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  1. You're looking huge dude! Monstrous! Great work. Keep at it!! \m/
  2. Hellllo? Am I alone in here? hahahaha


    Welcome to the forum! A fellow Mainer!! Not many of us! I was raw-vegan for 2 or 3 years...It's hard in Maine with all the unripe and unquality fruit.
  4. Looks like you're on or have been on some AAS!! jeez...are you seriously vegan AND natural? ...Regardless, you're huge dude. Great proportions too.
  5. Millet toast topped with Hummus, Nutritional Yeast and sliced Cucumbers!
  6. Would love to meet you guys
  7. Thanks Robert! I've managed to gain 35lbs of lean mass from home so far Where are all of you Mainiacs??
  8. Consider looking into taking Astaxanthin for your RA and Immune System. It's an amazing Anti-Oxidant (if not the best). I use the BioAstin brand.
  9. Make a Sticky-Salad. I like to make these to have around for 1-3 days. 2.5c Cooked Quinoa (or millet?) 2c Cooked Lentils (boil) (80g+ protein) 1.5c Cooked Chickpeas (steam or boil) 1c Pistachios (or nut of choice) 2-3 Shredded Carrots Depending on what type of mood you're in, you can flavor it with things like Braggs liquid amino vegan vegetable broth Himalayan sea salt dried cranberries (fruit of choice) vinegar olive oil (or oil of choice) various herbs & spices various salad dressings Could also add tempeh or tofu, seitan...whatever you like. bell peppers tomatoes onions cucumbers.... it all goes well. Get creative. I put them in a big dish with a cover for the frige...taste good cold.
  10. I'm originally from Mass. Yeah, Portland is a pretty cool place. There are no good gyms around here. (hour north of portland) I've had to make all my gains at home. Thanks
  11. I Log my workouts so should I add all my pushups for this year or should I just start today? Regardless, 200 for today 74,154
  12. Try working the negative to add reps and gain strength faster.
  13. Who is eating, training and sleeping in the state of Maine? It's been difficult finding like-minded people around here, never-mind training partners! So are there any people in Maine looking to network & train? Anyone?
  14. might want to try some turmeric and other herbs to help alleviate some of that inflammation.
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