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  1. Another day lacking greens! Oh if only I could be as enthusiastic about greens and salads as I am about (sugar free) chocolate and sweet things! Training Swimming – 14 laps, a mix of front crawl and breast stroke but included 2 lengths of back stroke. 1 kettle bell workout with 7.5kg/16.5lb kettlebell 10 two handed swings 10 one arm swings each arm 10 alternating 1 arm swings 10 two handed high pull 10 arm high pull each arm 10- alternating high pulls 10 clean 5 clean, squat, 5 clean, squat, push press Repeated on other arm 5 forward, back and curtsy lunges Repeated on other side 40 twist crunches holding kettle bell 15 one chest press on both sides 15 overhead tricep extension (skull crushers) 15 close grip tricep press 15 pull overs Repeated this sequence. 60 crunches holding kettle bell Diet 3 shredded wheat cereal with soya milk 1 banana 1 carob and orange, sugar free bar 1 punnet of blueberries 2 redwoods sausages Milkshake – 1 banana, 1 glass of soya milk, 1 scoop of sunwarrier protien, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. 2 redwoods sausages 1 banana 1 baked sweet potato
  2. Hello Mike and welcome, I love your forum name! It's just spending a bit of time researching and relearning which may seem a chore at first but I can assure you once that process is out the way you won't even have to think about it anymore, you'll just shop and eat vegan on autopilot like the rest of us do. As I am sure you will have seen there are enough vegan professional athletes and extreme workout addicts to prove it will give you everthing you need. Your balance will vary according to your goals, Robert Cheeke, Brendon Blaizer and Scott Jurek all do differnt fittness discaplines so their percentages with vary but they are all vegan fuelled. Enjoy this journey, and keep us updated, think about started and log in the journal section. All the best
  3. Hey Greenprotien I'm based in the Midlands, Leicester to be exact, I love Leicester - it's a great City. Sounds like you are doing great with your training - have you started a journal on the forum yet? You also you might find that you just love a certain lift and get a thirst for challanging yourself on it. This is really easy with powerlifts, I became a very enthusiastic deadlifter at one point, I totally had the buzz for it getting my lift to the top end of the "intermediate" catorgory for my sex and weight and therfore bordering on an "advanced" lift. The deadlift is a great lift that works a lot of muscles IF it's done correctly. It's best to invest in a bit of 1-to-1 coaching beforehand on correct form otherwise you could end up doing what I had to do, drop my weights back and spend time correcting bad form which was a bit frustraiting and could have been avoided. I'm getting an itch to learn a clean and curl so am going to get a 1-to-1 session this month on it. Let me know if you have a journal! All the best Verity
  4. It’s been one of those days! I’ve not trained which means I have a session to make up later in the week, doable just not ideal (or very disciplined!) Another fruit heavy food diary that shows large gaps for improvement! Milkshake – 1 banana, 1 glass of soya milk, 1 scoop of raw cacao 1 banana Cup of sprouted sunflower seeds 3 wholemeal bread rolls with vegan pesto 1 banana 1 bar of raw chocolate 4 apples
  5. OMG - could I be fit enough for 2015 - and would you like a singing Brit on the team!?
  6. Sunday’s tend to be my “eat whatever I like” day although I want to phase this our really and be healthy all the time. I’m hoping by the end of Aug I will have ditched the Sunday fry up! Considering all my days were junk day before this week I've not done too bad! 1 banana 4 majool dates 2 slices of fried bread, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, boiled mushrooms, 1 hash brown, brown sauce, salt 1 large carton of vegan icecream 2 punnets of bluberries 8 marmite ricecakes No training today, looking forward to some swim training tomorrow
  7. No training today Total walking today probably totalled 5-6 miles Sticking to a healthy diet felt a bit of a struggle but managed a reasonable one. I’ll be glad when my busy weekend is out they way and looking forward to including a healthy salad and veg dish and snacks so my diet is not so fruit heavy, much as I love it!!! . Banana and 2 majool dates 120g of fresh coconut flesh Fresh soup with handful of chopped spinach and 3 slices of wholemeal bread 1 majool date I banana 2 bags of soya crispies (they are like flavoured rice cakes but high in protein) 1 trek bar 1 banana
  8. Thank you PhytoAthlete I think it's my sweet tooth that loves the fruit so much, some weeks I think I could be a frutarian lol - certainly on taste alone! I'll get planning some nice vegetable based dishes and salad including some cruciferious vegetables. Thanks for the input. Today has been a testing day to say the list, lots of things have gone wrong and I've felt totally fed up - and when I feel like that I tend to reach for junk food. Luckily I maintianed a clean diet even it it was still a fruit heavy one! Training Total of 14 lengths (350m) swimming. Mix of front crawl and breast stroke, rested a little after most laps as my swimming needs a lot of work! General walking 4-5miles Food diary Milkshake made of 2 small bananas, soya milk and raw cacoa powder Bar of raw chocolate Prepacked wholefoods salad 500ml of unpasteurised orange juice Prepaked wholefoods salad 2 large bananas 4 majool dated
  9. Training 16km/10mile bike training in the gym 60 crunches with 5kg medicine balls 1 hour group swim session with Leicester Triathlon Club Overall walking probably about 4 miles Food diary 2 bananas 1 courgette (spiralized),1 handful of spinach leaves, 1 handful of salad leaves + 1 dessert spoon of cider vinegar + 1 table spoon of vegan pesto 1 bar of raw chocolate 1 Banana 3 trek bars
  10. Hello Yeti, I love your positive attitude. I agree in that we can be many things all at once, specialisation is one way that suits many but being multi trained is another way that also suits many and strength, agility, stamina, speed, endurance is absolutely possible in the same person. There aren't just triathlons but pentathlons and heptathlons. I am fascinated by endurance so really feel you on this - it's why I want to do Ironman - it may take me 2 or 3 years but I have to do it - for me I'm just hungry for that complete endurance exeriance. You will get to your goal because endurance is a lot about the mind and believing you can do it. Last year I did a 24 hour event in the UK called TR24, I did not run continously as some did although it was never my goal to run non-stop, I had a milage goal instead which I made, mainly because in training there was never a doubt in my mind I would not make the milage I set for myself - and it was a high placed goal. I expect you will already have heard of vegan endurance runner Scott Jurek, he writes quite a few articles that may help you. The best of luck Yeti
  11. Evening kettlebell routine with 7.5kg/16.5lb kettlebell One set unless otherwise stated 10 two handed swings 10 one arm swings each arm 10 alternating 1 arm swings 10 two handed high pull 10 arm high pull each arm 1- alternating high pulls 10 clean 5 clean, squat, 5 clean, squat, push press Repeated on other arm 5 forward, back and curtsey lunges Repeated on other side 20 twist crunches holding kettlebell 15 one chest press on both sides 15 overhead tricep extension (skull crushers) 15 close grip tricep press 15 pull overs Repeated this sequence 60 crunches holding kettle bell I’ve probably walked about 4 miles today Diet Raw chocolate pudding – 2 bananas, raw cacao, sunwarrier protein ground flax 1 large courgette (spiralized) spinach and salad leave with vegan pesto 1 punnet of raspberries 2 apples 4 shredded wheat cereal with soya milk and cinnamon 1 apple Soya milk and sunwarrier protein powder (post kettlebells)
  12. This sounds amazing, thanks for sharing as I often get stuck in a same-old-food rut. I won't be able to get squeezed ginger juice but I'll try it with grated fresh ginger - I don't mind a few bits/lumps!
  13. Hello from me in the UK. Good luck with your training
  14. Thank you Robert, really appreciated
  15. Training Morning – 3.1 mile run (didn’t time it, need to start timing it as I want to get my speed up!) Afternoon kettlebell routine with 7.5kg/16.5lb kettlebell All 1 set of stated reps unless specified 10 two handed swings 10 one arm swings each arm 10 alternating 1 arm swings 10 two handed high pull 10 arm high pull each arm 1- alternating high pulls 5 clean 5 clean, squat, 5 clean, squat, push press Repeated on other arm 5 forward, back and curtysy lunges Repeated on other side 10 woodchoppers per side 10 one chest press on both sides 10 overhead tricep extension (skull crushers) 10 close grip tricep press 10 pull overs Repeated this sequence 2 more times 60 crunches holding kettle bell and a few stretches Also done quite a lot of walking from place to place today (I walk everywhere) – will start to calculate and log it it but must have done about 6 or 7 miles today. Food 1 banana Post run shake – soya milk, ray cacoa, sunwarrier protein powder 1 banana 1 avocado 1 banana 100g of dried mango Post kettlebell shake – soya milk, raw cacoa, sunwarrier protein powder, cinnamon Nearly reached for a sticky bun today but the thought of not wanting it in my log kept me on the straight and narrow!
  16. I'm watching the men weightlifting 69kilo class now and it's already been really, really dramatic! I know there is a lot of fun in supporting your own coutries team (go team GB lol!) but I'm in awe of every hardworking, dedicated, focused and talented individual that is stepping up the the plate wherever they place in the competition. There has been brilliant sport-personship demonstrated too, they all congatulate each other which is so nice to see, winning and losing with grace and they have all had to overcome mental and physical barriers to be there. And it's more than just the competitors, the coaches and training team at their side, the brilliant audiences wanting competitors to do well, the judges and adjudicators making sure all is fair and to standard, the staff and all the hard working volunteers involved in event - it's truly epic and inspiring! I've watched some of the swimming and the archery, I want to catch some more swimming and deffo some triathlon coverage and squeeze in some boxing and martial arts and some paraolympian events.. The UK has the best blind footballing teams in the world!
  17. In terms of training I'm new to triathlon and just joined my local Tri club today. Swimming is my weakest disipline so my focus will be on that for a while, I kind of feel ok about my ability to get through the running and cycling componants. I like cross training and hope to throw some weight in too I'd like to get to consistant high-raw veganism. I'm just transitioning from an apalling junk food vegan diet to a cleaner one and know what I will be logging won't be very balanced at first (and yeah I love my fruit!) I just need some tips and a bit of time! Today's training * Salute to the sun and inner thigh stretches (aprox 7 mins) * Swimming 25m pool – 8 lengths (300m) 18m pool – 8 lenghts breaststroke (144m) + 8 lengths of leg work (144m) + 6 lenghts of crawl (108m) 4 lenghts of backstroke (72m) Total 768m (which would equate to 30 lengths @ 25m) Rested when needed (I need plenty of it till my stamina builds) – total time of session was approx 50 mins Today's food log *1 bowl of blueberries * Protein pudding (post swim) - 2 bannanas, raw cacoa powder, sunwarrier protein powder, ground flax. *1 Avacado with a bit of himalyan pink salt on *Bar of raw chocolate *1 Avacado * 1 Banana * Large handful of carrot battons Drinks, 3 cups of tea with soya milk, water also a cup hot water with lime juice
  18. Hi Dylan, thanks for the welcome. My name is Verity but a really close friend of mine calls me Miss V,V. That's great you enjoy swimming, always the best start to have a connection with something. Perhaps you'll be tempted to make a foray into some swim training soon! All the best
  19. Bonjour Bleuz, I have family who have retired to France, near the Mayenne. Your English is wonderful, to my shame my French/writing speaking is terrible. So interesting you play the Scottish bagpipes. Nice to "meet" you, I hope you will get many diet ideas from the site.
  20. Hello Dec (and an aside to Douglas!). I'm from the midlands uk. Hope your new vegan lifestyle is going well. Your 3 lifts look great! Keep up the good work.
  21. Hi Drew, I'm on the exact other side of the world so thought I'd say hi! I find if you are starting in fitness the main thing is to find something you will stick too and just build from there. It sounds like you are off to a great start reading up in the nutritions side. I think if you start a journal then people can see what you are currently doing and chip in from there, it also depend on what your goals are so state those in the journal too and people will be able to see if your using the right training for the goals you want. Nice to "meet" you!
  22. Hello greenprotien, Good to "meet" you. I'm from the UK and love Scotland. Sounds like your routine is going great! I like the sunwarrier protien powder but there are lots of great powders to try out, it really is what suits you.
  23. Hi all, Glad to be here. I've dipped in about out of fitness for as long as I can remember, dancing, then martial arts, then strength training and running. I get so far a then fall out of fitness and have to start all over again!...so my main challange is consistancy and also a good diet. I've been vegan since 2005 and love it, I know what to eat, I just tend to give into temptation and eat all the wrong foods. I'm currently training for my first Triathlon. Swimming is my weakest disipline so that is my focus for the time being...oh and eating clean to drop some bodyfat, I'm carrying far too much at the moment! Looking forward to getting to know others into the healthy lifestyle xxx
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