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  1. when I read that all I had in mind was the weird values of today. and of course, people killing animals for food - or even worse: for fun, have no right to condemn others doing basically the same.
  2. "And it’s a damn shame what they did to Michael Vick You can’t kill dogs in your own backyard But you can go to I-raq and kill whoever you want" mh, it reminds me of something I`ve heard quite a while ago... "you go to jail for killing someone in your neighbourhood, but when you go to war you'll get awarded for killing as many people as possible" the fact that he took a dog as an example is sad, because it clearly shows that life hasn't any value for the lion's share of modern society. especially non-human life. shizophrenic ethics so to say
  3. 10 table spoons oil (sunflower or something similar) 3 table spoons mustard (medium) 3 table spoons balsamico vinegar some salt some more black pepper a small piece of onion a LOT of sugar a little bit of water put it in a blender and enjoy! (you have to experiment yourself with the quantities to get a satisfying result)
  4. a perfect circle - passive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7PTgi_5MR0&feature=related his voice is awesome
  5. would you please stop torturing me with all these photos of tasty vegan pizza?
  6. lelle


    welcome! your nick is awesome
  7. la vita é bella, plague dogs and a nightmare before christmas
  8. starting with bodyweight exercises always is a good idea. and of course you have to eat like a horse
  9. I think we've got our winner. congratulations flare! now it's up to robert to announce the prices thanks again for taking part, everybody! oh, and tigars: you're welcome!
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