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  1. hey welcome! I'm sure you'll find all the information you're looking for
  2. dude, you're pretty strong! do you work out in a gym or at home? if at home, what's your equipment? I also love malt beer yummy
  3. crunches 60 barbell military press: 17x5x2, 22x5x2, 29,5x5x2 30,5x5x1 (next time 30,5x5x2 instead of 29,5) great! the last rep was a battle of at least 10 seconds, though deadlifts: 30,5x8x2 68x5x2 I don't think I'll increase the weight in the near future, scared of hurting my back ... pull-ups 3+2+2+2+1 some bizep- and hammercurls stretching
  4. whatever protein powder you use - mixing it just with water makes the whole shake taste very ugly. I'd suggest using soy/rice milk and a banana. maybe you have to experiment a little bit to find out what suits you best. good luck
  5. thanks, I think I've had them before. they're a bit expensive, though but as long as you don't miss meals on a regular basis it should be okay
  6. wow, not bad! seems like we have a future alex dargatz (daywalker on the forums) here what is your diet like at the moment?
  7. hey thanks! at the moment I use soy protein from pro-sana (vanilla). the taste isn't the best, so I might try your brand as soon as my powder is used up. edit: not bad, the stuff is quite cheap I'll give it a try!
  8. crunches 60 barbell bench press 27x5x2; 37x5x2 43x5x2 next time I'll add another kilo squats 27x8x2 37x5x2 phewwww..... barbell bent over row 17x5x4 27x5x2 32x5x2 pheewww! pullups 3 no strength left stretching time for a shake
  9. I'm sure! your legs look like they could do it easily
  10. crunches 60 barbell military press: 17x5x4, 22x5x4, 29,5x5x2 incredible hard deadlifts: 29,5x8x2 64,5x5x2 I deadlifted my bodyweight pull-ups 3+2+2+2 stretching intense
  11. I think that's because you're so tiny
  12. frozen veggies are said to contain more vitamins and stuff, and of course they're a lot cheaper than fresh ones. what do you prefer and why? I eat loads of vegetables each day and slowly it's getting expensive
  13. depends on what you're interested in. I'd suggest the sticky topics in the respective sections. welcome aboard
  14. you look in pretty good shape, especially for not working out the past 2 years! how about taking part in the current contest? you can find the thread in the "general bodybuilding" forum.
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