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  1. Hey y'all- I just started a vegan fitness/eating out in Philly blog with interviews, tips, and reviews. If you have a minute, check it out! Just posted an interview with a vegan CrossFitter named Will Joyce. Lots more coming soon! YOVEGAN.BLOGSPOT.COM
  2. There are loads! They have some a target, however I recently picked up some Nike lifting gloves from Modell's (here in Philly- not sure if they have those where you are.) I wear xsmall women's, but they had up to large man sizes.
  3. Matt! Hahah whattup dude? Dylan- WOAH I've never heard of that mini golf place! Sounds pretty awesome. xveganx- Getting decrepit?! Hahah yo maybe you need to uh, work out or something. Haha. Sorry I missed this- I was actually off work so I could go to TIH... were you there? I seriously never want to eat blackbird pizza again. 4 day pizza diet killllllllled me. HEY EVERYONE- So this past weekend I was a music festival here in Philly, and there were people from just about every inch of the globe there. I saw a guy wearing a Vegan Body Building shirt, and being a fairly excitable and friendly person, I walked up to him, complimented his shirt, and asked if he wanted to talk about protein and weight lifting.... and he did! I ended up meeting like 3 or 4 vegan fitness folks from Toronto and we stood around talking shop and trading tips, it was so so sweet! I realized I really need more vegan merch so that like mindeds will come talk to me!
  4. Hi! And yeah girl, pack 'em on! Hahaha this actually made me LOL. "Row home" is a type of home- it's like any city home- attached to the next, which is attached to the next, all in one big row. Basically just a house in the city. Repossessed means the bank took my house from my landlord from lack of payment, then basically I was squatting in my home for months (since my landlord no longer owned the house, I had no one to pay rent to.) Last month someone bought my home (which I've rented for years until suddenly I got to stop paying rent) and I signed a new lease and now I rent from my shiny new landlord. No, that majority of people of Philly are not in shelters haha. We (like most big cities) have a large homeless population and not enough shelters to house them all, so there are a noticable amount in the streets.
  5. Hey Dylan! Yeah dude, we really do have a homeless problem. There just isn't enough funding here to keep people in shelters (plus shelters can be really dangerous so some people like to avoid them.) Where abouts were you? Convention center? Let me know next time you're in town- same offer back at you! xveganx- Aw thanks! Any feelings on turning 30? It didn't really bother me at all- though I freaked out at 28 for some reason. Haha not 'round here- everything's locked up. More like use-the-international-vegan-straight-edge-connection to go everywhere for almost nothing. And touring... haha
  6. Hi everyone! I've been meaning to check out/get involved in this site for a long time. My name is Davin, I'm turning 30 next week (yay!), and I live in Philly. I've been vegan for 14 years and live a pretty active lifestyle (walking/biking in the city- it's a must) and go on and off with weight training. Last year I got back into fitness hard, going from a size 5 to a size 1 without losing any weight which was pretty rad (I'm female btw- hence the sizes) which I wrote (and posted photos of) here: http://elladelphia.blogspot.com/2012/02/pre-tour-fitness-challenge.html And now maybe you can see in those photos, but parts of my body (um... my butt) just totally deflated with the loss of fat. (Note in the AFTER side view there's barely any way to distinguish my ass from my upper thigh.) I was slender and fit, but not really firm. This bummed me out from a body sculpting/fitness standpoint, but also because losing one's bum is uh, a bummer. (Har har.) So I've been following a body building routine on my lower half for the last few months and started packing on the muscle. I've now gone up a panty size without expanding my waist at all! Not to mention of course that I feel great (this goes without saying, right?) I've lost a couple pounds (I'm a size 0 now and like 111lbs) and now I'm trying to add some bulk all around, then shred some fat and get cut. I weight train, do (and adore) pilates, and do high-impact cardio interval training type stuff. I also just started working at a gym- my gym- TODAY! It's so awesome! My manager said I could sneak in lifting during slow times. Anyway, I'll be able to post on here more from there. And I reckon I ought to take a progress picture of my lower half- the gains have been sweet! My arms are little useless noodles, but I dream of- and work toward- turning them into bonafide peanuts (think about it... peanut arms. Lump- shoulder, dip, lump- bicep. I talk quite a bit about my desire for peanut arms, and when my bf wants to make me blush, he tells me that I have little peanuts, and squeezes them. "You're looking real swoll today" has a similar effect.) Um other interests are hardcore, historical non-fiction, and budget traveling. I'm really excited to chat with and learn from you all! ps- This is my fitness goal. She's so shredded! http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrzq3bY1ip1r0l9tko1_500.jpg
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