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  1. okay, now that i have read through the links i've made the plan for training day one :


    day 1 (chest+bizeps)

    dumbbell bench press

    incline barbell bench press

    barbell curl

    alternate hammer curl

    concentration curls

    barbell flyes (thanks to bobbycore!)


    before i start lifting, i do pushups, crunches to get warm.


    generally i do 2 warm-up sets with light weight and about 12-20 reps, then 3 sets with the weight increasing each time and lower reps (8-12)

    thank you very much for your advice robert!


    it's almost the same as the beginners plan on veganbodybuilding, but i had to

    leave out the exercises for which i would need special equipment (cable stuff etc)


    thanks a lot

  2. i plan to make myself a new workout plan, would be great if you could assist me with that! up to now, i trained every two days so i had enough time to rest in between. but i wasn't sure which exercises i should do, so i just started doing the famous ones like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, curls etc.


    at the moment i focus on bulking up heavily, perhaps i have to consider that on doing that plan.


    thats my equipment so far


    i also got a bar for pull-ups and some barbells.


    i know that the training should be split up on various days to train the different bodyparts (arms, legs, shoulders, chest etc) but i don't know which exercises i should do. ok, now comes your knowledge into play.

    what would you suggest me to do, how many sets and repetitions?


    thats all for now,



  3. my name is leander, i'm from franconia/germany.

    i already know some of you from veganfitness.net!

    my goal is to bulk up heavily including hard training for some nice definition!

    at the moment i'm trying to set up a new training- and eating plan, but this belongs elsewhere....

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