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  1. ah crap! you should sue your old dentist I've chosen the chocolate brand (I can't stand vanilla anymore) thanks for the ebook, I'll have a look so, then see you on friday perhaps, -lelle
  2. I gained strength but not much mass, so I'll have to eat more and more and more
  3. things look pretty good what happened to your teeth? yesterday I received 3 packages of the protein powder you recommended, didn't try it yet because I have a few portions of the old one left. I also bought a lot of oat bars to eat them while sitting around in school. I'm sure it'll help me with increasing my calorie intake you could tell me at which times you are usually online on vegan-chat.com, I'm logging in from time to time but usually there's hardly anybody on
  4. crunches 60 barbell bench press 27x5x2; 37x5x2 44x5x2 felt good squats 27x8x2 37x5x2 barbell bent over row 17x5x4 32x5x2 tough some dumbbell military presses and curls stretching
  5. could be! so it may be a good idea to increase the reps
  6. soy milk (neutral or chocolate) soy protein flax seeds a kiwi (I've heard that kiwis help digesting protein a lot better, correct me if I'm wrong) that's the smoothie I have right after working out, otherwise I add some oil to it, flax oil or just the kind of oil I have available
  7. barbell military press: 17x5x2, 22x5x2, 29,5x5x2 some bizeps- and hammercurls stretching
  8. lelle


    wow, very nice! thanks for sharing
  9. hey thanks! I don't suffer from many of these problems - only the sore muscles. most probably my body just needs to get used to being tortured more often
  10. yeah, you're right - the fish thing scares me, though
  11. the smell? strange - I've never noticed that soy milk smells it's just neutral...hmm
  12. is the "alpro" brand available in the uk? I like it very much, especially the chocolate one most soy milks really suck!
  13. great work! keep it up what's your diet like at the moment?
  14. most of humans are totally NOT wise.. ( or totally stupid! ).. eheh I totally agree with that!
  15. be careful with thai restaurants, many of them use spice paste with fish and/or oyster, even in their veg* dishes. I have been to Alter Stadtbahnhof in Schweinfurt many times in the past and I remember that they sold vegan food from time to time (mostly burgers). not sure what it's like at the moment. you could email them and ask at: [email protected] good luck
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