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  1. Hi Virginia Welcome, I'm new too, and as you quite impressed by members' postings...
  2. Hi comingtocyberspace As per my slight digression on the other thread .... and to answer a bit more to your query...I am now aged 50 and been Vegan around 18 years... I used to do Triathlons training twice a day for 6 days a week and once a day on my rest day...this regime included a 22-32 mile run every Monday..I add this last piece of information especially as its a 'fat burner type run' and I used to wear a hear-rate monitor to keep my hear beats per min under 120... ...I did not look like I was a Vegan I had another 2 stone of weight on me and it was mostly muscle and a bit more fat (but healthy looking fat)...I still had periods as regular a clock work..so I couldn't say being a Vegan affected me adversely... ...but the intake of soya may have been the beginning of a slow deterioration re the Thyroid, although it has taken around 20 years for this to possible affect me??? What I haven't mentioned is that I was born with a genetic condition that affects my breathing...this is why I no longer do triathlons...I cannot maintain aerobic activity for long (unless it's walking) I can't even jog let alone run anymore...but I can sprint (as it's anaerobic)...not doing such an intense training regime any longer is why I have lost so much muscle and IMO didn't appear to have anything do with being Vegan... However, what I should also say is my weight stayed up (perhaps lost 7-10lbs) for many years after giving up such an intense training regime, as I hill walked and cycled a lot...It is only the past 5 years or so that I noticed that I am getting thinner and thinner. I put this mostly down to doing much less exercise... ...if you don't use it...you lose it... I also have to consider hormonal changes at my age...plus aging...it is known that as people get older they start to lose muscle... ....I can't stand getting thinner anymore ...so I thought bodybuilding is ideal in several ways: -I've always loved the look of body builders - motivation for me -It can be very anaerobic (so suits the way my breathing condition has deteriorated) -I have found a new sport to get into -If you're a person who listens to their intuition. ..well mine has been crying out at me for several years to take this up, saying it's what my body needs...and I have a sneaky feeling it's going to help improve my breathing and therefore my aerobic capacity (I can improve it somewhat but it's like always being at altitude but never adjusting properly ) In terms of what you were saying re your TSH levels are high (same as me but I'm borderline high) did you get your T3 and T4 levels tested too? Your diet seems pretty healthy (not that I'm an exper ) do you eat much in the way of veg? especially the dark green leafy variety? Do you get good amount of vit B12, B6 and iron. Do you eat your protein foods in a 'amino acid complementary' way?(although some people say you don't need to but I prefer to get my amino acids together...Do you think you might be gluten intolerant ie affecting nutrient intake in the stomach?....Is your TSH reading way over the upper threshold of acceptable? ....also you mention your weight and height...I have heard that b/b women with low b/fat % can stop having periods...I have also read that the more fat you have on you the more estrogen the body produces, this as you know is tied to periods...I don't know what you body fat levels are? Would it bother you to put on some fat to see if your periods return (doesn't mean you have to be unfit)...but your period problem could be iron deficiency... all sorts of things... so the better and more balanced your diet the better...sorry to state the obvious BTW I used to carry more fat, as mentioned above, whilst being a Vegan. I hope my personal experience helps to alleviate some fears? Also to alleviate any more concerns of being a Vegan and getting thinner or not getting bigger, whilst I have only been weight training for 4 weeks now (only 3/4 times a week) my biceps and triceps have noticeably grown, my upper thighs are developing new muscles (not the quads but smaller ones up near the flexing part of the leg), my dead-lift (my favourite leg exercise ) weight started at 20kg (incl bar) I have recently this week reached my first set of 6 at 50kg (although I still need my back to adjust to this weight to get proper form, at one point I couldn't lift the bar much more than an inch or two off the floor)..so happy days... If I can sort the thyroid perhaps I can make much more in the way of gains..hope you do too
  3. Hey...I didn't know these machines were referred to as 'sleds' ...hahha love it... ...is that an American term...I've never heard it over here in UK ...I'll have to start using it now...
  4. Hi coimingtocyberspace Sorry if I appear to nit-pick, do you mean edamame (edamame bean is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod...quoted from Wiki) or is 'edamande' another form? ...All I can say is any form of soya is being cut out of my diet...it's one of those try it and see situations... dietary changes are the easiest things I can do at the moment......I have added: iodine and L-Tyrosine(tablet form) to my diet and also eating extra pumpkin seeds (zinc) and brazil nuts (selenium)...Tyrosine not listed as essential amino acid - it is to me at the moment ...If my thyroid sorts itself out and I find I miss soya I can always add it back in and get tested again after a while to see what the thyroid is doing but I would only add back in one thing at a time...However, I do find what Dr Mercola says about soya interesting...enough to put me off eating it ...hmmm...quite possibly.... The following website has some interesting stuff on Thyroid: http://www.naturalthyroidchoices.com/ThyroidNutrients.html "Iodine- Critical building block. Iodine is organified to thyroglobulin to create thyroid hormones (T4 - 4 iodine molecules & T3 - 3 Iodine molecules). Recommended amount: 6 - 50 mgs L-Tyrosine - This is an amino acid that is used by the thyroid gland. It works with iodine to activate T3 and T4. L-tyrosine attaches itself to iodine atoms to form the active thyroid hormone. Supplementation with L-tyrosine can assist in better sleep and lowered stress. It also aids in the function of the adrenal and pituitary glands. Recommended amount: 500 mgs " ...My next dietary move would be to cut out gluten, if what I am doing now does not work...because it could still be dietary based but maybe my body is just not absorbing nutrients properly...due to the lining of the stomach being 'flattened' and therefore not able to capture the nutrients floating about... Sorry I've gone a BIT overkill on your question but I do find this all quite fascinating....and learning new things about nutrition is always fun...what better place in terms of sports but to find this out on a b/b forum ...One more thing on the thyroid, due to it being linked with other parts of an overall body functioning system I would also start to look at these areas too, with a more isolated approach to each area whereas at the moment I'm really trying hard to improve overall nutrient intake hoping it will sort the Thyroid out... ... if things don't improve then I would look at...e.g. pituitary gland...or the body's ability to convert T4 (Thyroxin, this is what my doctor offered me as in a drug form that I declined esp. as I am borderline low) to T3...hopefully my extra L-Tyrosine and Iodine will help with this just now... ...all of this does get quite involved but hey I prefer this route...as I'm a cynic about certain 'powers that be' .. I see them as out to make money outta' me by treating the sympton... as opposed to helping me find the cause... Do you have something going on with your thyroid too?
  5. Hi mythil That's a real shame how - as Baby Herc said - the "bread and butter" customers are neglected. ..It's interesting to hear about the pink weights appearing...many years ago (when I occasionally tried to take up weight-training) in a couple of gyms, there were separate sections for women and men. So off I would go to the women's section, and work my ass off..dripping sweat..straining my neck muscles to get the last rep in etc...whereas not one other female in the gym broke into a puff let alone a sweat... ...after a couple of weeks the female (trainer/ex-body builder) came up to me and said I think you should go into the mens' section to train in the future, as it's not very motivating for you being amongst these women so I did, and she was right, the guys were all so into their training and the music was better too ...This advice was given to me in more than one gym over the years.. Things are a lot more different today:mixed areas; many women that actually train hard etc. but I still notice how many women just don't break a puff or sweat and you guys are getting squashed into a corner I don't envy you either, and I am lucky too to have a spare room that is now a gym.. ...There's one piece of equipment that I would love to have and that is a leg press...the thought of joining a gym for that one piece of equipment makes my heart sink however, I have seen them on the internet for sale at reasonable prices, that would easily fit into my room... so happy days.. and I'll need to start saving...
  6. Hi bill 1987 I am not a qualified therapist in anyway but I have been doing sport all my life and have learned how to read my body's aches and pains... I hope the following helps: -there are some injuries that are so painful afterwards that you just have to rest them..the pain that you feel tells you to back off -there are other injuries that are a bit painful where you can exercise/stretch it a little and then back off and let it rest further -maybe after a few days rest you could try mimicking the exercise movement with no weight and see how painful it is...if you can't mimick the movement because it's too painful then certainly don't add weight and rest the arm more...keep trying this until no pain is felt then add a very light weight...it's like a try-it-and-see situation I have only ever incurred one real injury in over 30 years all the rest were twinges where I would back off my training until the body adjusted. I took up snowboarding 3 seasons ago and was getting some good speed down the slopes but unfortunately I collided with a skier who was built like a tank compared to me...needless to say I went flying through the air...I landed on my shoulder and damaged my rotator cuff... I could not move my arm and I could not move to the side of the slope for feeling winded and sick... ...Anyway, this shoulder took a year to heal...I done absolutely no exercise on it for 3 months because everytime I tried to move it in a certain position or put pressure on it.. the pain told me to back off...eventually I could move the arm with little bits of pain and over the weeks I could move it further still with manageable pain but never straining the arm....now I have full mobility and it is more flexible than the non injured shoulder/arm Just thought I would share these suggestions with an example If in doubt maybe see a doctor
  7. Hi Presko I am sure some of you here would have heard of Dr Esselstyn and the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease...Bill Clinton is now a Vegan having taken Dr Esslestyn and Dr Ornish's advice on diet... ...Anyway in summary, there is a natural way to increase the Nitric Oxide in the body and it is based on 'no added oil' in your diet which in turn lets the 'endothelium' lining of your arterties work better and produce nitric oxide that aids artery dilation... Well, you can do a search on You Tube on Dr Esselstyn see what you think... I pretty much follow this diet...as it has other benefits too...
  8. Hi Jcatom Please don't quit... in 4 weeks (i'm 51 yo female) I've been going from strength to strength... I've been Vegan about 18 years, I spent years doing aerobic stuff but past couple years I've been losing muscle mass quite dramatically...it's probably my age/hormonal stuff that women get..hahaha...The reason I mention this is you are male and a lot younger than me, so you have every reason to be able to build muscle... ...Anyway...I decided...the aerobic stuff ain't working, so I need a sport to build muscle..this b/b is all very new to me and hard to motivate myself to keep going BUT RESULTS are already showing...see TRAINING below if you're interested in a little detail Because of these results I am beginning to get a bit more motivated... and I'm not really doing a proper all over work out yet... TRAINING (part of) ...my deadlift in 4 weeks has gone from 44lbs(20kg incl bar) to 110lbs (I've yet to work the reps up on the 110lbs/50kg with good form but hey it's on the up and I only weigh 110lbs/50kg)..I've got muscles on the upper part of my thighs appearing that I never knew were there... ...my forearms have grown slightly and my tri-ceps are beginning to develop in shape...my biceps and shoulders have always had good definition and shape but even they are noticeably bigger...bench pressing from 44lbs/20kg (incl bar) to 66lbs/30kg..this is slower progress than legs but hey it's on the up... I just took that attitude...'if I keep doing what I was doing, nothing will change'...so I stopped doing what I was doing and now things are changing... ...I've just about kept motivated because of joining b/b websites...I feel determined that it is not only meat eaters that can build muscle but Vegans too... ...FYI I have NOT EATEN SOYA for over 2 months and I'm gaining muscle...(cut the soya out due to being diagnosed with borderline low Hypothyrodism, as it is know to interfere with thyroid function). Basically I've had to make other dietary adjustments too because of thyroid possibly worsening...it makes my brain go dizzy at times while I am trying to change my diet to build muscle too ...Hey if an 'old bird' can build muscles in 4 weeks.. so can you hahaha
  9. Hi Ms V V I used to do triathlons 15 + years ago Anyway, if I may give you some tips on the swimming: concentrate on getting the technique correct, right from the beginning, even if it means going to the library and getting some swimming books, video olympic swimmers ecpecilly underwater shots; when doing weight training make sure you train the muscles used for front crawl (the width of your press-ups, bench press, upper back muscles etc)... Apologies if I sound like a know it all...i'm really not that way inclined...I just wish you the best in your training... A story from my past triathlon days....when I turned up at the tri swim club (in London) my front crawl was DOGGY PADDLE style ...there was this guy in the club that just hated the look of me...he would swim over me in the pool and kick me on purpose...he never spoke to me...anyway I wasn't too happy with the coaching from two ex- European swimmers...there was no feed back on technique etc..so off I went to the library..off I went in search of another club and found a back-street club with a coach who could not swim well at all but BOY COULD HE TEACH TECHNIQUE ..wooo hoooo...within 6 months my bi-lateral breathing front-crawl changed dramatically and my first 400m pool swim was 6:07 minutes...SWEET JUSTICE...I was now faster than the guy in the tri club who used to kick and swim over me...he was shocked at my transformation and came up and spoke to me for the first time...needless to say I was very dismissive of him... I didn't need his approval to know that I was okay...I simply ignored him after that...hahaha... Don't give up girl and live your dream...
  10. Hi there again Ms VV I see you are in Leceister, I'm in Scotland (as per your post to my introduction). It's good to know there are Vegans (and ones that want to be healthy!) in the UK but as has been posted elsewhere on this site, Veganism has been increasing exponentially over past few years...happy days...welcome to you too
  11. Hi welcome, I've only just joined myself I'm in the UK. Love the tatoos. I'm not dissimilar in weight to you and 5ft 9", so I need some muscles too What does it mean to live in a row of repossessed houses? Do you pay rent, squat? Is the road empty of people? Are most of the people in Philly in shelters? Sorry if question seems daft but things can be so different across the water and of course much of the mass media does not really report the truth of what is going on. BTW you sound really lively and motivated, keep it up
  12. Hi Guys Thanks for saying hello I live in Perthshire about an hour from Edinburgh. Yeh I've been in the underground tour as well...the leader of the tour was dressed as a witch and quite dramatic which made it fun I shall now look into the Sunwarrior protein powder. Mis vv where are you in the UK? TBH I'm not as motivated as I should be However, the weights in some areas are increasing every 2 weeks at the moment, though not always by a huge amount but I can't complain as I feel I am still a bit lazy. When I used to do aerobic exercise I would always come back exhausted but because I am trying to do a new sport (b/b) I am trying to be more sensible and not over do things especially as my body is not used to tough weights I am allowing myself 3 months to gradually introduce another exercise or another set of something until I have an all-over-body work out. I hope by then I will be addicted like I was with the aerobic stuff. My aim is to build muscle as I am too light for my height. Cheers
  13. Hi everyone Great to be able to join a Vegan bodybuilding forum, I've looked at some other non vegan sites but IMO there seems to be something a bit lacking. This site seems much more friendly and down to earth:) I've been Vegan about 20 years, female and 49 yo My sports have always been aerobic activities: hill walking, running, cycling etc but now these sports are not doing me any favours. I'm getting thinner and thinner.., I can see I am losing my muscles ... ...So now my main sport is bodybuilding...my spare room has been turned into a gym with a bench and free weights. I started a regime 4 weeks ago...I want to build muscle bulk...I've been doing various exercises where the weight limits my reps to 6-8 in a set... ...but the most confusing part is the food ...I want to make sure I get the right nutrition at the right time Anyway, it's great to come across this site
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