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    yeah, another one hits the board
  2. lelle


    hahahahahaha the fart joke is the best one i've heard for months!
  3. hey daywalker, right now i'm at home in Lichtenfels, but this sunday i will start moving my things to Nürnberg where i will live then. thats very close to fürth yeah, the world seems to be a small place, have a good night!
  4. great idea rob! in a few weeks i will have my own (but quite small) flat. if anybody needs a place to stay - no problem
  5. welcome Richard! i'm sure you'll have a great time here on this board!
  6. i hope you'll have a great time, take care!
  7. welcome felix! i'll keep my fingers crossed for your master thesis
  8. personally, i don't like their new album very much, but their album "the color and the shape" is awesome! especially the songs "everlong", "walking after you" and "doll"
  9. I'm a little bit late, but WELCOME nice to have you here on the board!
  10. welcome bighead nice to have you here!
  11. thanks guys! yeah, no more stress for me now i have plenty of time to do sports and cooking huge amounts of fooood, hope i will use it. i'm off to bed, have a good night and a great day!
  12. http://photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/ i hope you don't mind my stupid grin, but i drank 4 gin-tonic before taking those pics and i drink very, very seldom
  13. lelle

    Chicago Vegan

    welcome ian, have a great time here on the board
  14. welcome I'm sure you'll like it here!
  15. if i had a twin, we could walk through a door at the same time
  16. haha thats's great dancing
  17. oh my god, i need to see these rambo movies again!
  18. oh yeah, you should shake it very well! i prefer vanilla soy milk
  19. hmm? i was here all time! i'm okay but thanks for missing me
  20. lelle


    haha now its my turn: which animal has his asshole on the side? the policedog
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