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  1. +1 Thanks! The encouragement is needed and GREATLY appreciated! I've been eating a bowl of spinach, kale, collard greens, argula, and wheatgrass for supper every day this week...I'm pretty proud of myself In addition, I started a different weight/cardio program this week...I was getting bored with my other routine and I think my body had adapted too much. I'm definitely feeling the hard work! Thanks again for the encouragement. I just really wanted to make sure I was on track and eating as much fruit as I am wasn't a bad thing.
  2. But if my calories were too low...shouldn't I be seeing the number on the scale drop? Thanks to everyone for the feedback!! I know plenty of people who under eat and are overweight. This is nothing new and is quite common. It's a vicious cycle and a big reason individuals give up on diet/exercise. Your body is an exceptional adapting machine and will regulate how it sees fit. Not saying your not doing this, but continue to exercise hard and eat plenty of whole plant food calories to the point of feeling satisfied, then just keep this up. Eventually your body will realize you're serious in a sense, and begin sculpting the body your designing. Yeah...I think I just need to continue to be regular at the gym. Like I mentioned in my initial post, I took too much time off and am paying for it! I am trying to not be extreme and cut too many calories (affects my attitude about going to the gym) and making sure I follow a specific weight and cardio program. Its just difficult being patient! Thanks for your help and advice. It's reassuring to hear that I just need to stick with it and eventually it will pay off.
  3. I consider myself pretty good about counting calories! I've done it for many years and am always very honest with what I eat...marking every almond and brazil nut! I really hate having to be so conscious about it. But these last few pounds have been such a pain!! I'm hoping my dedication in the gym will eventually pay off. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. But if my calories were too low...shouldn't I be seeing the number on the scale drop? Thanks to everyone for the feedback!!
  5. I don't know why...but I was thinking of coconut milk (as in almond milk, soy milk, etc), which comes in the unsweetened or vanilla. But today, as I was shopping at whole foods what you meant. I'm crazy. haha
  6. question...what kind of coconut milk do you use? I was trying to find recipes to use chia seeds in and came across a pudding recipe similar to this (although your's looks better!). I've never used coconut milk and wasn't sure which "flavor" to buy. Thanks!
  7. I've been trying to nail down a good nutrition plan. I had about a month and a half off from the gym and am trying to get back at it. I put on a little excess weight and have been trying to get back to where I was before. I've gotten sort of stuck where I am, needing to lose about 5 more lbs (currently about 135..5'4, female). In focusing on trying to lose weight, I really think I cut my calories too low....eating anywhere from 1,000-1,500. But even with that...I have still not been able to lose anymore. I read somewhere that fruit is just "nature's candy" and should be limited to only 2-4 servings a day. I would say I eat anywhere from 4-8 servings a day. Curious as to what everyone's opinion is on whether its possible to eat too much fruit. Here's basically what I eat everyday: 7:30 am 1 piece whole wheat toast (only 35 cal) w/ 1 TB of all natural crunchy PB (added this meal to help increase energy levels) 9:30 am Smoothie made w/one frozen banana, scoop of Vega sport vanilla and 8-10 oz of unsweetened almond milk 11:30 am 1/3 cup quinoa flakes (like oatmeal), with cinnamon, and 1 apple 1:30 pm protein shake - (either vega sport vanilla w/8 oz of unsweetened almond milk, vega sport berry w/water, or garden of life RAW protein w/water) 2-4 servings of fruit (2 oranges, or fresh berries/grapes/cherries) 3:30 pm 25 baby carrots 5:30 pm protein shake (vega sport berry w/water, or garden of life RAW protein w/water) or Clif protein builder bar 1-2 servings of fruit 8 pm depending on how hungry I feel: vega sport vanilla w/8 oz of unsweetened almond milk or box of westsoy seitan (equals 2.5 servings...300 cals, 52.5 some grams of protein) and a little bit of hummus I'm trying to incorporate more veggies too...today for lunch i ate 1/2 box of upton seitan with a large salad (kale, spinach, mustard greens, carrots, tomato, cucumber..no dressing). I do 40 min of weights 4 days a week and 20-30 min of cardio 3-4 times per week (one day a week I ride my bike to the gym and back- 30 min each way). I will say its only been about a week or 2 that I feel like I haven't made progress. I realize thats not long, but the first week was great. Plus, I went on vacation back in March and put on about 5 lbs and didn't feel like it was as difficult as it is now. I put on about 10 lbs in my month and a half off, and as mentioned, only need to lose about 5 more. I want to do it right tho, not cutting calories too much (I felt like I was drained come end of day when I needed to hit the gym). I do want to also add...my goal is to build muscle too. When I say "lose weight" I really just mean shedding the excess fat. Just hoping I could get some feedback on my meal plan and comments about whether or not fruit should be limited. Thanks in advance for comments!!
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