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  1. congratulations! watch out, I'm right behind you
  2. at the moment my best body part is my mouth. I can use it to eat and speak at the same time.
  3. when I first looked at your picture I got scared because I thought the noodles were something "alive" they really have a strange color, never seen that before. except for the noodles it looks yummy!
  4. can I come over for lunch? looks absolutely delicious!
  5. great stuff! thanks for sharing
  6. okay, here I am give me a few day to make a basic plan. I'll let you know in a few days! in the meantime the future participants could prepare themselves for the big challenge
  7. hey, welcome aboard! try to increase your total calorie intake to about 3000-3500 and see if it helps during the next weeks. if not, eat even more
  8. great video, thanks for sharing! how about this one? http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=dEYMmiAF2IE the most important goal for my favourite soccer club in recent years
  9. welcome aboard, mindi!
  10. most of this would be no problem, I also got some new ideas which will make everything run way smoother than last time. the only thing I absolutely cannot do is funding the prizes rob, I'll pm you today or tomorrow!
  11. it's sad that willpeavy hasn't been on the forums for a long time
  12. mh, I didn't get it. could be that I deleted it accidentally, though
  13. never heard of the term but your smoothie sounds tasty! you can't have too much fruit in it
  14. great photos! I still don't own a copy..
  15. thanks, I must have taken the photos directly after I had moved in. that explains the tidiness
  16. right, thanks for bringing the site (and especially the forum) back
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