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  1. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/Bild007-1.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/Bild006-1.jpg It's not that clean every day
  2. your chest definitely looks better! keep up the good work
  3. I'd do it again, but I have zero time the next 3 weeks.....
  4. welcome aboard great progress! I'm sure you get some hints on the forums to get even stronger
  5. thanks a lot! I hope it won't take another 3 years to reach the next 1000 posts
  6. thanks a lot! I hope it won't take another 3 years to reach the next 1000 posts
  7. as far as I know older people don't need as much sleep as the youngsters. many sleep only 5 hours a night. that surely would kill most of us in the long term
  8. they have eaten too many blueberries!
  9. pouring coconut milk in the smoothie mostly rescues the nice taste have fun at the gym!
  10. in summer it's easy for me to get up really early. but in winter my body seems to prefer spending all day in bed. at the moment I totally am a night owl
  11. yeah, I also hate the fact that certain people choose what I have to listen to. that's the main reason for me to never listen to radio stations or music television. not to mention the commercials...
  12. I can't do it but it definitely still looks cool
  13. right, funny. and SO TRUE! http://www.theyliewedie.org/ressources/galerie/galleries/Medias/thumbnail/TN-01idiot-nation.jpg
  14. I voted 20-30%. nearly all fresh fruits and vegetables I buy are organic. but stuff like cornflakes, pasta, canned stuff etc. isn't...
  15. about 30 (I don't have much to push up, though )
  16. It doesn't sound too gross, frome time to time I put everything I can find in the kitchen in the blender. most of the time it tastes surprisingly well
  17. I don't spend too much time thinking about this, so I agree with Zack
  18. great song, dontxhide! tegan and sara - nineteen
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