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  1. damn, you got me! edit: I'm asexual, so I can't be jealous
  2. oh my god, what is this here? as an upholder of moral standards I have to ask you to stay decent!
  3. lelle


    hey welcome and thanks for sharing those nice photos!
  4. very nice, chris being vegan and stronger than the most guys in the gym surely is a great way to silence them what is a dairy body?
  5. great! I hope things change quickly over there. of course there's a lot to do in the western countries, too!
  6. malt beer, peppermint tea and two protein shakes
  7. crunches 60 barbell bench press 27x5x2; 37x5x2 44x5x2 more weight next time squats 27x8x2 37x5x2 hell on earth! barbell bent over row 17x5x4 32x5x2 tough stretching I'll have some days off during the next week when I'm at home. which means only situps and some push-ups.
  8. 4 days? that's a lot! but on the other hand that would explain that my legs are sore 7 days a week
  9. crunches 60 barbell military press: 17x5x2, 22x5x2, 32x5x2 very bad form :/ deadlifts: 32x8x2 68x5x1 sucked I should give me legs some free days... some bizep- and hammercurls stretching all in all, quite a bad workout
  10. I wonder if potatoes are good for bulking. they don't have many calories I think...
  11. crunches 60 barbell bench press 27x5x2; 37x5x2 44x5x2 squats 27x8x2 37x5x2 exhausting barbell bent over row 17x5x4 32x5x2 pullups 2+1 stretching except for the pullups - nice workout
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