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  1. hey!


    don't let yourself get demotivated. you're doing nothing "wrong". starting with machines is actually a good idea to get your body used to the new burden. as you have already told, you are going to switch to free weights sometime in the future.

    since you are planning to gain muscle mass and lose weight at the same time, doing a lot of cardio isn't that bad.

    remember: having a "bad" workout plan is always better than sitting around doing nothing

  2. this is erdfried.

    erdfried is made of seitan.

    in his former life, he used to eat meat all day long - so it was his fate to be reincarnated as vegan food.

    by letting some freaky vegan people eat his body while he was still concious, he can repent for his sins.

    a guy from the forums named "Manuel" started the procedure by cutting off his penis and eating it. another person from the forums (a quite lazy one when it comes to sports) documented the whole ritual.


    here are the photos:





















    yeah, vegan cooking can be fun indeed!

  3. ZOMG is that a german dude MCing over drum n bass?




    yes, it is! do you want me to translate it for you?


    I love seeing you back on the forum! You're one of the originals! All the best buddy!!!


    thanks robert love it, too! think i missed a lot during the last months. same to you! have a great day and a happy new year

  4. 27.12. small tour with my bike.

    bought a new one in spring but didn't ride it too much. yesterday i heard a weeping from the cellar. so i went downstairs to check what it was. it turned out to be my bike who (yes, it's a person ) felt lonely down there

    i promised to take care of her from now on, and to demonstrate my good will I took her out for a ride.




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