but just no bigger and I still have same fat amount on my arms...For example would I need to be bench pressing 150% of my body weight to start looking bigger FYI I weigh about 50kg and 5ft 9"
  3. That's interesting, I didn't know about decline bar...hmmm..thanks So is it bench pressing but I'm tipped upside down a bit...I'll have a search and find out... I have no excuse but at present I am having to trick myself into weight training...so I'm sticking with exercises I like, such as bench pressing. I'm trying to make it work for the pecs...when I tried dumb bell flys, I didn't like doing them.. I do the same for legs...I love deadlifts but hate squats...so I do deadlifts where I'm bending at the knees and getting as low as possible with the bar as it includes the quads...then I do the stiff legged DL to concentrate on hams/glutes followed by seated leg extension just for quads.. ...it's a game with myself really ..I visit the site to get some inspiration As for my bench pressing, I have been struggling with same weight for weeks, gradually getting in another rep and another etc..I think in about 4 weeks times I will be able to add another 10kg which I really am excited about (especially as I remember the first time I lifted current weight 30kg I could only do 1 rep... now I can do 1 x10, 1 x 8, 1x 6 but it's not an easy weight for me). Soon to be at 40kg I may start to see real results...which should inspire me more...
  4. Hi Dylan Up until yesterday I was doing flat bench press. However, I began testing yesterday incline bench press with bar to see which areas it was affecting...so this is the way to go then for pecs...thanks for tip...
  5. Oh my goodness That last pic just says it all - Wow and well done.. plus you spread the positive vibes of Veganism
  6. Well, I'm not as dedicated as I should be... bit lazy at times ...so here's a first pic.... ....thing is when my arms are by my side they look like pieces of string ...The laziness is that I haven't started to concentrate on pecs or shoulders (bones stick out on top of shoulders)...However, as I have seen some progress in my benching and bi/tri ceps...I think I have convinced myself to add shoulder presses, this week ...Do incline bench presses concentrate on pecs (cause I really don't like doing dumbell flys, so I'm tring to use something that I like doing already?? )
  7. Hi Jungleinthefrunk, Sar how near are you two now to doing chin-ups Jungleinthefrunk, if the avatar is your good self then I can tell you that you are much stronger than I am, perhaps it's just a technique thing
  8. Hi Dylan Interesting times, especially as (most of us have heard) the Mayan Calendar coming to the end of a 2,600 (or there about) year cycle, which is supposed to end around 21 December 2012. Apparently, the earth aligns up in the galaxy in an unusual fashion where the earth comes very close to a black hole. Well I'm no astro physicist but things I read I try and look out for..so I'm watching
  9. Hi and welcome WaQas Where are you in Pakistan? Have you been Vegan long? How long have you been body building?
  10. Hello Sonja Yes welcome...Interesting what you say about RV...I have read a lot about it...however it's not for me...but from some of the things I learned, I certainly do eat a lot more raw veg.. I use some raw veg as a type of crouton for a lovely cooked bowl of soup....at other times the soup is raw... it's more about what I fancy at the time...today for lunch I had slightly cooked porridge and total raw vegetable green leafy wraps It would be interesting to hear more about what you eat, if you use a dehydrater etc, Maybe you have some tasty raw chocolate bar recipes
  11. Hi MarkAnthony Welcome...when you say your hip blew out..was it that incident that made you go Vegan??? Did you find out something about the way meat metabolizes and draws minerals out of the bones perhaps??? Just curious..
  12. hi kingbhikku I think you have done amazingly well, to have known about Veganism so early in life against a family background that was the opposite...regardless of any set backs.. you seem to dust yourself down and go forth again...welcome
  13. Hi Matt you sound really enthusiastic, like you've got it sorted for good this time...well done and welcome... there seems to be a never ending stream of newbies here incl myself...good to know Veganism is so popular
  14. aaaaww...thanks for being so positive...much appreciated No pre assisted training at all..I have been weight -training about 6 weeks now...my upper body work has been bench presses, tricep dips using body weight, bi cep curls...lower body has been deadlifts and leg extensions...I noticed with the deadlift that it pulls hugely on lower to mid back and depending on which bit of the deadlift I am in, it then pulls on my upper back shoulder blade to top of shoulder area. I also do a shoulder shrug at the top of the lift... The deadlift also pulls hugely onto my forearms...the deadlift and bench press are the two that I really push hard with (for me it is pushing hard but I know this would be easy to many of you) (Obiously I'm not mentioning much re deadlift effects on legs as not needed really for talking about chin-ups ) I grip the chin-up bar with both hands facing me. I cannot do it with palms facing away. All I can say is the forearms felt the most strain, then biceps, then stomach muscles. I tested having the bar at different heights...I can do chin-ups from an almost hanging position (arms just off of being fully locked straight)but it's easier to lower arms to an obtuse angle just past 90 degrees and then chin-up from there... ....I asked guys at work what was correct and they said both but most people don't go all the way back down to almost hanging... I expect there are some experts on here that could explain the differences One thing I could suggest is start with the bar a couple of inches above your head and pull up from there, then as you get used to it put the bar higher up, and also just do them in reverse (this is what I am practising to be able to do more from the hanging position)...Hey you'll know all this anyway as you ladies do look/sound superfit whereas I don't...but I'm trying Hope that helps, what have you tried yourselves, why do you think it's not working for you As an aside, I know I don't have a proper w/out routine yet but I'm gradually introducing more/different exercises to my weekly w/o's. I am happy just now to plateau (or slower progress) on existing exercises whilst new ones are added in. Because I am lazy in terms of introducing abs exercises I'm glad the chin-ups seem to work the abs as a by product
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