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  1. awwwwwwww, way more cute than human babies
  2. we want more! we want more! seriously - you seem to be a big guy!
  3. hehe thanks! actually, I feel a lot better already. 20 miles? very good! hope you'll be alright as soon as possible
  4. at the moment there is a contest going on (just check the general bodybuilding section). you still can take part - the contest is running until july 1th, so you would have only missed a few weeks
  5. quite blurry! but one can see that you are in pretty good shape - keep up the good work
  6. I might do some bodyweight stuff today and tonight, I've put on like 6 pounds so far this month though thanks for your contest, Thanks man. wow, 6 pounds is a lot - nice work!
  7. yeah, that's why I worked out nonetheless hope you feel better soon!
  8. f*** the flu, here I goo (errm, I mean "go") situps 60 weighted with 8kg barbell bench press 27x5x2; 37x5x2 43x5x2 (I added 1kilo) squats 27x8x2 37x5x2 nice barbell bent over row 17x5x4 27x5x4 more weight next time pullups 3+2+2 stretching still alive
  9. cool ja, she definitely doesn't look like 15
  10. what I wanted to say is that the "style" of the photo looks like if it was taken at the beginning of the 20th century (there were no coloured pictures available of course)
  11. interesting, the photo looks like it was 100 years old
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