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  1. I've been away myself for quite some time, so I missed this thread. anyway - welcome back, glad that you're here again!
  2. lelle


    welcome aboard! where do you live exactly? enjoy your stay
  3. welcome back and good luck with the training!
  4. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/screenshot-1.jpg
  5. great photos, thanks for sharing! I bet it took a lot of work to look like that!
  6. hey! first of all, sorry for the delay regarding the poll of the contests winners. I never get through with anything, must be because I'm simply full of shit I'll send an email to every participant who has taken part in the contest and sent in both, before- and after photos (please let me know if you didn't receive it). I'll ask whether you want to take part in the poll or not. If you choose the latter, I'll delete your pictures, of course. again, sorry for the lateness and thanks for taking part in the contest " title="Applause" />
  7. hey! some of you have already sent in their photos, thanks! all others can send in their photos by july the 16th. I think that's time enough to get them taken. please make sure you get your photos taken in the same posture as the previous ones so that judging will be easier. if you don't want your photos to appear in the poll, please let me know ([email protected]). thanks again for taking part!
  8. thanks rope skipping ~125 times military press 17x8x2 22x8x2 27x5x2 deadlifts 27x8x2 37x8x2 57x5x2 crunches 70 stretching
  9. rope skipping bench press 17x10x2 27x8x2x 39,5x5x2 barbell bent over row 17x8x4 27x5x2 crunches rope skipping stretching thanks bunnylalu. as far as I know a smith machine is the same as a squat box!
  10. hey! our animal rights group commissioned them at some flag-producing company (is that correct english? ) we had about 100 of them, some in black like the one in my living room and some in green. maybe there are some left, so if you want one just let me know. they cost about 10 euros
  11. it says: animals can't fight for their rights - but we can well, if I had a proper physique I would consider doing something like this, too
  12. thanks jonathan! now I have enough space but I'm absolutely broke
  13. rope skipping barbell military press: 7x10x3; 17x5x2, 22x5x2 27x5x2 deadlifts: 27x5x2 37x5x2 57x5x2 crunches 70 stretching rope skipping
  14. during the last week I wasn't able to work out because I was moving into my new domicile. now almost everything is furnished and tidy which means I'm able to restart working out. and because my new home is way bigger than the old one, the new lelle also will be way bigger than the old one here are some pictures I've taken recently: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/Bild003-1.jpg the living room http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/Bild006-1.jpg the kitchen http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/Bild010-1.jpg the bathroom http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/Bild007-1.jpg food stocks http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/lelle83/Bild013.jpg bedroom, not finished yet there is also another room in which I will work out and pursue my other hobbies, didn't take any photos of this one yet because I have to clean it up first. alright, time for the workout!
  15. lelle also says hello and welcome!
  16. barbell bench press 27x5x2 39,5x5x2; 44,5x5x4 49,5x3x1 (still too heavy) squats 27x5x2 37x5x2 57x5x2 uhaa barbell bent over row 27x5x4 32x5x2 crunches 70 stretching
  17. thanks for sharing, you look pretty good in shape!
  18. nice photo, thanks for sharing btw. kim has more bizeps than lelle now
  19. barbell military press: 7x10x3; 17x5x2, 22x5x2 29,5x5x5 woah deadlifts: 29,5x5x2 39,5x5x2 59,5x5x2 crunches 70 stretching
  20. barbell bench press 17x5x2 27x5x2; 44,5x5x5 awesome squats 27x5x2 37x5x2 57x5x2 uhaa barbell bent over row 27x5x4 32x5x2 crunches 70 stretching
  21. yeah, thanks! in a few weeks I need to buy some new weights for squatting and deadlifting it's not a bad thing, though
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