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  1. thanks guys there are new people sending me photos every day, awesome
  2. great photos, thanks for sharing! I agree with offense, you used to eat a little bit more some weeks ago, didn't you?
  3. don't worry, there will be bad days from time to time. rest assured that we will be there to give you a little kick when needed take care
  4. hey welcome have a great time on the board!
  5. welcome aboard and good luck in the contest
  6. It is said that thirst already is a deficiency of water in your body, I think you have to eat A LOT of fruits and vegetables to get enough water, especially when you are physically active.
  7. hey thanks again for taking part and good luck in the contest! good work so far - keep it up all the best, lelle
  8. @Odidnetne yep, didn't you get my reply? @hmm1219 great! thanks for taking part and good luck
  9. thanks if it doesn't get better till the weekend I'll see a doctor
  10. awesome! we almost have 30 people in the contest now and there are new before-photos coming in every day I don't mind if you send in your photos a few days later, as I said it isn't a disadvantage for the other participators. good luck to all of you and have a great time working out!
  11. mh alright, maybe I shouldn't think that much about eating - I should rather do it
  12. lelle


    thanks rob unfortunately we live about 480 kilometres apart but people meet from time to time when somewhere an animal rights demonstration or something similar takes place.
  13. I wonder what the advantage of eating most of the daily protein intake in the evening is?! I heard that a lot of times, could anyone please explain that to me? thanks
  14. lelle


    hey welcome I'm glad that joining the forum worked in the end
  15. hey good luck with your goals and I am looking forward to you participation in the contest
  16. hey! good luck with your goals, I'm sure you can gain size and lose fat at the same time
  17. hey! great - keep up the good work. can't wait to start training again
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