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  1. first thing I noticed was that the white cat is in a horrible condition doesn't look like if he/she has a home.
  2. thanks for sharing! it's really nice to read about such a dedicated mother - something which is not too common nowadays where children are raised in front of tv screens and fed with horrible food. I'm sure your niece will become a great personality well, in fact she already is!
  3. warmup: rope skipping 100x5 (+) little bit of stretching training: bench press 14x8x2, 36x8x2, 56x8x2, 66x8x2 (=) crunches 5x10 with 5kg plate in front of my head(+) front raises, hammer curls, curls with a 16lb dumbbell stretching: strrrrretching music: anti-flag
  4. thanks! maybe I'm gonna make some tomorrow, you'll be invited
  5. warmup: rope skipping 6x100 times (+) training: military press 9x8x2, 14x8x2, 19x8x3 (+) deadlifts 19x8x2, 29x8x2, 40x8x2 (+) crunches 5x10 with 5kg plate (+) stretching: stretching
  6. warmup: rope skipping 100x5 (+) little bit of stretching training: bench press 18x8x2, 28x8x2, 33x8x2 (+) squats 28x8x2, 34x8x2 (+) bb bent over rowes 7x8x2 17x8x3 (+) pushups 1x10 (=) but easier than last time crunches 1x10, 4x10 with 5kg plate in front of my head(+) stretching: strrrrretching music: iron maiden - live, rock in rio
  7. warmup: rope skipping 4x100 times (+) training: military press 8x8x2, 13x8x2, 18x8x3 (++) deadlifts 18x8x2, 28x8x2, 39x8x2 (+) crunches 4x10 ( 2x10 with 5kg plate on "my plate" (+) pullups:1+1+1 ( ) stretching: stretching music: herr von grau http://www.myspace.com/herrvongrau
  8. warmup: rope skipping 100x3 (+) little bit of stretching training: bench press 17x8x2, 27x8x2, 33x8x2 (=) squats 27x8x2, 32x8x2 (+) bb bent over rowes 7x8x2 17x8x2 pushups 1x10 crunches 4x10 (=) stretching: music: various
  9. great! is he vegan? or at least vegetarian?
  10. thanks a lot! but actually keny arkana is a "she" the only bad thing is, that I am not able to watch any videos because of my lousy internet connection. so I have to stick with linking them here
  11. http://punditkitchen.wordpress.com/files/2009/01/political-pictures-breaking-news-dick-cheney.jpg
  12. warmup: rope skipping 2x100 times (=) training: military press 7x8x2, 12x8x2, 17x8x2 (=) deadlifts 17x8x2, 27x8x2, 37x8x2 (++) crunches 4x10 (=) stretching: stretching music: danzig (the lost tracks of...)
  13. compared to former times I don't play that much anymore. but I really like oblivion. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/theelderscrollsivoblivion/review.html
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