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  1. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/hemdi-1.jpg this one is about 6 weeks old, well - could be better. my arms suck and I could use more mass generally...
  2. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/order.jpg thanks to veganwonderland.de my foodstocks are full again
  3. thanks everything's fine except the finger
  4. barbell bench press 17x5x2, 27x5x2; 37x5x2 45,5x5x2 nice squats 27x8x2 couldn't lift -> 40x5x2 because of my finger... barbell bent over row 27x5x4 32x5x2 fairly easy stretching
  5. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/blut2.jpg I cut off a piece of my finger while preparing salad lets's see if I can work out today
  6. barbell military press: 7x10x2; 17x5x3, 22x5x3, 29,5x5x3 very tough! deadlifts: 37x8x2 67x5x2 tough some hammercurls, front raises and bizeps curls pullups 3+2+2+2 crunches 60 stretching pretty good
  7. thanks I've gained weigh - mostly in my face
  8. barbell bench press 27x5x2; 37x5x2 45,5x5x2 yessssss squats 27x8x2 40x5x2 I wish I had a squat rack barbell bent over row 27x5x4 32x5x2 fairly easy crunches 60 stretching awesome!
  9. hey thanks welcome to the forums! time to post an introduction
  10. unsichtbare frau, du hast keinen namen. keiner kann dich sehn' doch ich weiss du bist da.
  11. barbell military press: 17x5x3, 22x5x3, 29,5x5x3 not too hard deadlifts: 32x8x2 67x5x2 tough pullups 3+2+2+2 crunches 60 stretching
  12. barbell bench press 27x5x2; 37x5x2 44,5x5x2 hard! squats 27x5x2 39,5x5x2 hell! barbell bent over row 27x5x4 32x5x2 crunches 60 stretching
  13. hey how many kcal do you eat rougly on an average day?
  14. here you go: http://www.richtigfit.de/pages/de/training/dehnuebungen/index.html?ls= have fun
  15. I've never been to vilseck, all I know is that's a rather small town. here's a short article about it on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vilseck unfortunately I don't know of any jobs - I don't know about the bureaucracy you are facing when jobbing as a foreigner, too. maybe some of the other germans on the board can give you some information about this I'm sure there will be some interesting concerts at the time you're here (we're having information tables about veganism and animal rights on many concerts) so life shouldn't be too boring so, how's your german like?
  16. barbell military press: 17x5x3, 22x5x3, 29,5x5x2 tough deadlifts: 32x8x2 67x5x2 alright pullups 2+2 crunches 60 stretching
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