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  1. on the one hand top players leave but on the other hand very good players come to germany. for example franck riberý or luca toni. okay, they will make the hated munichs only win more championships but they are one of the few clubs who can afford to buy and pay international top players


    I haven't heard of Schevchenko for a long time now, he isn't that young anymore, is he?


    mh, it's gonna be a hard fight I think. compared to the other teams at the end of the table we have a very good team but bad luck with missing clear chances to score, injuries etc...

    I would say chances are 50:50... dismissing hans meyer could have been the wrong decision

  2. mh, I don't think so. it's more the way soccer is played in general. a few weeks ago I saw some premier league roundups and it was quite a difference when it comes to speed, agility and overall quality of the matches. most bundesliga matches aren't fun to watch. the financial capabilities of the english clubs are in no way comparable to the ones of the german clubs, though...

  3. germany? really? mh, I'm not really interested in international soccer matches. I just pursue the "bundesliga" which is the german national soccer league. the league matches in spain and england are way more attractive than bundesliga games, so it's definitely a good idea to watch them from time to time

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