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  1. One of my friends is deployed in Kuwait but PMed me on FB tonight asking how to eat a healthy plant based diet and be a bodybuilder. He is very focused on fitness and quite cut and built. He is also interested in learning more about veganism. I sent him a link to this website and hope he joins the forum. I sent him info on veganism. I probably overloaded him with information frankly. LOL But I wanted to know if there is a good place to start for those already into fitness to teach them what to eat. He tried before but ended up starving himself eating just salad. I said kale, seeds, nuts, edamame, sweet potato, quinoa, smoothies with fruit, greens and Vega as a few things. Also, datorade. I also suggested he read the interviews with vegan athletes b/c usually they give a sample of their typical diet. We really have so many options really but I don't want to overwhelm. Is there a great first book you recommend? Any magazine subscriptions? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I posted the quote and then the full lyrics of the song as my status update. Now I am saving it all to my Notes section. I love the lyrics. I am heading to Jinx in DC to get a tattoo but figured might as well make a day of it and get some good vegan eats. And they say we're deprived. Ha!
  3. I would also like to add that Thumper filled out even more since switching to a vegan diet. I thought he looked good before but he is even better now.
  4. Maybe this is not true for others but it was certainly true for me. The ONLY obstacle my dogs had in becoming vegan was me. I had to completely rethink how I thought about what dogs need and relearn what I had learned about nutrition. I have been involved in German Shepherd rescue for nearly 10 years and many people I know through that feed raw, they are quite obsessed with what they feed, believe German Shepherds need meat, etc... But the longer I have been vegan the more I evolve as a vegan and continue to evolve. Initially, I honestly thought nothing about what I was feeding as far contributing to animal suffering. Then when I had to cook chicken or feed canned tripe or whatever I would gag and be grossed out. Through that I was like wait. Umm, wtf am I doing? This is NOT vegan if I am feeding the dogs other animals. I would still have blood on my hands. So then I got serious about them becoming vegan. Got recommendations from others. I already trusted Natural Balance and Evangers so I just switched them. I already am the kind of person who touches my dogs all over, checks their paws, teeth, looks at their poop, eyes, their cute butts, etc... to make sure everything looks good so I just continued as usual to see if anything went wrong. Nothing happened. In fact, I think they look better, which I thought would be impossible b/c they already looked great. They eat their food slower and lick their bowls clean. Their teeth look good. Their poop looks good. All around I would say an improvement. I am very happy. If you knew me personally, you'd know what a freak I am about the dogs care so my words here might carry more weight but honestly my ONLY regret is not doing this years ago. I have since switched to V-dog because it is a quality food and I want to support a vegan (i.e. ethical) company. There is Princess, an 11 year old White German Shepherd. And Thumper, a 4 yr old Black Pit mix. Their birthdays are actually coming up over the next 2 weeks. They had their annuals and blood work done in April and are literally in perfect health. Thumper had some dry skin but coconut oil added to his diet fixed that right up. My 11 yr old has the teeth and agility of a 4 year old. She goes back for her bi-annual exam on August 29th and I would bet money everything comes back great again. Look at my dogs and tell me they don't look happy, healthy and exceptionally cute.
  5. I am actually looking for a raw vegan spot in DC b/c I plan to take the day off and head to DC for the day tomorrow. I will check vegdc.com. Thanks. I am actually from here. I guess Reston technically. Live in Herndon and work in Arlington. I am not a raw vegan but I am trying to get my eating out somewhat healthy tomorrow. No Sticky Fingers. I think I am going to have to steal your quote too. I love it.
  6. Hey, I am "Alex"andra. Vegan for nearly 6 years and vegetarian before that for like 5 years. I was hoping to find a vegan trainer in Northern VA, which is why I joined. Can anyone help me out there? Thank you.
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