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  1. It isn't that hard guessing your thoughts on this, right?
  2. it was just a stupid, almost sexist joke. I often characterize myself as a girl because I'm so weak and slender-built. and because it is often said that vegan girls suffer from anemia (I think that's just propaganda...) it reminded me of my blood check a while ago hope everything's clear now
  3. first I need to know what you are thinking to feel offended
  4. sounds great a few weeks ago I also had a blood check done and although I'm half-boy half-girl I didn't suffer from any deficiencies which was quite suprising to me
  5. sure, it'll almost fly from the left to the right seriously, I'm getting fat! eating all day and not being able to work out seems to work
  6. dude, you're extremely talented! - I clicked through all your drawings and picked my favourite one: http://www.godfist.com/2007_images/007.jpg (ahh, and the site is awesome, too of course )
  7. thanks mark It quite sucks to have an injury right at the start of the contest
  8. today I was able to do some light exercises like dumbbell military presses, curls and hammer curls. I hope I'll be able to do the heavy exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench press) soon. at least I didn't lose weight or muscle, but I bet I lost some strength
  9. yeah, I check it everytime I'm online just to see that there is nobody on
  10. HAHA how funny is that? I happened to see the same movie this morning, too! - guess where
  11. being sick/injured sucks like hell. hope you feel better soon
  12. I agree, lentils are great. I mostly use canned ones I have to admit
  13. here you go: http://www.ivu.org/faq/protein.html welcome to the forums! the amount of germans among the users is really amazing and this time I had nothing to do with it
  14. thanks for sharing these awesome photos
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